Erin Andrews will be covering her third Super Bowl on Sunday as the 49ers take on the Chiefs in Miami.

The Fox Sports broadcaster is married to former NHL star Jarret Stoll after their wedding in 2017. The pair started dating in 2012.

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Little sample of what you can find (and more) at @harpersbazaarus Photos by @toripintarphotography

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From Harper's Bazaar:

"At the 2012 World Series, two-time Stanley Cup winner Jarret Stoll sent a text to his friend, NFL alum and morning TV host Michael Strahan. It read: "Can you set me up with Erin Andrews?" One text lead to another. Strahan texted Erin, "My friend Jarret Stoll wants to take you to dinner." Erin wasn't interested—she wanted to wrap up her work covering the World Series.

It was at the Tigers/Giants game in San Francisco that Jarret figured he'd try to make a move in person, walking past two security guards and bending over a railing to get to the dugout that Erin was reporting from. Impressed by his sly ability to trick security just to be able to introduce himself, Erin decided to give him a chance. After the World Series, the two went to dinner in Hollywood. The rest, as they say, is history."

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Of course there was a party...and I wore a jumpsuit or two 😘🙋 @daniel.wingate @wingateofficial More details at @harpersbazaarus

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Stoll is 37 years old, while Erin is 41.

They currently do not have any children but they do have an adorable dog named Howard.

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Happy Birthday to Howard's Dad @stolly28! We love you 🐻❤️🐶! Thank u @brozaphoto

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Their relationship has not been without controversy.

Andrews stuck by Stoll when he was arrested in 2015 for attempting to smuggle cocaine into a Las Vegas pool party .

Following Stoll's arrest, Andrews  appeared to take a dig at him  during an episode of “Dancing with the Stars.”

After Season 20, contender Willow Shields told Andrews

about her anti-partying ways, and the DWTS host responded, “There’s nothing wrong with that. I feel like some other people should learn from you.”

Likewise, Stoll supported Andrews through her $75 million civil trial against stalker Michael Barrett, who illegally filmed a video of the sportscaster in the nude through a peephole in her hotel room and posted it on the internet.

During her second day of testimony, Andrews took the stand and said the video was ruining her relationship .

"He [Stoll] didn't know me before this happened," Andrews said. "I think he would've loved the girl more that was there before this happened, and I feel very guilty about that."

Stoll once again proved himself as a solid support system for Andrews when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2016.

Andrews said the diagnosis accelerated their relationship.

“It was a huge step for my relationship with my boyfriend at the time,” Andrews said in a 2017 interview with Health magazine. “Because you don’t know if a guy is going to want to sit in with an oncologist and see, ‘OK, so this is your cervix, and this is your uterus, and we are cutting out this part.

Andrews continued, "We hadn’t even been discussing marriage. We hadn’t discussed babies! It really puts things on the fast track for you — because you have an oncologist saying to you, ‘We highly recommend that you guys do your embryos right now, freeze them.’ I’m like, ‘Hi, hon. I love you. I hope we’re spending our lives together.’ And he was amazing.”

Stoll popped the question three months later.