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Suffer yen to go considerably drop reach quantify comfortable anticipate warm up wait for action of multiple interest good factor, stock market of 3 days of Tokyo leaves high to go high, closing quotation time trades before average price index is compared one times via 225 kinds of stocks sun rises 0.6% , refresh closing quotation is highest this year value.

Although suffer spending of consumer of holiday United States to decrease,wait for element be a burden on, united States of of the previous night point to close drop, but Tokyo foreign currency traded that day market yen falls to to half an year is being lain between to answer when dollar exchange rate 103 than of 1 relatively low, exit board piece buy dish of go ahead of the rest.

Below afore-mentioned setting, stock market of 3 days of Tokyo leaves high considerably. Yen is right dollar exchange rate considerably fatigued and weak, make the exit correlation such as car and electric machinery kind get chasing after holding in both hands, have media coverage in addition, hei Tiandong of president of Japanese Central Bank as man of virtual and ability the speech before this states Japanese Central Bank is not right time of its super and full monetary policy set.

The duration of loose policy will exceed large-scale money the suggestion by 2014, bring positive factor to grail, two big point to go up str

ong raise. Nevertheless, advanced classics of 3 the day inside week poin
t to rise even more below the circumstance of 11% , investor worries about the market short-term overheat, early dish of end time classics point to go up close narrow to 0.53% .

Enter midday dish, yen lasts to drop enhance the market expectation to outstanding achievement of exit affiliated enterprise, market of together with China is strong make Chinese concept accumulative person is angry, day classics point to dish in touch 15794.15 bits, end dish the newspaper closes

15749.66 bits, refresh closing quotation is highest this year value. In addition, index of price of stock of Tokyo stock exchange rises 3.6 a little bit, the newspaper closes 1262.54 a little bit, go up for 0.29% . (Xinhua net reports a Chen Fang)

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Mexico 43 students are missing 17 people suffer killer of sinister gang profession kills... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海贵族宝贝论坛


American army discloses 22 numbers, the plan expedites many high speed invisible the maritime space that battleship heads for Southern China to get dispute fully. This kind of battleship can fight in water area of coastal waters shallow water, still can need what collocation differs to fight according to the task system. But cost is as high as 400 million dollar of 4 ten million, cause the intense dissatisfaction of partial congressman.

This kind of new generation alongshore that suits to fight in shallow water area is invisible make battleship be called " independent date " , it used clipper-built hull to have invisible technology, the design of 3 body boat reinforces stability, the Nanhai maritime space that suits summer much typhoon fights. Army of 3 helicopter, special type and panzer carry on every naval vessel, pass laid ramp, panzer is OK instantly go into action, mosquito craft also can set out from buttock place.

Army officer shows: "Independent date " concealed battleship is developed by current power company, it is the 3 body boat that a kind of aluminium makes hull, bodily form is lesser, but cruise rate is rapi

dder, what need a sailor to decrease considerably, have fight in water area of coastal waters shallow water ability, it still can need to assemble what collocation differs to fight according to the task system.

This one new-style battleship entered the water last year, the caliber that matchs company of system of stock England aerospace

to make regards defence as the tool for the naval vessel artillery piece of 57 millimeter, in addition still can to the middle of sky, land and underwater target fire missile.

Martial expert thinks, vessel of this kind of ship is in go instead, the integral performance excel of mine sweeping, surveillant, scout and respect of military strength deploy a kind of any foregone China naval vessel boat. Cost of vessel of this kind of ship is high nevertheless, and cause controversy, the cost cost with partial high to them congressman feels malcontent, expert of a few military affairses says or state with certainty, vessel of this kind of ship turns over naval vessel in China likely biff can'ts bear before missile, but undeniable the strong elephant a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale that they still are American powerful actual strength.

When the defense minister before the United States builds Ci to will attend Singapore meeting in June this year ever low-key the news that announced this one new-style battleship, media thinks, the conflict that this is the neighbour such as the strong dominion requirement that the United States raises to Southern China to answer China, China and Vietnam and China are new the Chinese network war strategy deploy that make. This action is sure the insecurity of meeting aggravate Washington and Beijing concerns.

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German premier silent overcomes Er 17 days again be reappointed consecutively is new federally premier.

German federal parliament held premier poll to vote that day. Confederative parliament speaker pulls silent to vote in the ballot especially announce after the end, base Mokeer of civilian league chairman is in 462 bills get in 621 pieces of effective vote in all, exceed legal majority, obtain be reappointed consecutively. 150 assemblyman nay, 9 people abstain. Mokeer expresses to acce

pt election outcome subsequently.

German president Gao Ke will be in 17 days midday Berlin president government office issues appoint book to Mokeer. Mokeer will return confederative parliament to make a pledge to assume office subsequently.

German federal parliament will hold an election on September 22, the allied faction that Mokeer leads (by base civilian alliance and base company alliance is comprised) with 41. The supportive rate of 5 % continues to hold a title confederative parliament is the biggest political parties and other organizations, company civilian party is obtained 25. 7 % support is led. Civilian party high level will pass allied party and company on November 27 agreement of

associated form a cabinet, affirmatory new program of administration of a government.

Mokeer is 59 years old, it is the first place those who come from area of German the eastpart part federally premier. Mokeer was elected as confederative parliament assemblyman 1990. Came 1991 1998, she holds the position of woman and young minister, environment minister early or late, was elected in April 2000 base civilian league chairman. In November 2005, mokeer is elected federally premier, obtained first time be reappointed consecutively in October 2009.

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Because Gu Ge violates network advertisement to be punished 500 million dollar... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州夜生活论坛VDS


In report will occupy new network on November 8 association of Japanese send out (NHK) report, day of 7 days of nearby will be in husband of sanded division of black of assistant of general affairs of Russia president diplomacy China holds Asia-Pacific classics to join an organization (the plan that APEC) session holds day Russia head to talk expresses, predicting talk will be held in the evening at 10 days.

Additional, the matters concerned visitting day that because suffer Wukelan,defers about Beijing of Russia president general, suggestion of husband of black sande

d division is in likely this matter alludes in this head talk. He says: Have not negotiate specific plan now, but during eliminating to holding head to talk, japanese premier brings times advance 3 allude the possibility of this matter.

The report still points out, shakefu expresses black: Hero of article of cropland of bank of J

apanese foreign minister visits Russia is the important preparation move that general Beijing has state visit to Japan. He expresses again, want the agreement that the basis reachs between two countries, visit Russia by bank cropland foreign minister of Japan first before general Beijing visits Japan.

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Yan Gang: Egypt rules for civilian anger Mubalake is political game... [阅读全文] 栏目:西安全城服务


Login register Deng Junxian of new student of beautiful foreign citizen of Chinese origin of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to meet with frat " humiliate type initiate " dead origin: ? ?2013-12-19 10:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

According to coverage of American Chinese network, deng Junxian of new student of beautiful foreign citizen of Chinese origin is in 10 days ago frat of Pi Delta Psi " humiliate type " after initiate ceremonially dies, institute of new York Baruch (Baruch College)18 day announces permanent prohibit that frat.

Data of Deng Junxian of new student of beautiful foreign citizen of Chinese origin pursues

Deng Junxian is sent Pi Delta Psi by the friend

Boluke learns data of courtyard school building to pursue

According to national Broadcasting Corporation (NBC News) report, prexy of cloth Lu Ke Wolesitan (Mitchel Wallerstein) gives out electric mail to say to student and employee on Wednesday, attend to will be in on December

8 hill of Nuo of
division of guest city wave (Pocono Mountains) " death " the investigation of the school of partial student classmate of the party is uncooperative.

Police says, deng Junxian of 19 years old is in so called " converging attack " (be cheated in activity of "The Gauntlet" ) eye, back is worn sandbag is pushed be pushed and suffer blow repeatedly, cerebral ministry bears serious scar.

Judicial document shows, the person that enter an activity does not wake in Deng Junxian a many hour passed to just send a hospital after human affairs, it is the fact that frat meets to police lies and trying to mask that subsequently.

Wolesitan says, deng Junxian believes the target of frat and its leader, but his belief is betrayed however in illegimate initiate ceremonially.

Prexy says Ba Luji, the affiliation of frat does not need to approve, also do not need to make a pledge, do not need more " push and shove " cruel initiate ceremony.

Still do not have a person to be sued because of Deng Junxian's death, but police says, someone may be sued. Baruch institute is trying to be the same as all participator interview, so that decide who ought to be punished, but it encounters an obstacle.

That dean says, unfortunate is, some students reject to be mixed with us execute the law the branch cooperates. Accordingly we need more time to make sure the course is exact with fairness.

Profess inferior the office of whole nation of Pi Delta Psi of descendants frat also cuts off those who be the same as Buck to concern, insist to say it does not have the sort of initiate policy.

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Read related: "The old person is gone to unripe fraternity " inviting initiate absorbs gold 50 thousand Taiwan changes the specified number of 36 million lowest of initiate of Liu Laogen guild hall that decodes Zhao Benshan wife exposure net sticks the club to be illuminated baldly curule also Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of initiate news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Crisis of credit of Chinese Red Cross is abroad Fujian person looks charity in abroad... [阅读全文] 栏目:一品香

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