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南城步行街沐足可以搞"Blue fim tuna " submergence deepness is exceeded set 6 hours to be forced to return to base beforehand (video)



Dispatch will occupy people net on October 26 American media coverage, china obtained the help of country of a few wests in campaign of this large-scale anti-corruption. Current, international of a police acts to spreading out jointly, the object of the action is the Chinese corrupt official that escapes toward Australia. According to estimation, the illicit money that

these corrupt officials carry is as high as 1 billion dollar.

Report, estimation is in a few weeks, australian authorities is met the asset of escaped criminal of 7 of square order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large the most important economy in closing down. This is the one part that the fox-hunt that China will begin this year in July acts. The target of this one action is emigrant and abroad conceal one's identity before official of the Communist Party of China. They are accused to embezzle a large number of public fund.

Xiao En of president of group of research of Australian China market? Lai favour (Shaun Rein) say, the suspect that really a few camouflage become rich dealer has settled permissibly in Australia the biggest city. After you went to Sydney, can discover, the real estate of a lot of 1 ten million, 2 ten million, 3 ten million is be bought by a few Chinese that matt

er with the government. A lot of Australia people can not look forward to the income of a huge sum of these people. They really very corrupt. They are not you want to those who see is in all round oneself the sort of businessman.

Although in bay between do not have extradite treaty, but can is earthed up it is OK to help a government according to " U.N. anti-corruption defeats convention " provide assistance to China. Bay square police believes, potential suspect also includes a few people that had added Australian citizenship, they pretend these illegal income into the proper business income that comes from China through washing money. Australian federal police alleges, they confiscated the illegal income of escaped criminal of economy of a few China successfully already.

Sincere letter orgnaization studies the global finance that is located in Washington technically illegal financing flow direction. This orgnaization beforehand appraise, arrive from 2002 2011, 10 thousand much dollar is poured out of from China through illegal channel.

(Original title: Beautiful intermediary: Australia moves real to plan to close down in square order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large asset of 7 escaped criminal)

 Service of provide for the aged of attent

ion spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provid

e for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

Before the most expensive office building ranks the whole world 10 China are exclusive 4 banquet Hong Kong is the most expensive

 Jackson dream is manorial will be sold mark a price for 100 million dollar

 Will report on May 28, group of American Ke Luoni capital (Colony Capital) announced a few days ago, jackson of Er of Michael of king of deceased and popular day (Michael Jackson) dream is manorial (Neverla. . .

2015-05-31 15:30 origin: ? Heir Lian?
Asian safe peak meets the one man outside the assembly room be shot dead police arrests 2 people

Local time on May 31, singapore police expresses, before dawn was in a man that day tegument of hotel of lira of this state sweet division shoots shoot dead. Police arrested 2 people. In report will occupy new network on May 31 Singapore media coverage, singapore police at becoming. . .

2015-05-31 14:55 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Small monkey enjoys host to make up for its video has his moment expressional bud turns over everybody (graph)

According to England " lens signs up for " will report on May 28, recently, the video that the monkey that is called Angel only is made up by host has his moment quickly in the network. Was passed to the network in January from this year up to now, this video hit already was as high as 3000 many times. Be in this paragraph. . .

2015-05-31 14:54 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Sakashenweili of the president before Gelujiya becomes make war of Ceng Yue of Wu Kelan bey

Shenke of pineapple of Wu Kelan's president announces, sakashenweili of the Gelujiya before appoint's president is governor of state of Sa of Aode of strategic area of haven of Wu Kelan south. Pineapple Shen Ke and benefit of dimension of Sa card assorted reach Aode Sa area together the building announces to concern. . .

2015-05-31 13:35 origin: ? Nobeliun Song Lang?
Bulate makes public Beijing of general of judiciary of critical United States to send congratulatory telegram after be reappointed consecutively

When Bulate of chairman of international sufficient couplet accepts Swiss medium 30 numbers to visit, express, believing Swiss police arrests many high level before election of chairman of national sufficient couplet is coincidence. After Bulate attends the press conference that international sufficient couplet holds, continue to oppugn luck publicly. . .

2015-05-31 13:34 origin: ? Nobeliun Song Lang?
Cereal song solar energy enclothes a plan to meet defeat without network of headroom of man-machine test-fly crash

According to Peng Bo edition of network of commercial weekly publication reports, gu Ge plans to regard the large solar energy that provides Internet to serve platform as unmanned aircraft Solara 50, in new Mexico the city checks crash of the failure when base test-fly. Cereal song solar energy does not have man-machine cereal. . .

2015-05-31 13:31 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Weather of serious high temperature causes Indian ravages of a drought " of dead rainfall of 2000 more than person is late "

In report will occupy new network on May 31 outside intermediary report, indian near future suffers heat wave to invade continuously, at present this country already had more than 2000 people to die at high temperature. Meanwhile, be late according to forecasting the rainfall that reached drought area a few days ago to also proclaim originally.

2015-05-31 13:30 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Paris will dismantle lock of the love on artistic bridge: Love too much bridge to be overcome

Body of artistic bridge bridge begins to be able to 't bear heavy burden, authorities must prevent this kind of wild action.

2015-05-31 13:17 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Beautiful national defence grows to send be related of anthrax bacili example to apologize to Korea by accident with respect to the United States

In report will occupy new network on May 31 Han intermediary report, 30 days of messages weigh Korea department of defense, defense minister of United States of Han civilian sue for peace blocks the official of Korea defense minister that attends Asian safe peak to meet in Singapore to held bilateral talk that day especially, carter is beautiful in the talk square. . .

2015-05-31 13:16 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
MERS patient adds Korea to still affect case of illness without 3 to 15 people

Korea has not produced the situation of infection 3 times, all patients all are affected by first patients

2015-05-31 13:15 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Nirili one mosque assaults at least 25 people to die by explosion 28 people are injured

Xinhua net Abugu metropolis of Bo Ernuo city will stride report Nigeria on May 30 the one mosque in Du Gu makes a surprise attack 30 days by suicidal type explosion, cause death of at least 25 people, 28 people to get hurt. Personnel of police of state of rich Er Nuo says to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, . . .

2015-05-31 13:13 origin: ? Salary  ?
Battle of female emperor of IS recruit " person ": ? Weed of Qu of  of ǖ of arm spread of Si of evil spirit of drop  rice?

The extreme organizes Mohammedan country (girl of IS) recruit, let them become officer of holy battle element, recruit, commonner is appropriative sex slave. The torment that these girls endure already caused global attention, not long ago is made an appointment with. . .

2015-05-31 13:11 origin: ? Is border of play broadleaf plant inclined?
Hair of abstruse Ba Ma is pushed encounter network force somebody persuades his to commit suicide especially

Reported a few days ago according to American media, on May 18, american president Aobama gives out the first Twitter in the White House (push special) when the card, the White House undertook a bulletin high-keyly to this matter. But in a few minutes, a few push special the user is used contain contemptuous sex. . .

2015-05-31 13:09 origin: ? Join ┍ ?
IS has 1000 much population on domain of land of half of occupational already Syria

In sanded dust storm covering below, IS extreme armed element captures Iraq installs Ba Er to save provincial capital to pull Ma Di

2015-05-31 13:08 origin: ? Join ┍ ?
Korea netizen says the patient makes the MERS that leaves the country forcibly Korean cheat be ashamed

Xinhua net head report will enter Er 26 days on May 30 a of city of state of Guangdong province benefit Korean already was by diagnose first input sex middle east breathe China to solicit case integratedly. Intimate contact middle east breathes this Ceng Zaihan country to solicit a patient integratedly and already appeared have a fever symptom. . .

2015-05-31 13:06 origin: ? Salary  ?
Bai Dengzhi of beautiful vice president child because cerebral cancer dies to be engaged in law politics for a long time before one's death,work

Qiao Bai of vice president of electric United States will ascend Washington of China News Service on May 30 child Bobaideng (Beau Biden)30 day is not treated because of cerebral cancer die, year only 46 years old. Data chart: Bobaidengbaideng makes a statement that evening. . .

2015-05-31 13:05 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Patient of MERS of Korea first place or for virus " super peddler "

Breath of middle east of Korea first place solicits a patient integratedly is 68 years old of men, he the middle ten days of a month will have been to Bahrain, sand spy and A couplet chief of a tribe this year in April, breathing disease state appears after will arriving at Korea May 4, first middle east breathe 20 Korea that be by diagnose to solicit a patient integratedly. . .

2015-05-31 13:04 origin: ? Long?
Singapore police shoots dead 1 person to arrest 2 people around assembly room of sweet case lira

Combine morning paper report according to Singapore, singapore police shoots dead one person around assembly room of sweet case lira. Police expresses, a man today before dawn 4 when shoot 36 minutes in tegument of hotel of sweet case lira shoot dead. Police arrested two people. Police. . .

2015-05-31 10:37 origin: ? Nobeliun common depe
nd on?
Giraffe and companion contend for cummer to fight to survive tenaciously 5 years into curved neck (graph)

Everybody sees giraffe much, but had you seen the giraffe of zigzag neck? England " daily telecommunications signs up for " 29 days of reports, cameraman mark heart bilks Sidaier to fill in in Tanzania Lun Gaidi films in journeys of the prairie. . .

2015-05-31 10:31 origin: ? This ┣ A Ou?
Japan adds coastal waters region to produce 8.5 class earthquake to have not receive casualties information

The intermediary outside occupying reports, japanese weather office expresses, 30 days of evening were controlled 8:24 local time, former Zhu Dao of Japanese Tokyo Dou Xiaoli western earthquake of 8.5 on the Richter scale of maritime space happening, focus deepness makes an appointment with 590 kilometers. Afp message says, tokyo building. . .

2015-05-30 20:01 origin: ? Huge rock
of discharge  contraction?

 Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to retire from army veteran because protracted cure dies government of abstruse Ba Ma again: of origin of defect accredit crisis? ?2014-05-24 14:4 of heir Pan feltEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Recently, american Arizona city poors Ni Kesi city explodes give tens of names to retire from army veteran cause death because of protracted cure, the system of medical treatment of ministry of American veteran general affairs that causes from this manages confused scandal to ferment continuously, the government suffers Aobama to just be criticized each. On May 21, american president Aobama by force of public opinion pressure, publish public discourse in the light of scandal first, oath thorough checks whole episode, punish severely concerned party, make sure veteran will obtain reasonable and seasonable medical treatment service henceforth. The expert points out, the outside is right of government of abstruse Ba Ma criticise beneficial deepens day, this one scandal makes its afterwards " cure corrects difficult problem " hind once more deep-set and trustful crisis.

American president Aobama (the data pursues)

Go up month, american media is announced, a veteran hospital of city passes Feinikesi forge list of wait to see a doctor, the purpose conceals the about 1400 problems to overtime of 1600 patients wait to see a doctor, have 40 at least among them the name is veteran because did not get seasonable treat,die in awaiting endlessly.

Message, american public opinion an in an uproar. By force of pressure, afore-mentioned hospitals 3 senior officers are compelled termless suspend sb from his duties, · closes Eric of minister of ministry of American veteran general affairs newly to also be held oneself responsible for a serious mistake to resign by the requirement.

Actually, the iceberg that this one scandal is inside story of a plot of interior of ministry of American veteran general affairs only one horn. Classics media investigates discovery, the veteran hospital that still has 7 cities at least is suspected of forging list of patient wait to see a doctor, the person gives time of hospital wait to see a doctor to make considerably reductive false appearance. Additional, last year in November, card collect comes to accept city south center of medical treatment of a veteran ever also was exploded to go out, have 20 at least the name is veteran because time of wait to see a doctor passes,grow or deal with undeserved and death. Regretful is, american government did not take significant action from beginning to end to this problem.

Aobama emphasizes in the speech May 21: "Once investigation of concerned incident classics is belonged to solid, punish severely certainly to all party do not borrow. " probe has toward experience thing hospital before he expresses to already expedited deputy aides and staff of the White House to grow Nabaisi, will submit a newest report to congress. And about closing oneself newly go taking an issue, aobama thinks, close newly after assume office to endeavor to the working with one one's heart of ministry of veteran general affairs, special also hope implements reform. But this branch is put in difficult problem of too much systematization, accordingly " involve resignation newly temporary inextricability also any problems " . The analysis thinks, force of abstruse Ba Ma is protected it is excusable to close newly, what be 71 years old after all is new closing is American first place inferior Yi Sixing admiral, also be abstruse Ba Ma's ministerial general.

Although government of abstruse Ba Ma checks incident to show positive attitude to thorough, but many congressman still express very disappointed. Likehuofu all shows controller of favour of Maikai of assemblyman of dangshen of Arizona city republican, veteran and American Iraq a

nd Afghan veteran organization, government of abstruse Ba Ma should come too late to measure, do too less, word of a few speeches cannot solve the problem of ministry of veteran general affairs truly. Same day, congress Boule still passes a draft resolution, the hope gifts this branch person in charge's bigger attributive will fire those experience work staff. Senatorial also very will fast hold a hearing at this point.

For quite a long time, interior of ministry

of American veteran general affairs manages a problem is all the time together " the bone that gnaws hard " . This branch it may be said is orgnaization of the United States' biggest medical treatment service, have 1700 hospitals or clinic, matter to the problem of medical treatment welfare of nearly 9 million veteran directly.

" Washington Post " the analysis thinks, on one hand, because the documentation system of ministry of veteran general affairs is very outmoded, still take written form entirely almost. Its electric subsystem and the Pentagon also each other is incompatible, because this processing applies for need for a long time. According to official statistic, at present nearly 1 million veteran is waiting to get disable compensation, they need on average to await 273 days, 250 thousand person already waited to exceed 1 year. On the other hand, ministry of veteran general affairs is bureaucratic the system is huge, fluctuation left and right sides is illogical, undertake be superintended effectively and be reforminged hard, add not to be pooh-poohed, veteran people win primary medical treatment the service is very not easy.

Be in early when running for the presidency, aobama with respect to Chen Ci of Ceng Kang deeply touched, pledge the question with veteran should be improved to see a doctor difficult after appearing on the stage, affirmatory even should " those who overthrow ministry of veteran general affairs is bureaucratic change " . Nowadays, presidential tenure of office of Aobama already went 5 years superabundant, the bureaucratic system that by him direct canal controls causes political risk again and again however, bring about its cabinet to be immersed in trustful crisis again. Current, this scandal still is continueing to ferment. Lu Jinsi of cloth of American wisdom library learns Ou Hanlong of martial question expert to think, no matter close newly finally nonofficeholding, what government of abstruse Ba Ma should treat as above all is to publish more and practical reform step, just redeem public opinion support likely.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 Login register whaler of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to catch kill 4 cetacean setting bloody like case discovery field [graph] origin: ? Heir Lian?2014-01-06 17:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The photograph that turns over whale organization boat to pat shows, bloodstain is everywhere on whaler of a Japan, estimation has a whale already by butcher.

The small beard whale that the graph kills to be arrested 3 times, on the board of Ja
panese whaler.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, turn over whale personage to express, the Japanese whale fleet that they pay close attention to is in 6 days south Pacific Ocean has whale activity, had had at least 4 whale by butcher.

Turn over whale personage to say, fleet of whale of this team Japan shares 5 boats, they had forced gaff to the hand interrupts whale

to act and pull out. The small amid needing whale that turned over whale organization to still make public 3 death the photograph on the board of ship of a Japan. This organization is judged, still whale of a small beard also should be caught kill.

Braun says · of Bob of chairman of organization of the person that ocean is guarded, there is the body of whale of 3 small beards on Japanese whaler, whale of the 4th small beard is likely already by butcher. Blood is everywhere on board, this has been stored by the whale cruelly oppress of butcher, other position and splanchnic should have been lost the sea.

"This is one act dreariness, bloody mediaeval setting, should not appear in modern society. " Braun says.

Turn over whale organization to still express, the Ross apanage in Antarctica is when this Japan whaler is discovered. New Zealand claims to have the dominion of this ground, because this turns over whale organization to think the behavior of Japanese whaler violated the territorial sea sovereignty of his country, and gruffly disobeyed law of nations.

Whale is giant mammal, plant group of growth are very slow. For quite a long time, the excessive whale of a few country, had played havoc with plant group of zoology. Here setting falls, international whale committee was passed 1986 " the whole world prohibits whale convention " , prohibit commercial whale. But Japanese respect all the time firm say, whale is " scientific research project " , it is legal action.

Recommend read:

Australia sends private plane to monitor both sides of day whaler activity ever sent conflict

Action of Japanese antarctic whale meets with bay firm of new two countries approves appeal diplomacy resistance

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

According to Japan new overseas Chinese signs up for a net on December 4 message, a few days ago, japanese onshore militia discloses, will arrive on November 29 in the joint military exercise of day beautiful Hokkaido December 12, increased to turn over a network to atttack training. This is since the joint military exercise began day beauty 1982, turn over a network to atttack training first.

According to Japan " read sell news " message, will arrive on November 29 during December 12, japanese onshore militia and American army, in day of onshore militia that is located in Hokkaido east ground of 1000 years old of be stationed launchs the joint military exercise. Japanese militia dispatchs 4500 people, american army dispatchs 1500 people left and right sides, army performing set is to have foreign army aggressive Japan domain. In this joint military exercise, day beautiful both sides still w

ill undertake the network atttacks training turning over jointly first.

Japan defends province cadre discloses, turning over a network to atttack training undertake below the premise that in hypothesis day beauty warfare command system contracts virus, by Japan onshore militia is mixed the network expert of American army is collective and corresponding. (Round-the-world net is stationed in Zhang Tong of reporter of Japanese engage by special arrangement


 Login register Ming Rentian emperor of Japan of text of news of international of center

of news of the network austral Fujian to greet 80 years old does people of birthday whole nation have a holiday one day [graph] origin: ? Mie oily?2013-12-24 16:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

23 days of the emperor of Japan 80 years old of birthday, japanese people holds congratulatory activity. The graph comes ahead for couple of the emperor of Japan

the people beck of congratulate on sb's birthday. Ming Rentian emperor is the emperor of Japan that afterwards clear and day empress greet the 2nd times when v/arc be on the throne.

According to Japanese media coverage, december 23 is the birthday of Japanese Ming Rentian emperor, the whole nation has a holiday one day. Japanese palace opens to the outside world, so that the emperor of Japan and empress accept birthday congratulation of the people.

The report points out, the birthday this year is Ming Rentian emperor 80 years old old age. The press conference that holds inside palace sees in, ming Ren expresses, 80 years life is experienced, most that one war that feels impressive is in the past, make 3.1 million Japanese sacrificed life, "It is really very aching " . In the meantime, ming Ren still is in to Japanese countryman afterwar effort realizes a country to revive gives effort, thanks.

Ming Ren says: "Take the opportunity, I want to prop up Japan up to now, the people that contributes force to develop a nation in each district effort thankses, bless everybody happy. Bless everybody happy..

23 days of cent mix Japanese palace to be opened twice afternoon in the morning, the emperor of Japan and empress accept the people's birthday to bless in square. Any average per capita can attend this congratulate an activity with heading for palace. That day morning, the emperor house that before having people of 24 thousand Japan about, lives toward the emperor of Japan undertakes He Bai.

Back will choose cremate

Although Ming Rentian emperor is healthy still active, but after the month on Japanese royalty announces Ming Renshen, the thing is arranged, make Japanese people accident. Discuss one many year through panelist, japanese royalty announces, mingren will choose cremate after one's death, ashes of the dead finds a place for in capital Tokyo the royal cemetery western, his king hill dimensions is not as liege as previous Japan.

Cremation decides to break Japanese imperial family 400 years mortuary tradition. Royalty official says, ming Renxi looks at economical expenditure, decrease cover an area of a space, reduce people burden.

Ming Renceng diagnose contracts prostate cancer, about two years ago because of cardiovascular problem, accept a heart to take bridge operation. Nevertheless, he is active all the time, go up 30 days month to carry empress beauty Zhi Zizheng type to visit India, become the emperor of Japan that India visits first on Japanese history.

Japanese society has been entered fast aged, 1/3 population will enter old age after 20 years, mean old people to will be faced with lack junior to attend, arrangement of this one funeral affairs obtains Ming Renfu Fu the people affirms generally.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 南城步行街沐足可以搞Nigeria pulls guesthouse of each Si Xiyi to produce collapse death number to rise to 115 people


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