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Original title: East dash forward the element is inflicted heavy losses on by IS when cannon fodder think escape is caught a behead

Editor's note: Turn one's head 2014, mohammedan country (exposure of organization of this one extreme leads IS) highest, but the most mysterious also. Very long period of time, international media connects American president Aobama and branch of its security inf

ormation to did not get the name that understands this organization even, ISIS of from time to time, ISIL of from time to time, organize head Bagdad till this enlighten will profess to breath out li of hair, political power on June 29 more Mohammedan country just considers the name basic to unite. Mohammedan country is outspread rapid, method cruel, organization is relatively close, be in middle east area not only, in western country and other country also recruit large quantities of terrorist, this also includes among them east dash forward element. China is ultraism and terroristic victim, accordingly, china goes all lengths blow of country of help middle east is terroristic, accord with Chinese interest likewise. Today's special end of the year report, by " round-the-world times " the Mohammedan country that the reporter tells about area of Yi Xu border solely east dash forward how is battalion sufferred inflict heavy losses on.

International society hits Mohammedan country to already became hasten of general trends place together. From November the bottom begins, " round-the-world times " the reporter enters north of area of heart of Er of Turkey south, Iraq library and Syria in succession, lead orgnaization of safety of layer, Syria, Lebanon through interviewing Kuerde to arm national defence army and international turn over horrible expert to be learned solely, this horror devotes into to organize by 2012 east dash forward battalion inflicts heavy losses on of late repeatedly, in Iraq Jierkuke, Sulaiman is mixed Barney of division of border land town of military importance already the armed personnel of 80% above of loss. Intended annals breaks down east dash forward the element is in try to escape be supervised operation by Mohammedan country when battlefield personnel behead or shoot. International fears expert proposal instead, china can cooperate actively with the United States and other country, intercept and be on guard terrorist circumfluence.

Pull together with Mohammedan country east dash forward battalion

On December 3, the Ha Baier port that Turkey southeast ministry still straps Wuerfa and Syria to pull border on blocking a province, " round-the-world times " the reporter just got off surround by everybody view. Be in acknowledging a reporter is not Korean or Japanese however after the Chinese, happen to coincide to the uncle of the shop that place tea from the child of gad the ground make the limbs language that makes a reporter very open-eyed: Grunting in the mouth Chin(Chinese) , pull open jacket next, both hands make bang, the appearance that with a bang explodes. The Mohammedan state black division that the uncle of shop opening tea points to to the Syrian port of a kilometre above is waving, ask a reporter: Think the past? The Turkey safety official that comes quickly breaks up at the same time surround the local of view, tell a reporter awkwardly at the same time: They are saying to play, be not taken seriously.

However, a of area of heart of Iraqi library Er advanced and safe official tells " round-the-world times " reporter: As the terrorist of other country, area of vicinity of port of haing uncle Er is east dash forward the element enters a country the mainest way of Syria, because over there on it is Mohammedan country so called capital plays card.

As to east dash forward armed element acts as in Mohammedan country suicidal bomb be related, this official produced a paragraph of video very quickly to the reporter. Film date designation in this paragraph on October 17, 2014, the person that film professes is Mohammedan country in the member's video, one build hair is messy, on the place that the highteen boy that wears wool short coat and beautiful grid shirt takes in the driver, the eyes is looked at emptily photograph the person that resemble. The person that film adds to video note say: The Chinese brother of Mohammedan country carries out martyr to act in Sulaiman, commit suicide namely type explosion makes a surprise attack.

By this year July, british Reuter ever was mentioned in the article, wu Sai division shows ambassador-at-large of problem of Chinese middle east, the religious ultraism element that comes from China accepts training in middle east, person of wh some of which already may enter Iraqi churchyard, participate in local force to conflict, from the speculation in foreign media coverage, this one group is 100 people about, it is more east dash forward element.

From bureau of information of air force of orgnaization of safety of municipality of heart of Iraqi library Er, Syria with Lebanon the senior officer of national defence army to " round-the-world times " the Mohammedan state that the reporter draws the outline of solely is so-called east dash forward in light of the fundamental condition of battalion, this one number already increased probably. These officials show: Fight independently in Syrian churchyard originally east dash forward armed personnel is organized in oneself by last year added in the name what concern with Mohammedan country is suffixal, this is indicating they are formal do large horrible organization to submit oneself to the rule of anew to this, become its banner to fall east dash forward battalion. Official of tripartite of Yi appraise goosefoot says, east dash forward of battalion fight personnel has 300 people about, extra strength Yuan Chao hereat family member.

East dash forward the element is to devote into Syrian opposition first, submit oneself to the rule of again after organize at Mohammedan country. Review east dash forward the course of Syria of be involved in and Iraqi war, complete with Mohammedan country this one horror organizes do old photograph tally. Dog all the time east dash forward the Lun Zelin of American scholar A in global tendercy tells force " round-the-world times " reporter: In March 2011, east dash forward the magazine is run in its " Mohammedan Tujue Si Tan " the 11st period in the interest that shows random to Syria of be involved in bureau first degrees. 2013 the 12nd period on the magazine, east dash forward express avowedly with the form of dispatch: Intervene formally Syrian politics crisis. In March 2014, east dash forward open video admits first time, its arm personnel fights in Syrian churchyard. With the month, east dash forward head Abodulamansuer admits to Reuter reporter through the phone, east dash forward arm join Mohammedan country to organize, putting character and Chinese government action is Mohammedan duty place! Subsequently, a flock of cheating begin to appear on the net the setting that man of face black clothes has armed training in desert environment.

They call issuance video crankily express letter. Lustre forest tell " round-the-world times " reporter. He thinks, east dash forward molecular be enlightened crosses this kind of means to enlarge an influence, but the horrible intrigue that also revealed them and cruel fear idiosyncratic, how train for instance and abstain bomb.

This year in June east dash forward in a paragraph of when the element releases video that is as long as 52 minutes, recorded them in detail how to Syria governmental army is in guard to launch assault. Lustre forest say: Astonishing is, there still are female and children to accept unexpectedly in this paragraph of video east dash forward the occasion of military training! He thinks, these video are to think of Syrian and other places abet more horrible staff enter battle of so called emperor.

East dash forward when the element tries to break away from Mohammedan country, be caught a behead

Will arrive in August from this year now, east dash forward the personnel loss of battalion already exceeded 80% . Be known according to me, they already were sufferred 3 times inflict heavy losses on. A safe official of area of heart of Iraqi library Er to " round-the-world times " the reporter tells about commando of woman of library Er heart to be in Kebani city east area full wipe out one east dash forward the whole process of armed contingent: Accident on October 13 before dawn, our female soldiers are felt by night go into town east manage Mohammedan country armed position, after the nocturnal chirp that feels them, with one action shoots dead the terrorist in 12 sleep deeply. The information later confirms, the maniple of this 13 people is east dash forward battalion fights personnel. Complete official still discloses this Kuerdean: East dash forward the person that battalion has close 1/3 fights in Kebani, divide this team by full wipe out outside, still a lot of people die at the bomb of the United States and other country opportunity for combat, we know this condition through monitoring network of communication of word of Mohammedan country condition.

" round-the-world times " the reporter returns the channel of a news that from Iraq Jierkuke visits safe department to understand, east dash forward battalion Iraq element will be in on October 28 base when Er library overcomes southwest ministry area to fight disastrous: They are basic it is to be between Jierkuke's Huwagu, Liyade and Lashendi flee hither and thither, come from with Mohammedan country other the terrorist of 12 countries is mixed make up, among them terrorist of the 3 citizenship in the name dies at as secure as Iraq armed forces in fighting, additionally 20 bomb that the person dies at the U.S. Army. The Aoabuzayide in analyst horse of the center also confirms Carnegie, it is before this on platform of socialization of holy battle network very active enter Iraqi churchyard east dash forward element, finally will not update content almost in October. In Iraqi churchyard, east dash forward battalion ever was destroyed tens of names arm element.

College of industry of grain of Singapore southern Asia pulls offend strap institute of austral border relation senior researcher M Du Sai is accepting Zhanmusi " round-the-world times " when the reporter interviews, disclose: The organization knows Mohammedan state very much reasonable use those who come from different country to arm element. For instance, horrible gang is in the England that is a female completely pull card becomes secret police or go Iraq installs Ba Er to save; of recruit female terrorist a few German are good and the horrible gang that the Lebanese that is network ace is in charge of Belgium of; of new work in partnership of agitate and recruit suits guard west hostage, there are 15 people to come from sand spy in the person that violate, 6 people are a Tunisian, 5 people are a Moroccan, it is at present of Syria, Libyan, black in addition Biekesitan, Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Indonesian, Australia and Chinese.

Abuzayide tells " round-the-world times " reporter: The foreign terrorist in Mohammedan country has two kinds: A kind of person is willing to be in churchyard of Iraq and Syria dies; is another kind will over there regard as Education Foundation. East dash forward belong to latter actually, but in Mohammedan country the circumstance with armed element disastrous casualty falls, they are said by the warning, if do not go up front, cannot get the support that each country horror organizes, if they go up front, the living ground that can gain Syrian north and area of Turkey south border and territory. Pressure and entice under, east dash forward battalion is procrastinated to enter intense war, thereby casualty is disastrous. According to Er of division Barney library De Wu installs not long ago from the information that pulls card to obtain, at least one east dash forward member and an Europe member are caught when trying to break away from Mohammedan country to organ

ize a behead.

China can cooperate actively with his country be on guard terrorist circumfluence

Occupy additionally " round-the-world times " reporter understanding, east dash forward battalion is main place where troops are stationed is strapped in A quite several dorp with border land of boreal earth appraise, but fight personnel is become by cent Syrian element and Iraqi element, fight in appraise Yi two countries by turns. East dash forward the head of battalion is self-given the Aboaer that is religious adviser and spokesman - benefit heart. The benefit heart with Turkish byname is Syrian book, he is advertised east dash forward the element fights to Syria, in order to be in east Tujue Si Tan and Syria build true Mohammedan nation. East dash forward battalion is returned with in coming from inferior or the terrorist of Caucasian area undertakes communicating grooming or capital is carried.

In the light of a year of Duolaidong dash forward the element is in a variety of act of Mohammedan country, lun Zelin of American scholar A expresses, the government of whole world each country that includes the United States inside should take outflow terrorist seriously to return national menace. The United States already was adopted a series of step will cope with those to ever sneaked away to attend terror to Iraq and Syria, the native citizen that be in or already went back to the motherland, cooperate with middle east country even, arrest, extradite these people. China can follow the United States about the respect, flower, the experience that the national communication such as the law answers circumfluence terrorist.

The United States turns over those of horrible expert Kevin to get this also wrote recently civil say, in square can more the information that actively and other country share blow terrorist, cooperate with circumjacent country intercept, be on guard terrorist circumfluence, prevent suffer cruel the personnel that fears thought effect is crossed secretly leave the country. He thinks, sino-US two countries can break the financing source of horrible organization with behead of middle east country hand in hand, blow the horror on the network and extreme mind jointly, as to American respect, should abandon a few prejudice to China, take out sincerity and Chinese cooperation, share information. ▲ [round-the-world times goes to Yong Zheng of Qiu of Iraqi special correpondent]


 Does opposition the attacking army has reached the city gates block the be besieged on all sides that plunge into phenanthrene?

 Canada invests emigrant project brief introduction to attract immigrant to be pointed to sacrifice citizenship

The amnesty international that always gesticulates to state of Chinese human rights organizes 22 days of hair to express a report, censure what China makes to be used at repressive tool and instruments of torture to be being exported in great quantities, abet the activity that Asia and African area encroach human rights. Apparent to this kind logic censures confusedly, assistant dean of politics of Chinese medium university and legal college Professor Wang Sixin is accepted 23 days " round-the-world times " when the reporter is interviewed, express, one country the government is accountability safeguard countryman human rights. The west the reason of the issue of human rights of a few states that a few media and orgnaization hold his ascribes to the device that its use, criticize the production country of these equipment from this, such confuse right and wrong, more the purpose that shows these wests are organized is not safeguard human rights, is to lend this attack China only.

BBC (BBC)23 daily way says, should report by amnesty international and the Europe rice that are located in England eggplant is studied joint investigation finishs foundation, the problem is Chinese penalty and oppressive tool commerce. The report says, at present company of more than 130 China participates in those who have potential risk to execute the law the production of equipment and commerce, and in the 10 many China year

ago this kind of company has 28 only. The report still censures China to executing the law equipment exports control lax case, lack is transparent, and the human rights state that entrance country takes no account of when China is exporting these equipment. The report returns quote amnesty international to organize a researcher Weierken's word says, more and more China companies gain profit from inside commerce of instruments of torture, thereby abet a lot of world places encroach human rights. This report says, high-pressured report billy, anklet, darby is extremely cruel instruments of torture, china should prohibit produce and be being exported immediately.

Professor Wang Sixin expresses 23 days, western media is used to the problem with a certain domain technically to be foundation, draw a forced analogy with a few orgnaizations a few with China not relevant not direct perhaps pertinent question forces China. Face situation of a few great international when China especially when, before for instance China held the Olympic Games 2008, the n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine in a few orgnaizations and media Ceng Ji crosses the west this kinds of a lot of reports.

Wang Sixin says, alarm the demand that the use that uses weapon is each country government and convention of orgnaization of constabulary security personnel, neither one country or orgnaization of constabulary security personnel do not need, it is country of Asia, Africa not only need uses these alarm instrument and facilities come police and normal social order, itself of western state government also uses these to suppress demonstrate activity in great quantities. This kind alarm the imports and exports of instrument is normal market action, cannot entrance country a few problems of home ascribe to some kind of product that it imports. After all these alarm instrument is a kind of object

ive existence only, itself does not have any fault. In addition, if the logic according to this report, the biggest exporter of the tool weapon that is used at the war on the United States or world, it should be censured more.


Xinhua net Bucharest on August 9 report (reporter Lin Huifen) the car

that Romania carries gold jewelry is in 9 days this country encounters armed cateran on a freeway, value makes an appointment with 1 million euro (add up to 9.2 million yuan of RMBs about) jewelry of 22 kilograms of gold is grabbed.

According to collect police introduction, case happening reachs center of administration of Alger assorted county in Bucharest of a free

way 83 kilometer of Piteshendi is in a section of a highway, two men that are gotten on by disaster car were dialed subsequently call the police phone. Note according to reporting a case to the security authorities, they are contained by the car intercept of caution light, the person that 3 unconscious faces hold a gun breaks a car window, reave jewelry of gold of on the car two box, run away quickly, rob whole process to be less than 4 minutes continuously.

Police receives newspaper hind to spread out the type that help a network to ransack with around area to relevant a section of a highway instantly, employed helicopter.

Basis collect law, carriage gold jewelry must obtain police station license, provide special carriage vehicle and personnel of escort in transportation, and be robbed car is an average car only. The behavior itself that carries gold this breaks the law.

According to the report, come to Romania already happened many cases to hold a gun this year rob case. On May 24, two men drive in Bucharest arm in road hijack, 200 thousand Yi (add up to 450 thousand yuan of RMBs about) be grabbed; On June 10, the car that a man drives holds a gun on road of Bucharest around the city the man is hijacked, cash of 200 thousand euro is grabbed.

Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

 India nun of 7 a period of ten days rapes police by turns to call bandit elaborate scheme by many man


 Japanese fisherman captures " 4 meters " giant squid weight never has had 50 jins

Jackson dream is manorial will be sold mark a price for 100 million dollar

 Will report on May 28, group of American Ke Luoni capital (Colony Capital) announced a few days ago, jackson of Er of Michael of king of deceased and popular day (Michael Jackson) dream is manorial (Neverla. . .

2015-05-31 15:30 origin: ? Heir Lian?
Asian safe peak meets the one man outside the assembly room be shot dead police arrests 2 people

Local time on May 31, singapore police expresses, before dawn was in a man that day tegument of hotel of lira of this state sweet division shoots shoot dead. Police arrested 2 people. In report will occupy new network on May 31 Singapore media coverage, singapore police at becoming. . .

2015-05-31 14:55 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Small monkey enjoys host to make up for its video has his moment expressional bud turns over everybody (graph)

According to England " lens signs up for " will report on May 28, recently, the video that the monkey that is called Angel only is made up by host has his moment quickly in the network. Was passed to the network in January from this year up to now, this video hit already was as high as 3000 many times. Be in this paragraph. . .

2015-05-31 14:54 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Sakashenweili of the president before Gelujiya becomes make war of Ceng Yue of Wu Kelan bey

Shenke of pineapple of Wu Kelan's president announces, sakashenweili of the Gelujiya before appoint's president is governor of state of Sa of Aode of strategic area of haven of Wu Kelan south. Pineapple Shen Ke and benefit of dimension of Sa card assorted reach Aode Sa area together the building announces to concern. . .

2015-05-31 13:35 origin: ? Nobeliun Song Lang?
Bulate makes public Beijing of general of judiciary of critical United States to send congratulatory telegram after be reappointed consecutively

When Bulate of chairman of international sufficient couplet accepts Swiss medium 30 numbers to visit, express, believing Swiss police arrests many high level before election of chairman of national sufficient couplet is coincidence. After Bulate attends the press conference that international sufficient couplet holds, continue to oppugn luck publicly. . .

2015-05-31 13:34 origin: ? Nobeliun Song Lang?
Cereal song solar energy enclothes a plan to meet defeat without network of headroom of man-machine test-fly crash

According to Peng Bo edition of network of commercial weekly publication reports, gu Ge plans to regard the large solar energy that provides Internet to serve platform as unmanned aircraft Solara 50, in new Mexico the city checks crash of the failure when base test-fly. Cereal song solar energy does not have man-machine cereal. . .

2015-05-31 13:31 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Weather of serious high temperature causes Indian ravages of a drought " of dead rainfall of 2000 more than person is late "

In report will occupy new network on May 31 outside intermediary report, indian near future suffers heat wave to invade continuously, at present this country already had more than 2000 people to die at high temperature. Meanwhile, be late according to forecasting the rainfall that reached drought area a few days ago to also proclaim originally.

2015-05-31 13:30 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Paris will dismantle lock of the love on artistic bridge: Love too much bridge to be overcome

Body of artistic bridge bridge begins to be able to 't bear heavy burden, authorities must prevent this kind of wild action.

2015-05-31 13:17 origin: ? Qu Xian?
Beautiful national defence grows to send be related of anthrax bacili example to apologize to Korea by accident with respect to the United States

In report will occupy new network on May 31 Han intermediary report, 30 days of messages weigh Korea department of defense, defense minister of United States of Han civilian sue for peace blocks the official of Korea defense minister that attends Asian safe peak to meet in Singapore to held bilateral talk that day especially, carter is beautiful in the talk square. . .

2015-05-31 13:16 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
MERS patient adds Korea to still affect case of illness without 3 to 15 people

Korea has not produced the situation of infection 3 times, all patients all are affected by first patients

2015-05-31 13:15 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Nirili one mosque assaults at least 25 people to die by explosion 28 people are injured

Xinhua net Abugu metropolis of Bo Ernuo city will stride report Nigeria on May 30 the one mosque in Du Gu makes a surprise attack 30 days by suicidal type explosion, cause death of at least 25 people, 28 people to get hurt. Personnel of police of state of rich Er Nuo says to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, . . .

2015-05-31 13:13 origin: ? Salary  ?
Battle of female emperor of IS recruit " person ": ? Weed of Qu of  of ǖ of arm spread of Si of evil spirit of drop  rice?

The extreme organizes Mohammedan country (girl of IS) recruit, let them become officer of holy battle element, recruit, commonner is appropriative sex slave. The torment that these girls endure already caused global attention, not long ago is made an appointment with. . .

2015-05-31 13:11 origin: ? Is border of play broadleaf plant inclined?
Hair of abstruse Ba Ma is pushed encounter network force somebody persuades his to commit suicide especially

Reported a few days ago according to American media, on May 18, american president Aobama gives out the first Twitter in the White House (push special) when the card, the White House undertook a bulletin high-keyly to this matter. But in a few minutes, a few push special the user is used contain contemptuous sex. . .

2015-05-31 13:09 origin: ? Join ┍ ?
IS has 1000 much population on domain of land of half of occupational already Syria

In sanded dust storm covering below, IS extreme armed element captures Iraq installs Ba Er to save provincial capital to pull Ma Di

2015-05-31 13:08 origin: ? Join ┍ ?
Korea netizen says the patient makes the MERS that leaves the country forcibly Korean cheat be ashamed

Xinhua net head report will enter Er 26 days on May 30 a of city of state of Guangdong province benefit Korean already was by diagnose first input sex middle east breathe China to solicit case integratedly. Intimate contact middle east breathes this Ceng Zaihan country to solicit a patient integratedly and already appeared have a fever symptom. . .

2015-05-31 13:06 origin: ? Salary  ?
Bai Dengzhi of beautiful vice president child because cerebral cancer dies to be engaged in law politics for a long time before one's death,work

Qiao Bai of vice president of electric United States will ascend Washington of China News Service on May 30 child Bobaideng (Beau Biden)30 day is not treated because of cerebral cancer die, year only 46 years old. Data chart: Bobaidengbaideng makes a statement that evening. . .

2015-05-31 13:05 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Patient of MERS of Korea first place or for virus " super peddler "

Breath of middle east of Korea first place solicits a patient integratedly is 68 years old of men, he the middle ten days of a month will have been to Bahrain, sand spy and A couplet chief of a tribe this year in April, breathing disease state appears after will arriving at Korea May 4, first middle east breathe 20 Korea that be by diagnose to solicit a patient integratedly. . .

2015-05-31 13:04 origin: ? Long?
Singapore police shoots dead 1 person to arrest 2 people around assembly room of sweet case lira

Combine morning paper report according to Singapore, singapore police shoots dead one person around assembly room of sweet case lira. Police expresses, a man today before dawn 4 when shoot 36 minutes in tegument of hotel of sweet case lira shoot dead. Police arrested two people. Police. . .

2015-05-31 10:37 origin: ? Nobeliun common depe
nd on?
Giraffe and companion contend for cummer to fight to survive tenaciously 5 years into curved neck (graph)

Everybody sees giraffe much, but had you seen the giraffe of zigzag neck? England " daily telecommunications signs up for " 29 days of reports, cameraman mark heart bilks Sidaier to fill in in Tanzania Lun Gaidi films in journeys of the prairie. . .

2015-05-31 10:31 origin: ? This ┣ A Ou?
Japan adds coastal waters region to produce 8.5 class earthquake to have not receive casualties information

The intermediary outside occupying reports, japanese weather office expresses, 30 days of evening were controlled 8:24 local time, former Zhu Dao of Japanese Tokyo Dou Xiaoli western earthquake of 8.5 on the Richter scale of maritime space happening, focus deepness makes an appointment with 590 kilometers. Afp message says, tokyo building. . .

2015-05-30 20:01 origin: ? Huge rock
of discharge  contraction?


According to Korea " Korea daily " the website will report on November 16, recently, korea because many years old of 30 one man is suspected of the accusation such as rape, menace be being sentenced by the court with severe punishment. Force of this man Ceng Wei is larger than oneself a female of 8 years old, say to want the shocking relationship its and oneself fair at numerous, blackmailed number Han Yuan with this. In addition, this man returned female to this seed to use the act such as the rape, but the severe sanction that got a court of justice finally.

Court of place of Korea clear city ministry of the 12nd criminal is opposite 16 days this month guilty suspect A some (32 years old) undertook adjudging. Some makes A of the accused person several times threaten blame and forcible rape, sentence a set term of imprisonment 3 years 6 0 months, and need take a refresher course the sexual force course of 40 hours.

The court says in judgment, in nearly 2 years of time of 6 0 months, guilty suspect A the money that some browbeats ceaselessly and extorts a victim, the loss that cause exceeds 200 million Han Yuan, wait for crime plus rape force, property is very abominable, should give more logical punishment step. Still point out in judgment, some pair of oneself crime are undertaking A meditate deeply, and before have no criminal record, at the same time becaus

e oneself are economically difficult and lend money the flower to Moll, rise to crime subsequently, made report thereby considering these elements.

Guilty suspect A the employee that some ever was a bazaar, he and the B that run a store around some (40 years old, female) from 3 have shocking concern before New Year. The sexual relationship that some will produce A between them regards secret minatory B as some amount to 264 times unexpectedly, blackmailed 215 million Han during this yuan.


e rejects A even see B some, and in B some asks some returns A when money, some says minatory B want the child that two people shocking relation tells B some and man, return for many times B some belt carries out a rape to guesthouse. (the exercitation compiles Zhang Han)

 上海千华纺Login register beautiful intermediary of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to disclose " base " does constituent company operation buy half dollar cake to also must apply for reimbursement origin: ? Qu Xian?2013-12-29 13:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The net austral Fujian dispatch will report 28 days according to beautiful intermediary on December 29, arrive from the cake of half dollar the fuel of thousands of dollar, arrive from soap, macaroni expenses of weapon ammo, personnel, "Base " the organization makes rigid Zhang Wu system. Information personnel and analysts say before, from found a person the times begins Wusama Ben Ladan, "Base " the high level tries mode of imitated company operation runs organization of this one extreme.

Ben Ladan (the

data pursues)

Purchase one person to ask valence one person is recorded in couples

Mohammed · Ji Teya connects cloth graph city in the north in the horse a grocery store opened in a market. He is recollected, a day, a suspension " base " the motorcade that organizes black banner stops before inn door, one build eye gets off, push the door and enter, the requirement buys one canister mustard. Ji Teya had not answered a god to come, come again of the other side, buy mustard, drive the receipt of a piece of 1.6 dollars at the same time. This head is " base " North Africa branch " base organizes Mohammedan Magelibu " " southern headquarters commander " Nabile Kama, he became Jiteya's frequenter. , the receipt that he asks Jiteya prepares to print this, so that open,look like normal receipt.

"Base " the member shops the practice that asks for receipt leaves deep impression to Jiteya. Normal fairground is not in what tell cloth plan, pedlar people say, "Base " personnel comes round to purchase in couples normally, one individual argy-bargy, another records the price on the notebook. Yibolaxin Jiteya of businessman of medicines and chemical reagents says, "They need to apply for reimbursement to superior " .

Items of an account is meticulous small arrive greatly to bulb bullet

"Base " file of items of an account shows, shop receipt, charge to an account is common practice in this one organization. Beautifu

l intermediary reports 28 days, in the graph that connect cloth once by " base " the discovery in held building exceeds 100 pieces of receipt, show " base " personnel charge to an account is meticulous, buy a bulb to also want enter an item in an account repeatedly.

"Base " personnel sticks in the reverse side of waste paper, envelope, advantage and other the charge to an account on the paper that can write: The broom of a the puissant glue of a bottle of the macaroni of a packet of the soap of a the cake of a 0.6 dollars, 1.8 dollars, 8 dollars, 14 dollars, 3 dollars.

In of all kinds receipt, 27 pieces are the flesh kind receipt, 13 pieces are tomato receipt, 11 pieces are milk powder, 11 pieces are cooked wheaten food, 7 pieces are onion, have tea, candy, honey additionally. "No matter how the thing is ordinary, they want receipt. " Ji Teya of · of drug-store boss Mohammed is recollected.

Zhang sheet includes big pay likewise, to the 5400 dollars that a head advances and defray for instance 330 dollars in order to buys 3300 hair bullet.

Sheet of a few Zhang is print, the article of the record often as identical as handwritten Zhang sheet, the likelihood is apply for reimbursement to superior uses formal Zhang is odd.

On one page reads related indication full text of 12 one page: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


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