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According to Russia " newspaper signs up for " on September 18 message, scotland independence is fair cast local time 18 days are held, and fair the result of a public opinion poll that before casting, has shows, the Scotland people of 52% does not support independence.

Recommend: Scotland holds independence now fair cast

By British YouGov civilian air company, England " peaceful interview person newspaper " reach " the sun signs up for " the result of a public opinion poll that has jointly shows, the Scotland people of 52% objects S

cotland independence, the others of 48% suffer the person th
at visit to support contrary attitude.

In addition, the male expresses to support Scotland independence more, and the female holds with Scotland to stay in England more.

It is reported, scotland independence is fair cast will at British time 18 days morning 7 when (Beijing time 18 days 14 when) begin, to 22 when (Beijing time 19 days of before dawn 5 when) end.

(Original title: Civilian attune shows 52% Scotland people does not support independence to be a female more)

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Login register action of antarctic whale of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to meet with bay does firm of new two countries approve: of origin of appeal diplomacy resistance? Be not?2014-01-07 17:0 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Original title: Bay firm of new two countries approves Japanese illegal whale to undertake disturbing with the plane

Data of Japanese antarctic whale pursues

Japan encounters the criticism of Australia and New Zealand again in antarctic whale action. 6 days, the environmental protection that devotes oneself to to oppose Japanese whale action all the year round is organized " the person that ocean is guarded " Australian branch says external, had discovered 5 ships of Japanese whale fleet in southern offing, filmed day square " bloody to catching killed whale to undertake break up, the setting of treatment " . Wilson accepts assemblyman of Australian green dangshen 6 days " round-the-world times " when the reporter is interviewed, express, "Japan is in ' ban catch an area ' catch those who fight cetacean dispute way. " he weighs whale behavior of Japan oppose is cetacean " slaughter " , hunter of minister of appeal Australia environment asks premier Abote and Japanese premier dialog protest this matter.

"The person that ocean is guarded " Braun of Australian branch chairman is opposite 6 days " round-the-world times " the reporter expresses, "I think, to the illegal whale behavior of Japanese whale fleet, australia and New Zealand should dispatch navy upholds law, prevent illegal whale action of Japan. " late on January 5, "The person

that ocean is guarded " turn over whale personage to be in Australia Dasimaniya maritime space of brim of southeastern Luo Sihai discovers the city Japanese whaler " day new pill " date, this maritime space belongs to New Zealand territorial sea. Subsequently, this organization environmentalist drives after ship, plane tightens therewith all the time, undertake disturbing to Japanese whaler, just make day of square activity suspensory. This is bilateral this year first " engage in a battle " . This organization uses the video presentation that helicopter films, japanese whaler has been caught at least killed whale of 4 small beards, break up its treatment.

Australian public opinion criticizes a government 6 days to be opposite in succession of Japanese whale behavior indulgent. " Sydney pioneer morning paper " say, bay environmental minister Ceng Chengnuo will monitor strictly whale behavior of Japan, but became empty talk finally. Wheat of New Zealand Foreign Minister blocks benefit 6 days to ask Japan suspends whale action, "In whale of maritime space of New Zealand south, to the New Zealander character is a kind of affront. New Zealand government asks Japan stops whale ceaselessly, we reiterate this matter again today. " before this, new Zealand already with respect to Japanese whale to World Court to lodge a complaint.

To assure the success of whale activity, avoid an animal to protect organization and the interference that environmental protection organizes, japan did not announce the specific content of this whale activity and time this year about the branch. Not only such, japanese maritime force arranged convoy ship technically still for whaler team. Nevertheless, "The person that ocean is guarded " got certain result hard. According to joint company report

, last year, because get " the person that ocean is guarded " the influence such as the interference that protests a boat, japanese whaler captured only whale of 103 small beards, was 1987 Japan " scientific research whale " the lowermost record since. (Han of round-the-world times reporter exceeds)

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Australia sends private plane to monitor both sides of day whaler activity ever sent conflict

Japanese whaler is caught kill 4 cetacean setting bloody like case discovery field [graph]

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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[round-the-world net reports integratedly] will report on November 18 according to network of Taiwan combination news, a lone French man is sham reporter, interview star to control fashion as easy to each old music division, its behavior is as long as 23 years of ability by debunk.

According to Afp report, 56 years old of men are sham broadcasting station of French culture broadcast (France Culture) reporter, begin to cover all sorts of musical division activities with anonym from 1987.

His true vocation is a labour of conserve of road of Parisian m

unicipal government. He professes: The purpose of sham reporter is to be close to star only, I do not have a friend almost, be forced pressure is very greatly by the life, very angst, but encounter star, let me have kind of liberated feeling, there is profit to me in mentally.

He is working holiday and on the weekend, suffer with reporter identity invite each old music division, traffic of board and lodging by sponsor an unit to pay, but he also did not ask first-class compartment or advanced hotel, accept common entertainment only.

When he attends these circumstances, taking a recorder to interview star, use English visit even sometimes. Come home when him, can arrange recording into cassette, often hard of hearing, as souvenir. In his room also stack brief and star photograph.

This man has language and information master's degree, want to become a journalist very much all the time, but tried 9 years to do not have a success.

Have every time sponsor an unit to ask he shows reporter evidence, he maintains his composure the ground leaves the scene, this action every time useful. But he is in at attending 2010 western urban Luo Liang (the musical division of Lorient) , by a true reporter debunk identity, sponsor an unit to ask he shows reporter evidence, he runs away without the success.

This case ended cognizance recently, he embezzles because of be being reached false honor and be maintained guilty.

He is crying to say on the court: I never want to harm anyone.

Inquisitor thinks this man makes a person sympathize with, sentence 3 months set term of imprisonment, but but probation, taste brushstroke charge additionally to give br

oadcast broadcasting station fully even.

(Original title: France one man is sham the reporter chases after a star 20 be discovered end of the year)

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According to American media coverage, the United States gets Kesasi the Kepeili in state governor will lead people of 30 thousand United States on August 6, a variety of problems that invocatory and sacred help solves the United States to be faced with.

Pray the activity is in the Ruilante of t

he city (Reliant) stadium
is held. Ceremonially is praying to say in admire: "With you, I am loving this country greatly. Thank you to attend pray. Sacred, our heart is broken for the United States. We see panic in the market. We see anger inside governmental hall. As a country, who had we forgotten to create us, protect us, bless us. " additional, he still appeals Nazarene people invocatory god solves American country problem.

This mobile name is " response " , lasted in all 7 hours, attracted about 30 thousand people, be in complete beauty to broadcast through network and broadcast.

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Whether does knowledge of clean company of MH370 of Malaysia police investigation put hole... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海贵族宝贝论坛


According to report of Xinhua News Agency, american IHS seeks advice from a company 7 days to release a report to say in London, press dollar computation, chinese name gross domestic product (GDP) the United States will be surmounted to make the whole world 2024 system of the oldest economy.

IHS says in the report, to 2024, chinese name gross domestic product predicts to amount to 28.25 trillion dollar, exceed the 27.31 trillion dollar of Am

erican the corresponding period. 2025, the proportion that China takes global economy will rise by the 12 % 2013 to 20 % .

IHS thinks, need inside namely the main motive force that customer pay will become Chinese economy growth and even global economy growth. To 2024, level of Chinese customer pay will rise to be controlled to 11 trillion dollar by left and right sides of current 3 trillion dollar, did not come 10 years namely effective increase rate will amount to cust

omer pay 7.7 % .

IHS Asia chief economist is compared this gas says, he notices the 2014 Tianjin summer that is about to hold amounts to Wo Si forum to pay close attention to the topic such as science, technology and innovation, and the exit that relevant industry also will make China be given priority to by low cost manufacturing industry is oriented model economic system to high additional cost and inside the key that wants change of drive economy system.

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Heart silver releases findings report to show: Value Asian market to pouring fund

Heart volition bank released thirteenth recently period year replaces a gender to invest findings report. This investigation is the dimensions inside course of study farthest of the biggest, history is investigated to developing fund investor. Participate in pair of strong fund of investigation to invest an orgnaization to amount to 435 this year, administrative assets evens more. . .

2015-03-12 16:36 origin: ? Brigade Lian Piao?
Japanese Okinawa county restarts U.S. Army base removes ground investigation causes citizen protest

In report will occupy new network on March 12 Japanese media coverage, the airport between day of general of the U.S. Army that be stationed in day (be located in city of wild bay of Okinawa county appropriate) remove destination name protects city offshore drilling of ancient coastal region investigates Bian Ye 12 days to restart, the citizens that object removing in chorus angrily rebuke. He. . .

2015-03-12 16:36 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
The United States nots 2 policemans of case dark city get hurt by pop the director resigns a day ago

In report will occupy new network on March 12 outside intermediary report, local time 12 days of before dawn, american Missouri nots report of a gun appears outside police station of case dark city, beierma of director of police station of st. louis county says, 2 polices suffer pop that evening. Bei Erma says, . . .

2015-03-12 16:35 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Iraq drops because of oil price cause finance difficulty antagonism IS ability is abate

The United States " wall street daily " the report will say on March 10, oil price drops make finance income acute of Iraq is decreased, care of finance state can, the ability that brings about Iraq to hit horror to organize Mohammedan country IS further is abate.

2015-03-12 16:34 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Good name is aghast at Japanese history revisionist should offer sharp criticism

If Japanese empire is victim of World War II, not be so east flower machine, however Du Lu door becomes war criminal. When visitting day a few days ago with German premier Mokeer euphemistic and dissuasive how times face up to the history to differ. . .

2015-03-12 16:33 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Korea cosmetic income of month of counterjumper of the Chaoxian nationality of China of inn put sb in a very important position is close 30 thousand

International is online stalk of grain only: According to Korea " Korea daily " will report on March 12, latter, korea cosmetic more and more get the welcome of Chinese consumer, korea often can see the figure of counterjumper of Chinese the Chaoxian nationality in the cosmetic inn of bright hole, these counterjumper are gone to. . .

2015-03-12 16:29 origin: ? Does  try know well?
Indonesian president hopes visit Japan heavy trade is bilateral economic associate agreement

In new network report will report 12 days according to central company on March 12, indonesian president Zun Ke will visit Japan, hope and Japan discuss agreement of bilateral economy associate afresh. The report says, zun Kexi hopes thereby goes, to Japan politics. . .

2015-03-12 16:27 origin: ? Travel hill?
Moroccan discovery fossil of " of langouste of the " 480 million years ago is about 2 meters long (graph)

According to " lens signs up for " report, archaeologist is in Moroccan fossil of " of langouste of the " before discovering 480 million years, this is biology of prehistoric of feeding habits of a kind of filter, if the person is average tremendous, about 2 meters long. It belongs to killer shrimp familial, . . .

2015-03-12 15:46 origin: ? Is  Zhun not Ting?
Germany refuses clearly already Greek ask for new warlike reparations requirement

Put forward to pay reparations of World War II the requirement in the light of Greek Xiang Deguo, saibeite of German government spokesman says 11 days, no matter return the angle that is legal order to look from politics, heart national capital already finished compensate to pay, each just should center energy to solve current problem. Endowment. . .

2015-03-12 15:43 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Intermediary chooses the whole world outside 10 big beautiful tits " shake a grandma to exceed a standard " gain the championship (graph)

Not long ago, england " the sun signs up for " sponsor activity of elect by ballot of bosom of a century, in counting the reader of 100 thousand to participate in its more than, single out the female bit that the most beautiful breast has in memory, shake a grandma finally to exceed a standard Kate - . . .

2015-03-12 15:41 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Why does Apple Watch choose 10:9? Banner at other one pace

If you often see the ad of watch, can discover so, the time on these watch can be set to be 10:10. Watch manufacturer connects regular meeting to choose the finger 10:10 to point to in advertisement, because this will ensure,the brand indicates not by pressing with a finger. . .

2015-03-12 15:39 origin: ? By  ?
Spanish female politician is when the alcalde completely naked take poster " purify Spanish political field "

Stage intermediary says, to win an election, increasing politician publicizes his political concept with the method of innovation! Spanish wave added Lei Zhen's alcalde to reelect more recently, mo Lin (Yolanda Couceiro Morin) the throne that wins an alcalde to be in. . .

2015-03-12 15:38 origin: ? Comfort cangue  ⑼ ?
Dog of the oldest bit weighs the whole world 152 jins 3 years old of host ride his when the horse (graph)

Stupid boat of stupid boat of stupid boat of stupid boat of stupid boat of stupid boat and host and host and host and

host and host and host 2. . .

2015-03-12 15:36 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
After 17 years old of girls of American kill parents to turn over 3 little sisters Suo Jiazhong, run away (graph)

In new network report will report 11 days according to American media on March 12, american power Si Kangxin city 17 years old of one girls with frenzied name, killed mother and stepfather a few days ago, turn over 3 little sisters the lock to be in the room, leave a few food, escape with male friend of 22 years old next. . .

2015-03-12 15:05 origin: ? Beijing of? of huge rock of discharge  contraction)
The Vice Prime Minister before Russia is assassinated suspect of withdraw a confession of case prime culprit drives run away photograph exposure

Dadayefu already withdraw a confession, say he did not participate in killing Niemuzunfu, in 5 suspects 3 name or beat up.

2015-03-12 11:41 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
Tanzania happening grows road bus and accident of van barge against to send 42 people to die

 Local time on March 11, 2015, near Tanzania Changarawe, a van and barge against of a long-distance bus, already caused at least 42 people to die at present, much person is injured. According to the report, preliminary investigation shows, two cars doubt is like super- . . .

2015-03-12 11:38 origin: ? Does  try know well?
11 soldiers fear picture of site of crash of helicopter of military of American black eagle dying entirely

On March 11, the United States " Hei Ying " 10 days of evening are in military helicopter the crash when ministry of Florida city northwest executes nightly training mission, 7 leathernecks and 4 soldiers 11 days of before dawn are missing, hind by illative and all death. Already human remains is developed Shanghai bank, the big mist block up that place diffuses the job th

at rescue. A the Pentagon official that does not wish to disclose a full name tells associated press, all 11 soldiers estimation already died entirely.

2015-03-12 11:33 origin: ?  ?
Why to say toilet bowl is the mankind's greatest invention?

 Often also bad smell smokes a day the history. The friends that worship foreign things won't believe probably, mediaeval European can weighs the smelliest period on human history. The European rubbish at that time forms a pile, sewage crosscurrent, the people that includes a noble inside is in old front yard. . .

2015-03-12 11:32 origin: ? Huge rock of dazzle blade contraction?
One seafood restaurant produces Melbourne fire 50 firemen are urgent put out

In report will occupy new network on March 12 Australia cite of abstruse feet net " Melbourne daily " report, 12 days in the morning, melbourne east the restaurant of the rich seafood that face the door of the area (conflagration of happening of Fu Long Seafood Restaurant) . Firemen is burned in tendril build to periphery. . .

2015-03-12 11:13 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Owl frequency atttacks one park of American the people " indignant owl " caution card has his moment

Vertical stroke removes many yellow billboard near the park. Because billboard is humorous, have his moment in network accident.

2015-03-12 09:00 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州花名录


Login register city of try out of capital of Kampuchea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian doesn't end of public transportation system have: of origin of public transportation current situation all the year round?  tries know well?2014-02-10 17:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Kampuchea Phnom Penh tries moving bus, the people gets on a car to experience. (Webpage cut pursues)

Flourishing attended Ba Sujie of mayor of city of Kampuchea Phnom Penh the trying of the bus operation ceremony, experience first bus.

Will report on Feburary 9 according to Afp, kampuchea capital Phnom Penh began to try moving city bus recently, in order to end the current situation that Phnom Penh serves without public traffic. The relevant official such as flourishing attended Ba Sujie of mayor of city of Kampuchea Phnom Penh the trying of the bus operation ceremony, experienced first bus jointly.

The report says, kampuc

hea capital is full of car of toot of autocycle, car, toot all the time on gilt-edged driveway (the mechanization form of traditional a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man) with spare a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man. Gilt-edged municipal government rolled out new public carriage system recently, the hope can alleviate the crowded traffic of the capital. In when lie between 10 old hind, the bus appears in gilt-edged driveway again.

It is reported, a lot of southeast Asia neighbour are grabbed already before Kampuchea, roll out public carriage system, solve the traffic problem with main serious city in order to help.

Phnom Penh tries to roll out a bus to serve last time is 2001, but end in order to fail however finally. This, the country of this rapid development hopes commuter can abandon convenience autocycle, change comfortable safe common carriage tool.

Senior official says gilt-edged municipal government: "(this action) main purpose is to alleviate traffic has the case that block up. "(this action) main purpose is to alleviate traffic has the case that block up..

He says: "We think, the people understands more now communal carry, because partial person has had abroad trip, so they understand system of this kind of tra

ffic. So they understand system of this kind of traffic..

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Japanese Hiroshima encounters situation of mud-rock flow casualties: Death 10 people of 27 people or meet with bury alive... [阅读全文] 栏目:魔都新茶论坛

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