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 Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to condemn Thailand strongly to start menace of military coup d'etat to interrupt pair of peaceful military affairses to help origin: ? Be not?2014-05-23 15:3 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the United States just is opposite peaceful army controls a government and suspensory constitution decision indicates " disappointed " , weigh this military coup d'etat

According to the United States " times " weekly will report on May 23, 22 days, thailand army launchs coup suddenly, announce break down constitution and take-over government, american government expresses to be condemned strongly to this.

Thailand army leader cling to Yo is in TV living broadcast, announce to take-over since that day political power.

That day, american Secretary of State John Kerry (JohnKerry) says in a statement, the United States just controls a government to Thailand army and the decision of suspensory constitution indicates " disappointed " , weigh this military coup d'etat " without reason " . The high level that the report calls Thailand main political party leads average per capita already by arrest, the United States just expresses concern to this and appeal Thailand army puts a person. With day, secretary of news of the White House Jieyi Kani (JayCarney) says, the United States just urges Thailand army to restore instantly civilian choose a government.

"The United States just takes the long-term friendship with Thailand people seriously, but military coup d'etat will bring negative effect to beautiful peaceful relation, affect to the martial relation of two countries especially tremendous, beautiful Founder is opposite according to native law reappraise the martial aid of peaceful and other aid, " Kerry says.

It is reported, before Thailand army starts coup process, thailand lasts the political disturbance of 6 months already caused 28 people death, 700 people to get hurt. After the measure that appeases disturbance fails, thailand announced in 20 days the curfew makes.

The report says, the way that the United States handles this coup and processing are some earlier this year the means when moment Egypt military coup d'etat is widely divergent. After incident happening, the United States is rapid the action Thailand army is qualitative for coup, begin to reconsider helping to peaceful military affairs. According to American federal law, if some country is democratic,the government is overthrown, the at least 10 million dollar in helping to this country may be recalled, and prohibit any American help this nation. Spokesman of American the State Council Sha fine jade (JenPsaki) did not define why American government counts week hind to also did not investigate Egypt army in Egypt coup, and in Thailand coup the decision that condemnation Thailand makes after a few hours.

Thailand " 3 days of coup " schedule

Peaceful army announces to take-over from inside guard government hand yesterday influence, media of a few Thailand thinks, this coup undertook 3 days actually.

On May 20

3 when dispatch troops army implements martial control law inside countrywide limits, TV station of occupational Thailand nation, broadcast the newsreel of emblazon country.

5 when Ba Yofa of speaking army commander in chief expresses countrywide televised speech, say the army take-overs political power.

Shut a TV station in the morning

Announce to shut opinion on public affairs of self-discipline of media of 11 TV stations, requirement.

On May 21

Call together assembly talks about the army to call together democracy of the government of election commission, senate, guard, party that it is peaceful, the Democratic Party, people reform committee in the morning (" yellow unlined upper garment army " political ala) wait to hold the meeting the first round with all possible means, each clique fails to reach on the conference consistent. Guard government refuses nonofficeholding; "Yellow unlined upper garment army " refuse by army assign premier, premier of requirement senate assign; Senate rejects assign premier to wait.

22 when prohibit 37 minutes parading the army releases the 13rd military control to make, ask all assembly personnel must not parade, can be only inside rendezvous limits activity.

On May 22

14 when talk of the market that make call together just is in army club continue to hold each talk with all possible means.

16 when burst of 25 minutes of negotiations cling to Yo leaves 5 minutes after army club, army the first infantry is taken away personnel attending the meeting by the soldier.

17 when take-over 00 minutes political power

18 when announce " coup " Ba Yofa expr

esses countrywide televised speech, announce to launch coup.

19 when the soldier is garrisoned the soldier is garrisoned few points rendezvous.

19 when army of 11 minutes of curfew announces to abolish foregoing curfews make, release adjuration of new Buddhist monastic discipline. Announce to carry out curfew. The army gives orders all TV stations and broadcast broadcasting station sign off program, hookup army TV 5 programs.

19 when army of constitution of 23 minutes of break down announces to abandan 2007 edition constitution temporarily. According to Xinhua News Agency

Break down constitution carries out curfew

Ba Yoxuan holds water after cloth coup " the whole nation keeps peaceful order commission " , hold the position of total controller personally. Navy and top commanding officer, air force commander and national police overall length hold the position of Thailand army the position of a deputy to the chief of an office.

Peaceful of short of Wenshui River says this commission spokesman, committee decides " suspensory " constitution, but the 2nd " Thailand is the democratic system nation that is national head of state with king " give reservation. Peaceful of short of Wenshui River says, as a result of constitution by break down, guard government also stops to run.

Thailand army announces 22 days late, from evening 10 when to morrow early 5 when curfew is carried out inside countrywide limits. According to Xinhua News Agency

protective foreigner safety

Committee commands different politics sends crowd of other put on a show of force to stop rally.

Another report cling to Yo said in direct seeding that day, armed forces is after the politics of a few months of all previous classics is queasy, to prevent domestic politics strife spreads further, avoid more life loss, the army take-overs from inside guard government hand political power.

Cling to Yo says, he special to Thailand condition angst, do not allow an unrest to last. If he take-overs,the decision of political power makes everybody disturbed, he expresses apologize, but this is necessary.

He expresses, all Thai must keep quiet, governmental official must as usual works; Will give include tourist and foreign diplomatic and consular missions inside foreigner protection, the foreign relations between Thailand and each country will be insusceptible.


Thailand ex-premier flower pull Xiang Jun to just report for duty unconstitutional and nonofficeholding hind did not appear (graph)

Thailand " red unlined upper garment army " leader suddenly libel of bitter fleabane experience is sentenced 6 months

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pot group plan announces by army commanding officer cling to Yo holds the position of acting prime minister (graph) Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of news recreation Fujian

Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Korea " 2 characters " Cui Long Hai is demoted to fall from standing member of the Political Bureau to the committee member

Vietnam happening turns over Hua Sao to hit in disorder in be bungled endowment enterprise: Arson of 500 people loot is arrested


According to the BBC (BBC)7 reports 28 days month, the brief cease fire that adds sand by new round of bomb is broken, the main hospital that adds sand and a park around suffer bomb, report more than 10 people are died by scamper, 40 much people are injured.

According to the report, pan Jiwen urges secretary-general of the U.N. before this to end the force that increasing sand instantly, he says Palestine territory condition is critical. He says to the reporter with humane name, force must stop.

Speaking hind is published in Panjiwen before long, the city that add sand produced explosion twice, explosion happens in the pleasure ground of a children, additionally one times explosive happening is adding sand near a main hospital.

Say according to local police and wholesome official, 28 days of Israel make a surprise attack for nothing for many times medium a when add sand main hospital and the happy place of one height Tong You around, cause death of at least 10 people, having 8 among them is children.

The report says, the missile bomb that Palestine official says to more than 10 Palestinians are launched by Israel is dead. Nevertheless the spokesman of Israel army says, the account that they launch air attack twice is terrorist from the rocket that add sand, but the rocket did

not launch a success.

Before three weeks the rocket that add sand launchs hind of grow in quantity, israel launchs attack to adding sand. Aggression has caused 1030 P

alestinians death, it is civilian for the most part among them, still 43 are beaten dead in conflict with sergeant arms and two Israel civilian.

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