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In report will occupy new network on September 14 coverage of Russian new network, russia department of defense says at releasing an information 14 days local time, army of military transport of Russian air force transfers 200 tons of goods and materials and 1200 officers and soldiers area of practice of military region of the eastpart part.

The message says, russian army dispatched 20 are installed - Er of 124 Lu Silan, Yi - 76, how - 26 and

how - 12 planes, general arms and martial equipment transfer martial airport. Yi Er - 76 and how - 124 Lu Silan transport undertook 30 much sortie fly in all, carried 200 tons of goods and materials and 1200 officers and soldiers.

Before this, beijing of Russia pres

ident general enjoins at 11 days Russia department of defense, to this country circumstance of combat readiness of military region of the eastpart part undertakes assault is checked.

Russia prevents ministerial Shaoyigu to say, began 10 o'clock sharp 11 days morning from Muscovite time, each army basises indicate area command of Russian the eastpart part enter comprehensive combat readiness.


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 Badahe still saves Afghanistan produce hill body coast to be missing the number exceeds 2000 people

The face attacks black Song Yuelou of the cummer before Jin Zhengen broken rumor be executinged (graph)

 Login register armour of east of Shanhaiguan of Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to believe area strong snowfall to send 3 dead ply of 417 injuries firn: of 22 centimeters of origin? ?2014-02-08 20:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily

of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

On Feburary 8, 2

014, a man crosses the path of firn. Up to late local time at 7 o'clock, the firn ply of Tokyo downtown achieves 22 centimeters.

In report will occupy new network on Feburary 8 report of Japanese joint company, japanese a chain of islands in the sky suffers southern maritime space to enhance the low pressure influence that advances northeast quickly, area of letter of armour of east of Shanhaiguan appears 8 days strong snowfall.

Up to late local time at 7 o'clock, the firn ply of Tokyo downtown achieves 22 centimeters. This is Tokyo appears first from 1994 the firn of 20 centimeters of above. The heavy snow weather that Japan reachs northeast area east predicts will local come 9 days continuously.

Suffer snowfall to affect, produce a pedestrian to fall one after another since 7 days of evening skid with the car wait for an accident. According to statistic, heavy snow already caused 3 people death in jade county and Ishikawa county, give priority to with area of east of Shanhaiguan 417 people get hurt.

In addition, haneda airport has falling major airliner grounding of aircraft, new artery of path of the East China Sea and Shan Yangxin are trunk considerably behind schedule, freeway in succession no entry, the traffic network that the capital encircles is immersed in a disorder.

The big range area that Japanese weather office believes to armour of east of Shanhaiguan issued heavy snow warning. Because wind-force increases, and other places of whole area of 1000 leaves county and yokohama city, plain Qi city still issued blizzard warning. Occurrence firn of each district of east of Shanhaiguan, the firn ply of city of ursine cereal of jade county is 25 centimeters, 1000 leaves city is 19 centimeters, yokohama city is 14 centimeters. City of government office of armour of hill pear county and long wild county are loose this city firn ply achieves 41 centimeters to mix 49 centimeters respectively.

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Xinhua net Jia Deman will report the Nepalese federal that is about to go to China to attend forum of Asia of rich a huge legendary turtle is democratic on March 23 republican president Lamubalanyadafu, added in the capital recently heart is full presidential government office accepted special report of reporter of Xinhua News Agency. He says, relationship of the two countries in the Buddhist nun is good all the time, china is great neighbour, friend and associate.

This year is establish diplomatic relations 60 years in the Buddhist nun. Yadafu says, relation of the two countries in the Buddhist nun is built in peaceful coexistence on the foundation of 5 principles, experienced time trial, both

sides cared 60 years each other in the past, accredit and esteem, two countries concern grows very successfully.

It is Yadafu of 67 years old to say affectionately, the process develops in Nepalese effort

in, china is great neighbour, friend and associate. No matter joy is painful still, national capital and we are together in; arrives from infrastructure, commerce, commerce education, agriculture, health other a lot of domains, chinese support nowhere is absent, china is neighbour not merely, it is the comrade-in-arms in Nepalese development process more.

To the foreign policy that China rolls out, yadafuzan is admired have add. He says, on Chinese dream problem, china phonates actively, promotion is proper, for Chinese draw the outline of 4 of blue print of new reform development also make him infatuate in the round.

Yadafu says, he hopes to discuss bilateral concern with Chairman Xi Jinping, also hope to compare notes on the area peace in mutual care, stability and development problem. He believes, these talks will let both sides have more understanding, turn two countries concern to new standard.

Refer policy of a China, yadafu expresses, nepalese fine long hair is explicit, hold to all the time, experienced the test of time. Yadafu says: A stability, powerful the China with prosperity, most the peace that accords with area and whole world, safety and stability. He says, nepalese scrupulously abide by policy of a China.

The Buddhist nun in how be being deepened further concerns, yadafu expresses, two national capital are engaged in economy reforming, in society and economy the communication of each domain is deeper wider, because this is bilateral,more should be thrown in infrastructure domain, ensure interconnection each other is connected. He says, china puts forward to build one area all the way the proposal is wide welcome, a lot of countries join those who include Asian infrastructure to invest a bank inside gladly in all sorts of proposals and orgnaization. Nepalese the one part that also is willing to make these pioneering works very much, because they are Nepalese development,created an opportunity.

Refer China, Nepalese with the collaboration between India, yadafu says, come thousands of years, nepalese from beginning to end at China and India two old culture are in confluently, in two big countries peace develops economic period, nepalese the effect that has bridge. Now, china and Indian cooperation are more close, nepalese should make full use of the development opportunity that two neighbouring country create.