Four years ago, when LeBron James decided to bolt from Cleveland for the Miami Heat,

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wrote a letter. In the letter, Gilbert questioned James' character and vowed to win an NBA title before his former star player. 

Gilbert did not live up to that guarantee, as James has won two titles and made four straight NBA Finals appearances since leaving for Miami. What hadn't changed since then, however, was the letter, which remained on the Cavaliers' website until Monday. 

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The URL "" lived on the Cavaliers' website for four years. But with the Cavaliers among several teams hoping to land James in free agency, the team finally decided to take it down. And just in case you forgot what the letter looked like, here is a screenshot taken Sunday of Gilbert's Comic Sans declaration to Cavaliers fans. 


The letter was the subject of much talk on Twitter Sunday night, when reports surfaced that the Cavaliers were making a serious push for James. There are several hurdles for the Cavaliers in that effort, and James' relationship with Gilbert is at the top of the list. Second is the fact that the Cavaliers don't have enough money to pay James a max salary, and the one thing we know for certain is that James will demand the max.