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上海419shlfLogin register Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " 2 characters " is Cui Long Hai demoted to fall from standing member of the Political Bureau to commissarial origin: ? ?2015-03-10 09:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] report of the intermediary that occupy Han, long Hai of Cui of secretary of Korea labor party falls from standing member of labor party the Political Bureau to the committee member.

In report will occupy new network on March 10 Han intermediary report, from Korea labor party body signs up for " labor news " reportorial discovery of 9 days, jin Zhengen political power Long Hai of Cui of secretary of party of labor of 2 characters, Korea falls from standing member of labor party the Political Bureau to the committee member.

" labor news " reported Cui Long Hai is in in the center of red-letter day of 38 international woman on report congress that day the news that makes a report, call its committee member of the Political Bureau of committee of Korea labor the Party Central Committee when introducing Cui Long Hai.

Data chart: Long Hai of Cui of secretary of Korea labor party

Go up 16 days month, korea holds the bright star part that marks birthday of day of late leader Jin Zheng congress of the report central, when Korea government media reports relevant news at that time, call Cui Long Hai standing member of the Political Bureau of committee of Korea labor the Party Central Committee.

Standing committee of Korea the Political Bureau is core of Korea labor party decision-making orgnaization, standing member before this by committee of Korea national defence Jin Yingna of committee member of permanant of parliament of Jin Zhengen of the first chairman, top people, and the person holds the position of Long Haisan of Cui of labor party secretary.

Han intermediary is conjectural, the labor party the Political Bureau that Cui Long Hai is demoted to be to going up 18 days month to hold decides on enlarged meeting. Coverage of Korea government media says at that time, this second conference discussed constituent issue, fulfilled about within the party the human affairs arrangement of main controller.

Additional, the report says, when the

name of Korea leader appears in official media coverage recently, the name of Cui Long Hai discharges delicacy of hold office at court at the back of oath of Huang Bing of director of people army total politics, caused each to just concern Cui Long Hai to be demoted further, and Huang Bing oath is promoted guess.

Cui Long Hai is born in 1950, was appointed to be Korea 2012 director of people army total the Political Bureau, this position is considered as the top post of Korea army interior.

In April 2014, delicacy of his hold office at court is elected on conference of first time of conference of the 13rd top people for vice-chairman of national defence committee, but of the same age is replaced by Huang Bing oath at the beginning of May official post in the army, turn a secretary of Korea labor the Party Central Committee, chairman of committee of national sports guidance is held part-time after.

(Original title: Be demoted toward Long Hai of 2 characters Cui Han intermediary speculation has sign early)

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 Peruvian suffer Chile 8.2 class earthquake affects scattered and coastal people to prevent seismic sea wave

 Log onto the intermediary outside registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: Does Korea increase to China to because government office of affairs of state is badly in need of: of foreign currency origin,export grain appetite? ?2014-10-16 11:5 of ㄍ of discharge  feltEdition of electron o

f Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Report will have China Daily net last week on October 16 message exposure, korea is increasing to China to export grain appetite. British media analysis thinks, exit food shows Korea government is badly in need of foreign currency; In Korea home, commissariat is put in management and infrastructure problem in trade process, trade cannot on the rails.

England " defend a newspaper " the report will say on October 15, accept commissariat for a long time to relieve, why can the Korea that isolates almost with the outside export food to China?

Outside intermediary: Korea increases to China to because government office of affairs of state is badly in need of foreign currency,export grain appetite. (data picture origin: " defend a newspaper " website)

Go 15 years, korea is the whole world accepts one of nations with relief maximum provisions all the time, but total position reports at the Korea news network of Korea, chinese customs data shows, the food amount that China imports from Korea this year rose 35% .

2011, u.N. investigates discovery, the relief grain that about 2/3 Korea person depends on a government every months to extend twice lives. 2012, news agency reports in the center of Korea, visiting farm of Korea premier Cui Yonglin, interview a farmer, emphasize grain issue flourishing to construction national importance. In June 2012, u.N. expresses, the Korea of nearly 1/3 is 5 years old of the following children appear as a result of devoid nutrition the phenomenon with undesirable development.

Because lack accurate data, we understand the agriculture with this almost insular latter nation very hard to produce a situation. Some group is opposite U.N. the food safety situation last year undertakes Korea investigation discovery, in 2013 arrive between 2014, the total crop harvest of Korea increases than going up one year 5% the left and right sides. But this group thinks, even if harvest grows, family of Korea great majority still lives in the brim that commissariat is in short supply.

Gross of shortage of food of Korea whole nation will achieve 40 thousand tons or so this year. U.N. is forecasted say, korea crop harvest still perhaps can increase 2014, but because produce drought this year, so crop is affected possibly also accordingly.

According to the report, korea has high-end food not only to the middle of the food that China exports, for example seafood and ginseng, still include one fraction paddy rice. Korea new

s network says, before this year 8 months, the food that Korea exports should relieve grain gross than what annual received 2011 even much.

The senior researcher Marcus Noland of international economy institute expresses the expert of Korea problem, Petersen, exit food shows Korea government is badly in need of foreign currency. In addition he still thinks, because Korea fails to solve problem of the management in process of domestic commissariat trade and infrastructure from beginning to end, or people cannot sell food in home, or home lacks the store that opens to wealthy client, trade cannot on the rails.

(Original title: Analytic Korea increases flower intermediary right China food outlet is badly in need of foreign currency is advocate because of)

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The the United Nations General Assembly passes resolution 29 days with overwhelming majority, requirement United States ends to be as long as to Cuba instantly the economy of half century, commerce and financial block. This is the the United Nations General Assembly passes this kind of resolution 22 years continuously.


The 68th the United Nations General Assembly voted that day the draft resolution that Cuba submits " must stop the United States of America to block to the economy of Cuba, commerce and finance " , 193 member states attend entirely voting, 188 countries are held with, the United States and Israel nay, the handkerchief fatigue of nay abstained with archipelago of Micronesia federal, Ma Shaoer this year last year.

Hua Chunying of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses 30 days, square hope ends pair of Cuba economy, commerce and financial b

lockade as soon as possible about the country in.

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Original title: Syria announces 41 place to change fierce establishment

The intermediary outside occupying reports 29 days, prohibit You Zumu house represents tota

l person in charge of something of chemical weapon organization, syrian government announced the establishment of 41 chemical weapons that is located in 23 office space. These 23 field stored raw material of about 1300 tons of chemical weapons and 1230
not the artillery shell of fill.

According to the report, you Zumu resides the middle finger of the first report that referring to U.N. Security Council to go out, the investigate member of weapon of chemistry of supervisory Syria destroy by melting or burning is right already among them the information of 37 establishment undertook affirming.

Ban the organization that change fierce to express, the member that investigate is already right the 21 place in 23 office space check Syria end, but as a result of safe risk, they cannot enter the 2 office that leave.

When banning the organization that change fierce to publish this report, u.N. - combination of problem of Arabia alliance Syria is extraordinary on behalf of Bo Laxi rice visited Syria a few days ago, begin to hold matters concerned of conference of Syrian problem international and appraise to talk about the respect. Bo Laxi rice just visits country of Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Turkey, Jordan and area of Iranian and other places before this, concern each country to prepare matters concerned to undertake consulting with respect to conference of the 2nd Geneva with A alliance and area.

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Original title: Hot model picture is sent by accident w

hen the conduct propaganda on beautiful bey net teachs a project

According to the United States " new York is daily news " will report on September 4, recently, the United States pulls China city to currently hold the post ofbey especially outstanding gram mark (Jack Markell) is pushed in its go up especially when the pertinent information that publicizes public education project,

uploaded a piece of pinup carelessly, made a yock word.

It is reported, local time on September 4, mark announces the government will allocate funds 5 million dollar (add up to a RMB about 30.69 million yuan of) , aid financially be in quality of this city education 6 schools that poorer area struggles hard reverse condition. However, when staff member use bey pushs government office of be in power to release this to teach the good news of the bound especially, inadvertent will originally photograph cancel one part, cause this criterion information matched a graph to become a hot model photograph.

However, administrative bey is pushed special the staff member of the account is very fast with respect to cancel of this hall that enters elegance hard push civil, and to public excuse, still express for fun, if managed the link of feline Mi video accidentally, likelihood the effect also too won't poor.