Stop me if you'

ve heard this one before: LeBron James did a thing on social media, and everyone freaked out about it.

James caused a stir on Twitter when user @kanyecobain noticed the Cavs superstar was no longer following his team's Twitter account.

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Panic in the streets! He's leaving Cleveland! Here comes another letter!

LeBron follows Victor Cruz, so is he going to play for the Giants? He also follows Bun B. Time to start that rap career.

Or maybe James doesn't need to follow the Cavs on Twitter because, you know, he's physically there with his squad. It's not necessary to receive your news and updates online when you can just say "Hey, Kyrie, are you going to play tonight?"

It has became popular to dissect James' every move given the turmoil surrounding the Cavs this season, and while James has brought some of that scrutiny upon himself, just chill out for a second. We are getting dangerously close to making LeBron one of the lead suspects on "Criminal Minds" and delivering a profile on him to the rest of the NBA.

I'll let Dwyane Wade sum up this whole situation in four words.

UPDATE: (hey, it had to ask), citing a source who spoke with LeBron about the matter, reported James is just cutting out some of the social media noise as the playoffs approach. James did this last year, too, the site pointed out: Zero Dark 23, LBJ called it. The report also noted James has unfollowed 14 of 167 accounts in recent days; Monday's shutdowns included several members of the Cavs' television broadcast team and a pair of ESPN reporters, Dave McMenamin and . . . Chris Broussard.