Kawhi Leonard is the ultimate Spur. He's this generation's Tim Duncan. He's quiet. He's reserved. His authenticity makes him lovable to all NBA fans.

His likability is only enhanced by moments like this. During NBA All-Star Weekend, STASHED, an independent news source, asked a ton of current stars what they thought of the Crying Jordan meme. If you've been alive in 2016, you know

exactly which meme I'm talking about. Michael Jordan's tear-streamed face has been plastered on everyone from Cam Newton to Ronda Rousey — anyone who has suffered some sort of defeat or shame has been subjected to Crying Jordan.

Somehow, someway, this Internet phenomenon has escaped Leonard. It's not just that he hasn't seen one of the memes. He hasn't even heard about it. He has no clue what it is.

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Fast forward to the 7-minute mark to see Leonard get genuinely confused.

Leonard identified the photo as Jordan's Hall of Fame speech, which is absolutely correct, but the fact that the interviewer had to describe the meaning of the photo is so hilarious.

I can picture players in most locker rooms passing around a phone and cracking up at a hilarious Jordan meme, but it's hard to picture that scene in the Spurs locker room. I think I'd sooner imagine them passing around a novel for their latest book club reading. That's their charm.

Never change, Kawhi.

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