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上海千花验证归来Login after registering boat of horse of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to deny a plane to break couplet, fly 4 hours to did not find the debris origin: that concern again? 2014-03-13 19:3 of news of Netease of join ┍ ?Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Ceng Jixu is returned to fly 4 hours after Ma Hang CEO denies MH370 to break couplet, also did not find concerned debris.

The defense minister calls the horse Malaysia did not hide any informations

Just Malaysia holds news briefing of the plane that break couplet, defense minister of the Malaysia on the meeting says, plane of radar information proof may be folded return Ma Liujia channel, but at present Ma Fang will still Southern China regards a key as the domain. He emphasizes, "We security of state of this matter park over, malaysia did not hide any information, share with each from daystart. Share with each from daystart..

Former on kuala lumpur local time 17 when held press conference defers 30 minutes to begin just now, the person such as CEO of minister of chief inspector of Malaysia civil aviaton, acting the Ministry of Communication, Ma Hang is attended.

Xishanmuding of head of a department of Malaysia acting transportation admits to rescue the job more and more hardships, but won't abandon rescueing, introduce according to him, at present already more than 80 boats and plane undertake rescueing in Southern China and Ma Liujia channel, lv of authorities unified exam enlarges the area that rescue, "We security of state of this matter park over, malaysia did not hide any information, share with each from daystart. Share with each from daystart..

Now " wall s

treet daily " the report says, after MH370 breaks couplet, ever still continued to fly 4 hours, to this, ma Hang CEO denied this one statement, the connection that he weighs control tower and MH370 airliner engine is to send that day before dawn 1 when stop 07 minutes, it is normal that everything operates the aircraft before, any data about the plane also were not diagnosed again later, boeing company and company of engine Luo Luo also confirmed this one view.

Discover about Chinese satellite doubt is like debris, response

of Ma Hang CEO says, rescue a team at present and did not find have any debris that concern with MH370 airliner.

Whether to exist in the light of Ma Hang discount returned possibility. Xishanmuding emphasizes, about " UFO " , confirming is MH370 airliner, authorities still is awaiting findings report. He denied Malaysia respect to ransack MH370 breaks couplet airliner driver to reach deputy drive the report of abode.

Put out radar to detect about whether hand is moved, and radar of for military use detects finally the contradictory dot of question mark, xishanmuding does not have the front to respond to.

Malaysia 13 days 17 when point of 30 minutes of news briefings:

1, receive MH370 last time to transmit information to be 1:0 of 8 day before dawn7; 2, Chinese satellite place sends picture message is a fault; 3, MH370 flies 5 hours hearsay is disloyal; 4, Ma Fang did not ransack abode of air man of the airliner that break couplet; 5, the army is held 14 days aerate meeting; 6, the report with living on some island aircrew is disloyal; 7, basically ransack area still is Chinese Nanhai. Malaysia defense minister emphasizes, "We security of state of this matter park over, malaysia did not hide any information, share with each from daystart. Share with each from daystart..


[Mayaxiya: The picture that Chinese satellite films is wrong message] 13 days 17: 30, malaysia respect broke couplet airliner to hold the 13 routine press conferences of day with respect to Ma Hang MH370 in kuala lumpur, malaysia transportation head of a department says, the information of the floater that Chinese satellite films at 9 days is wrong.

[Malaysia: The message that MH370 flew to 4 hours again is truthless] Malaysia transportation head of a department is in 13 days of 17:3Express on 0 held news briefings, ma Hang already was mixed with Boeing two companies undertook Luo Luo contact. He says, have report MH370 is in 4 hours flew again after foregone connection for the last time, this is truthless.

[Malaysia: Receiving MH370 to transmit information for the last time is 1:0 of 8 days of before dawn7] Malaysia transportation head of a department is in 13 days of 17:3Express on the press conference of 0, breaking the information of MH370 last time of couplet to transmit is the 1:0 in 8 days of before dawn7 be received, the information that receives right now shows everything is normal.

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Dash forward benefit border land produces rambunctious Libyan refugee to demolish frontier defence place


France courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household rules 4 days, whether is misuse of authority suspected of when approve of investigates Christina Lajiade to hold the post of French finance minister. Lajiade denies relevant accusation, call even if investigation, also won't resign post of president of international Monetary Fund.

Forensic approval

Courtyard of French republic fair execute is in charge of handling the criminal case that involves governmental member. It says, whether does forensic board of inquiry need the decision with witness identity interrogatory Lajiade or formal investigation she.

Dow Jones news agency reports, function of this one board of inquiry is equivalent to inquisitor, can decide to reject accusation at the same time.

Be in charge of choosing the Relaer Palisi of application committee chairman of legal contentious case to think, courtyard of republican fair execute shows level is to indicate intention only. He says: "Without more detail, I can tell you, that is the decision that approve of asks to investigate only. That is the decision that approve of asks to investigate only..

Lajiade will be exposed to the sun to go out this year in May be suspected of incident of misuse of authority. That month later on, she announces presidency of contend international Monetary Fund.

The case is answered put

A few inquisitor point to admit, after Lajiade took up the post of French economy, finance and industrial minister 2007 before long, be suspected of misuse of authority, command battalion of one family property arbitrates the orgnaization solves famous entrepreneur Beiernade Dapiye and country of the one France before the home charge a conflict between the bank.

Dapiye is one of main Maecenas when France currently holds the post ofpresidential Nigula Sakeqi to ran for the presidency 2007. Press check side argument, dapiye's lawsuit already was pestered old. French supreme court adjudicates he loses a lawsuit before, however he refuses to obey.

Then the home arbitrates the orgnaization is maintained finally, the bank sold 1993 Adidasi operates under one's name of tower skin Ye when sprotswear brand undeserved, need to compensate for Dapiye 558 million dollar.

Supreme court inquisitor lets - Louis · accept amounts to Er to oppugn Lajiade why to decide to give orders to arbitrate, is not to seek settle dispute by the court; Face compensation of a huge sum, why does Lajiade decide not to appeal.

Lajiade denies misuse of authority. Her counsel thinks, that country before the home accuses a bank to had been registered become commercial entity, arbitration of completely applicable by settles the way of dispute. In the meantime, make clear Lajiadeben without evidence the person is benefited from inside this one incident.

"Embrassing "

The BBC is stationed in Kelisidian Fraser of French Paris reporter to think, french respect 4 days make known his position to make Lajiade " embarrassed " , after all she just took up the post of president of international Monetary Fund just a month.

Fraser says, even if investigation, in view of judicatory system of France, month of duration of likelihood general bad news, count even year.

Le Pikai of · of lawyer Yi husband says, the law decides just to won't affect Lajiaderu today t

he job, "This one proceeding and responsibility of president of international Monetary Fund are none contradictory " .

Lajiade is 55 years old, law and politics major one's previous experience, before France presidential Jacques Xilake is in office the ministerial class delegate that evening takes up the post of ministerial and responsible foreign trade.

After Sakeqi appeared on the st

age 2007, pull add cabinet of heart remain in office, hold the position of agricultural minister. Of the same age in June, sakeqi changes inter block cabinet, lajiade takes up the post of economy, finance and obtain employment minister, become 8 states female money of the first place in group member country is long.

This year on June 28, lajiade is elected for international Monetary Fund new allow president, assume office formally on July 5, become this to organize person of door of chief woman strike with the palm of the hand.


Qualitative likelihood changes

Forensic ruling has 3 kinds of likely outcomes, it is Lajiade does not have be involved in any cases, 2 it is to launch formal investigation, 3 it is to continue collect information, the decision is made after delaying. Total inquisitor of French supreme court expresses, republican court may be mixed with accessory defalcate accomplice forges file accusation to launch investigation. This is meant, of investigation qualitative happening change. This year May, total inquisitor asks republican court launchs investigation with respect to misuse of authority. The measurement of penalty that accessory defalcate and accomplice forge file blame should compare blame of misuse of authority one times more serious, if accusation holds water, will be sentenced 10 years to imprison, be in the fine with 150 thousand euro.

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