What is bitter almond can bitter almond eat

Everybody should have heard of rife disease in the life, so do you understand bitter almond? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all what is bitter almond, and can bitter almond eat? Accordingly small make up me to learn together.

What is bitter almond

Almond cent is sweet almond and bitter almond two kinds. Sweet almond originates in Chinese south commonly, taste is small sweet, exquisite, multi-purpose at edible, have embellish lung, relieve a cough, the effect such as slippery bowel, do not have empty of phlegmy, lung to dry cough long cough it is certain to wait for disease to have alleviate action; And bitter almond originates in north more, the belt is acrid, make more officinal, have the effect of embellish lung, smooth asthma, the semiotic curative effect such as much more phlegmy to what because catch a cold catchs a cold,cause, cough, asthma is being shown. Almond contains a lot ofthe not saturated and adipose, vitamin that fights consenescence E, protein, adipose, microelement, carbohydrate and hard almond glucoside. Suffer from almond glucoside to have the effect that fight cancer among them.

Can bitter almond eat

Bitter almond can eat, but should eat less

Suffer from almond, also call north almond, the belt is acrid, make more officinal, have the effect of embellish lung, smooth asthma, the semiotic curative effect such as the much more phlegmy, cough that causes to catching a cold because of catch a cold, asthma is being shown, have the certain effect that fight cancer. Almond fights tumor action basically is suffering bitter almond glucoside is contained in almond. In the meantime, because contain rich carotene, because this can prevent freedom radical to assault a cell, have the effect that prevents tumor.

Bear hardships almond has what what notices

Suffering, sweet almond ought to be differentiated, bitter almond flavour is agonized, submit flat heart form, top is pointed, base the ministry is blunt round and thick, the left and right sides slightly asymmetry; is sweet almond flavour weak of one's own accord, big and flat, jibulue is symmetrical. Cannot make bitter almond by accident sweet almond and unripe feed. The poison of bitter almond comes from the hydrocyanic acid that releases at sufferring from almond glucoside hydrolyze, this kind of material can bring about a cell to choke, cause a tissue anoxic. So we should notice to suffer from the edible of almond in the life. Bitter almond does not want to eat raw, should be thoroughlied cook or fry ripe edible, control is measured (one day does not exceed 10) . Happen possibly also otherwise toxic.

Bitter almond is poisonous

Bear hardships almond may be caused toxic. Almond is food also be blindly Chinese traditional medicine, come over to take bitter almond, may happen toxic, normally expression is swimmy, faint, palpitation

, have a headache etc, if rescue is not seasonable, may breathe exhaustion and die. After discovering bitter almond is toxic, should think the method is urged spit, usable chopstick, ladle still has finger to stimulate guttural rear wall, let a patient spit toxicant. The conditional potassium permanganate water that still can use dilute hind lets a patient drink go down to be spat again next come.