Those who eat piscine skin what to notices what person cannot take piscine skin

Everybody should have heard of rife cate in the life, so do you understand piscine skin? Small today make up understand together with everybody, eat piscine skin to have what what notices after all, and what person cannot take piscine skin? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Skin having a fish has what what notices

1, piscine skin although nutrition, but also everybody does not suit to eat, pregnant woman, old people, allergic crowd, gouty crowd had better not want edible fish skin, lest bring about the body unwell.

2, when taking piscine skin, everybody also wants to notice, although piscine skin does not have what side-effect, but when having grilled fish, if piscine skin by sear cannot eat, sear piscine skin can produce harmful material, go against healthy.

What person cannot take piscine skin

1, the person that take certain pharmaceuticals: Take relieve a cough medicine person do not have a fish, especially deep-sea fish more do not want edible, lest cause histamine allergy to react, bring about tide of patient occurrence skin hyperaemia of red, conjunctiva, giddy, heartbeat is accelerated, the unwell symptom such as nettle rash.

2, gouty patient.

3, patient of haemorrhage sex disease.

4, liver cirrhosis patient.

5, n/med tuberculosis patient.

How can piscine skin eat

1, braise in soy sauce eats: the fish Pi Yonggong burns piscine practice, braise in soy sauce is worn edible, it is very delicate.

2, frying eat: piscine skin stripping and slicing hind, tie-in chopped green onion, caraway, chili, wait for dressing to be being fried eat, already nutrition go with rice, it is a wonderful cate.

Can pregnant woman take piscine skin

Pregnant woman can have piscine skin, because the property of piscine skin is smoother, and it is very nourishing to pregnant woman, pregnant woman takes a few advantage or have very much. Above all, pregnant woman eats piscine skin to have the effect of hairdressing. Because a lot of high grade protein are contained inside piscine skin,still have amino acid. And pregnant woman also does not suit to use too much cosmetic during be pregnant, eat skin of a fe

w fish to be able to have the effect that protects skin. Next, skin having a fish still can increase the capacity of the counteractive virus of pregnant woman. When be pregnant, pregnant woman cannot have remedy in disorder quite, eat skin of a few fish to have the effect that enhances a constitution, ailing frequency also can decrease greatly.