It after how snake of cutcha dried bamboo shoots does bubble of dried bamboo shoots, become white is normal to after how snake of cutcha dried bamboo shoots does bubble of dried bamboo shoots, become white

Dried bamboo shoots uses bamboo shoot to be basked in, regular meeting of classics of dried bamboo shoots is used, so how does snake of cutcha dried bamboo shoots do, it is normal to become white after bubble of dried bamboo shoots, unship came along below.

How does snake of cutcha dried bamboo shoots do?

Snake the proposal did not eat, was thrown directly. Because insect went in to hold the bag of dried bamboo shoots, explain bag sealing is already bad above all, dried bamboo shoots is contacted at air more, the expiration period shortened; plus was bitten by insect, the mouthfeel of dried bamboo shoots, nutrition drop, what there still is worm in bag at the same time is fecal, dirtier, because this suggests,did not eat. If feel really regrettablly, do not want to throw away, so the proposal is sent in water and full when, want to get worm, and be cleaned carefully clean.

It is normal to become white after bubble of dried bamboo shoots

Normal. There is Zhu Bai originally inside bamboo shoot, material of a white can appear after insolation, this is a kind of normal phenomenon, be not produce metamorphism, because bubble of this dried bamboo shoots is late,be eatable in vain. But also should undertake discerning, if the circumstance such as mildewy, smell, ache slightly appears after bubble of dried bamboo shoots, explain dried bamboo shoots deteriorated, cannot eat again.

How has been dried bamboo shoots basked in

1, buy bamboo shoot

Buy bamboo shoot to want to buy tender yellow of bamboo shoot carapace, root ministry slants Huang Bai is lubricious, mid to yellow of pointed ministry palm and the color of the flesh of bamboo shoot of bamboo shoot; of burnish jumps over Bai Zeyue between the section of Xian Sun of fragile tender, better; and section the more close together, criterion its flesh also is more character delicate.

2, pare bamboo shoot carapace

Buy bamboo shoot after coming home, take a kitchen knife, on one hole is cut on bamboo shoot, such paring bamboo shoot carapace is much easier.

3, section

the old skin of bamboo shoot expurgation that has pared, put in clear water to be rinsed clean, first half-and-half dig leaves, cut again thin thin bamboo shoot piece.

4, the bamboo shoot that boil

bamboo shoot piece put caldron in, add 5-6 spoon salt again, join clear water to had done not have bamboo shoot piece, can begin to boil next. After big baked wheaten cake leaves, that inviting fragrance tangy and come. 5 ~ are boiled 6 minutes again after water leaves, bamboo shoot piece after thoroughlying cook, scatter on spoonful gourmet powder, agitate, next the boiler on the lid covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire 30 minutes or so.

5, bask in bamboo shoot

Fish out bamboo shoot piece, drop can be taken after moisture completely basked in to the outside. If future is sunny good weather a few days, that can at a dash dried bamboo shoots insolation. If day not cooperate, bothered a bit. Can rise cold storage of dried bamboo shoots first, wait for fine Queen of heaven to be basked in again. If there is oven in the home, still can use oven drying.

Dried bamboo shoots eats much harmful

Eat dried bamboo shoots to do not have specific amount, but still had better eat less as far as possible, although the nutrient material that place of a few human body wants is contained in dried bamboo shoots really, but the material that also human body place cannot be accepted too much, for instance oxalate, eating much word will be right

the influence with the healthy bad generation of human body.