How should abalone fruit choose eat abalone fruit meeting get angry

Everybody should have heard of rife nut in the life, so do you understand abalone fruit? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all how should abalone fruit choose, eat abalone fruit later meeting get angry? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

How should abalone fruit choose

Abalone fruit appearance is special resemble abalone, so commodity is called abalone fruit. Kind benevolence fertilizer Bai Xiangrun, have sweet smell, taste crisp is goluptious, particularly sweet beauty, recall nutrition of sweet thick; to abound, contain the protein of 14% , the carbohydrate of 11% , of 67% adipose. Adipose in having 25% about is saturated and adipose, 41% it

is unit not saturated and adipose, 34% it is multivariate not saturated and adipose. In firm fruit food, brazilian chestnut is the nut with saturated and adipose highest content, the saturation that its contain is adipose taller than Australia walnut even. But the abalone fruit that wants to was not bought good still should notice a few detail. Because the woodiness fruit carapace of abalone fruit is too thick, so we must notice when buy the mouth of fruit carapace is spent, if the mouth is too small, when making consummate cooked food very likely not tasty. Next, when buying, must be clear about whether to contain impurity, the container that saves abalone fruit is moistureproof, and ask the time of replenish onr's stock of merchant, avoid to buy overdue abalone fruit.

Eat abalone fruit meeting get angry

Faint scent of abalone fruit flavour is full-bodied, crisp sweet crisp, long-term edible is OK be good at head, beneficial head. Abalone fruit has " the king of nut " appellation. And contained quantity of heat is higher. So abalone fruit eats much of meeting get angry.

How much does abalone fruit eat one day appropriate

2~3. Although abalone fruit effect is great, but can not cross much edible. Because the oil content of abalone fruit is very high, because this is in edible abalone fruit when, must decide according to the body state of oneself edible is measured, eat 2~3 advisable every time commonly, do not take food overmuch, lest cause adipose pile up inside body, can develop for a long time for fat.

Where of abalone fruit origin

Abalone fruit belongs to jade pistil division, because of its exterior special resemble abalone, alias abalone fruit, also call long life fruit, Brazil fruit. Country of origin at South America not inferior that, the place such as Peruvian the eastpart part, also grow in desert, it is one of 10 kinds of nut with peculiar Xinjiang. Desert fruit nutrition is rich, besides contain many protein, saccharide and besides a variety of vitamins, its grease is rich, it is about 67% the left and right sides, outclass shows oil content greatly, have very great development value.