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According to Norway " place signs up for " will report on May 26, alexander of notional clique artist abandons Norway Er dimension Ke Wensi was lost because of the operation recently originally coxal, and startling is he chooses to pass " every eat " mea

ns leaves with its, praise its " hotpot resembling mountain " euqally delicate.

The hip when Wen Si is born is out of shape, crutch and wheelchair were relied on to spend major time later, he just connected handl

e art to change hip before a few months. "A remnant bone that I boil the flesh, when I prepare to scrape the flesh, I held one flake flesh, does the heart think " why to taste? " he tells " place signs up for " reporter, the first idea when the flesh with his him coxal savor is " really delicate " .

Wen Si in Teluomuse the graduate work of contemporary and artistic institute exhibits admiral the kinescope that his coxal bone and hip replace an operation " fervent " showpiece.

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Korea assaults 40 much people to die to additionally much person is missing by rainstorm... [阅读全文] 栏目:佛山SN报告


General Beijing: The west wants to be hit from far and near press Russia but beyond the reach of one's power... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海花千坊1314


American los angeles produces the train and accident of car barge against to send 21 people to get hurt... [阅读全文] 栏目:武汉夜网品茶DC


British media says, china the habit that rapid slam the door is carrying the cash payment that become case hundreds of years, and the rate that accepts fictitious terms of payment is rapid at any countries on the world.

According to England " financial times " the website will report on March 6, the data that Chinese people bank publishs shows, borrow write down card, credit card and electronic purse shift to apply wait for those who be not out-of-pocket expense tool to gain ground degree all rise considerably. Current medium bank card achieves 4.2 billion breathtaking pieces, every inlander has 3 pieces on average at least.

The report says, china lends the amount that records card (3.8 billion pieces) be credit card is close decuple (391 million pieces of) , but credit card circulation also increased 2013 19% . Ou Rui predicts, future inside 5 years, credit card uses an amount add fast will fast at other any card are planted. Debt of credit card of exceed the time limit -- namely the credit card that 6 months did not repay owes exceed the time limit -- leap 72% , but the family of this and American type is indebted and different: Debt of credit card of Chinese exceed t

he time limit is occupied only all did not repay 1.37% of credit remaining sum.

Quit cash reserve in a bank gradually, to before this 1000 most the national sense that begins to print paper paper money first is great: Until before before long, cash still is in China quite welcome, buy a car to buy a house repeatedly such a large amount of consumption, also the money that somebody is taking bunches big pays.

The report says, those who say contradiction is, because street crime rate is very low, talk with carrying a large number of ready money, china is one of the safest countries on the world. And a few years destitute with not perfect social security, make older generation Chinese right debt is having approximately clammy fear, also make their apt manages money in the hand.

But all things amounts to the discovery in a in the near future global investigation, china from " cash arrives without cash " any change speed Yuan Chao is other sufferring investigation country, because fast town is changed,this is greatly, and governmental policy is encouraged be not cash payment.

The town of Chinese familiar Internet is wealthy more zealous use bank blocks consumer. An investigation of Nielsen near future shows, prefer to use a bank to get stuck and the shopper of 71% represents city of Chinese a gleam of is not cash, and other endure investigation the state is average and character has 50% only.

Zhang Yujia (sound) it is to abandon paper paper money, convert the forerunner that the bank blocks. In fact, the sermon that her it may be said is credit card person, the small specified amount that persuaded parents to use them not to catch a cold originally spends bank card.

Nice not easy gift lets Zhang Yujia the consumptive concept that parents accepted credit card. She expresses: "They are unaccustomed the concept of money of beautiful now future. " but fall in Zhang Yujia's influence, no matter be milk, soy or newspaper, her parents is bought with bank card. She says: "The frequency of their use credit card is not as little as me. "The frequency of their use credit card is not as little as me..

Her attempt returns not credit card of bureau be confined to: During New Year of recent Chinese the traditional Chinese calendar, she connects dispatch platform through Tecent socialization small letter Xiang Pengyou was sent of fictitious cash " red bag " . Tecent expresses, in a week of by a definite date, Spring Festival holiday that in Feburary the middle ten days of a month ends, about 8 million person sent the electronic red package of 400 million yuan of RMBs.

The report says, shift pays application to have his moment abruptly, become people to undertake small when consumption (if take a taxi, buy movie ticket) convenient pay a means. If with the friend " AA is made " have a meal, zhang Yujia can use Alibaba to pay the electron of treasure purse, the eat that he should partake cost turns Zhang gives together

the friend of repast.

She says: "Soft stink having copper. " and Zhu Jisong of scholar of a Shanghai also expresses, no matter when is he taking ready money of 100 yuan of RMBs only on the body: Money is false likely, and " carry bacterium and virus " .

The Wu Weiyi that advisory company AlixPartners is stationed in Shanghai (sound) express, the advantage that shops to pay again first is advantage or can economic more cash flow not only, and, enterprise to employee hairpin, can control, supervisory cash flows.

But he expresses, a lot of people handle card is to win the sales promotion award of the bank, because this active bank card amount is far,be less than issue total amount. And in the crowd with 34 lines city and inferior income, cash still is being used generally. He still says: "Use cash more delimit come, business door need not pay fee for it, dog rise it is so easy to do not have, because this people uses ready money,will avoid duty. Because this people uses ready money,will avoid duty..

The dawn that abstruse beauty is stationed in Beijing (sound) express, online shopping to rise abruptly quickly what be in China also is bank card all-pervading one big factor. Matutinal (sound) say: "Credit card popularity rate is in soared inside 3 years two in the past, main reason is online and retail explosive type growth. " he still says: "Chinese consumer is on the net almost whats are bought, include fresh vegetable. Include fresh vegetable..

The report says finally, look nowadays, china appears everybody is in abandon quickly the habit of use cash.

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Login register Japan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to spend video of chestnut rat morning exercises to have one's moment is form of extend motion bud very [graph] origin: ?  tries know well?2015-03-14 16:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] the Hua Li rat that is called Bikke lies on the bed to do extend to move, bud turns over a netizen.

Original title: Rat of Japanese beautiful chestnut does morning exercises video to have one's moment network

Rat of this lovely Hua Li that comes from Japan is doing extend to move. (Webpage cut pursues)

According to England " daily Post " will report on March 12, the Japan that circulating a special somebody is enraged on the net recently spends chestnut rat to make the video of morning exercises. The beautiful chestnut rat that is called Bikke only lies on the bed to do extend exercise, bud form is very.

After exercising intensity to increase, bikke captures a bed hard to hold to extend pose closely with claw even. (Webpage cut pursues)

In video, bikke was hit above all greatly yawn, just begin to do next take exercise. The hind leg before its hard extend, contract closely the body. After exercising intensity to increase, bikke captures a sheet closely with claw even, hold to extend pose hard. After motion ends, it enjoys the ground to lie on the bed to loosen. Besides exercising video, beautiful chestnut rat returns this only famous Japan to there is other video on the net, show it ferial a series of rich activity, see cartoon and snack for instance.

So far, the video that Bikke of beautiful chestnut rat exercises already was watched 20 thousand for many times, a lot of audiences think Bikke is clever lovely. (Shen Shu China)

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of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Anecdote! Malaysia koradji says to suffer a government to invite look for the plane that break couplet [graph]... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州喝茶上课网站


Female of rape of bathhouse of seaside of team member of Japanese maritime defend oneself is violated on strong area bank... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州桑拿夜网


People net dispatch will report according to combining morning paper net on November 18, the United States retires soldier Kaxige and Syria are much arms of renown government noncommissioned officer is organized to arm by Mohammedan country behead, france points to among them an executioner is French youth likely very.

" astral island daily " report, french judicatory authorities confirms 17 days, at least a French participated in Mohammedan country to organize behead to execute extremely the action of hostage of an United States. The way already just launched investigation formally at this point.

Mo Lin of French Paris inquisitor discloses on a press conference, a variety of Zuo elephants make clear, in the kinescope extract that in Mohammedan country the organization publishs, carry out the personnel of behead to hostage, there is citizen of a France in the center. This the move involves another French possibly still, but still cannot confirm at present.

It is reported, the abstruse Sha Er that comes from French Normandy area is maintained to be one of murderers of hostage of killing United States. The Ao Sha Er that is 22 years old ever was 2 in wool Daniya lingers, organize at heading for Syria to join Mohammedan state via Turkey in August 2013. He is in early the attention that had caused France to fear information branch instead Spring 2013.

According to the report, the extract of a paragraph of kinescope that the organization publishs 16 days on Internet shows Mohammedan country, a Hesperian that reduces hostage in Syria according to saying suffers behead of personnel of this organization carry out a death sentence. American government confirms the hostage that is organized to kill by Mohammedan country is American citizen subsequently Kaxige. Kaxige is Mohammedan country organizes the 5th Hesperian that put to death to pledge.

Mo Lin still announces, mechanism of Parisian procuratorial work fears a branch instead, be murdered with be suspected of what concern with horrible group having an organization and commit the crime in order to engineer the accompany that terroristic action is a purpose for, the French that participates in this violence possibly to these 2 formally launchs judicatory investigation.


Original title: Law authorities affirms French cit
izen participates in hostage of IS behead United States)

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