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Outside intermediary: Does East Asia ignite a flames of war pro-Japanese east alliance can 10 countries sleep smooth and steady?

Malaysia " southern Asia business signs up for " 5 daily newspaper carry " day photograph does obeisance to ghost intent where to " one article, the article points to, an Beijin 31 making a dream continuously: Army country hegemonic dream, only me alone honour dream. His act that do obeisance to ghost got the Sino-South Korean objects Russian-Americanly jointly not only, also should get east alliance the vigilance of 10 countries, if light,have flames of war because of East Asia, 10 countries fear alliance also installing pillow hard east.

The article extracts and compile as follows:

Japan also is daydreaming, japanese dream already did a century, return up to now not come to, this dream is " East Asia in all flourish is encircled " great dream, this is an army country hegemonic dream, be only I alone honour dream.

On December 26, 2013, the dream to one's heart's content of Japanese blows hard, what shake wakes is a few adjacent countries not merely, be the same as a bed with her repeatedly in all the United States of the dream also gives slept lightly.

An Beijin 3 protecting swaggeringly bit cluster round fall to announce outwards: I am part company of pacify country spirit with private body, hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to the soul of a deceased person that sacrifices for the country when World War II, to

bear the responsibility that has active service prime minister, designed arrival to " spirit of a martyr " when making manage state affairs report; to accept media to visit, saying his hold a memorial ceremony for to do obeisance to obtain circumjacent country self-identity, he more him compunction is during the first to be appointed to an office, have not is imitated man of his predecessor springlet simple arrives hold a memorial ceremony for of organized body of pacify country mind is patriotic die fetch.

Arouse fury of Sino-South Korean each country

Speech adds the operation, irritated medium, Han Erguo, call in day was stationed in Wang Yi of Chinese minister of foreign affairs that day China after person of prosperous of ambassadorial wood temple, the response says: China will keep to the end; Han criterion outcry: Japan weighs hammer to nail; Russia to express deep-felt regret on Korean heart, more will describe day of photograph to do obeisance to ghost; United States to send a word by daughter of Kennedy of the ambassador that be stationed in d

ay with scandal, besides disappointment, still condemn Japan causes international insecurity; and Malaysia academia also Shen Yan, day photograph this action is exceeding harm another when get enroach on country to World War II. Connect with from civilian party in all the citizen party party chieftain of inter block cabinet also objects day of photograph doing obeisance to Communist Party of ghost; Japan to also accuse the action of 3 is An Beijin in a stern voice energetically violence, unconstitutional lift.

So called " organized body of pacify country mind " , inside in buy puts memorial tablet is to instigate World War II, cruelly kill deadly ten million is innocent and civilian, to the south of the ashes of the dead of the war criminal of 14 first class that flower machine heads, die in the last ditch invades outside reaching more than 2000 " locust army " skeleton, history card trues, even if see a horizontal stroke see them,be the disloyal ghost that counter a day and goes, does Helai sacrifice for the country? Does He Laiying hero die fetch? Since is such, know perfectly well can cause international condemnation, neighbour be furious, an Beijin 3 still should act wilfully go doing obeisance to ghost, arouse the warlike god warp that stretchs tight closely, cause netizen cuss quarrelling sound incessant, the TV station such as inland of Hong Kong area, China and Korea is severe batch again and again.

Relevant news:

According to jumping over the report that tell a company, indonesian an admiral expresses, east 10 members country and United States, Russia, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Korea mixes alliance at least 40 warships of 8 companionate countries such as Japan are about to attend east alliance + 8 joint military exercises.

The report says, indonesian and naval commander-in-chief ministry western admiral of Agesi of commander of base of navy of Dan Rong areca leaked afore-mentioned informations, still express, according to Indonesian the proposal that offers with American place, indonesia will undertake east alliance each country is the same as 8 companionate countries the associated a sham battle of naval force.

The report expresses, the name is " Komodo 2014 " army act will be in in April 2014 Indonesian cling to Ba Siqun island holds He Ana of island of weak island, accept earth accept.

The report discloses, agesi says, indonesian will send 5000 soldiers and 12 warships to attend joint military exercise. He emphasizes at the same time, this army act will be strengthen understand one another of each country navy, rise fight ability, strengthen harmonious with cooperate to wait make contribution. (Net of abb of classics of an ancient name for China)

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Login register south of England of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian do 1000 people wear red green cap to play the part of " elf " record-breaking (graph) origin: ? ?2013-12-09 17:1 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Dai

ly of 9 Http:
//www.mnw.cn/ channel

Original title: On 1000 people wear red green cap to play the part of " elf " broken world record (graph)

1276 people dress up elvish about, assemble in Xisasaikesi county Wu Erxing.

Held activity is promoted in black Er this year, it is for money of two charity collect and initiate.

In report will occupy new network on December 9 " central company " 8 days of reports, many 1000 Englishman was played the part of a few days ago " elf " about, come to Xisasaikesi a small town sponsors county beneficent activity. The basis sponsors an unit, they give the difference of 500 much people with how, the world record that relaxed refresh achieved last year.

According to the report, 1276 people dress up elvish about, assemble in Xisasaikesi county Wu Erxing. If obtain attestation of record of auspicious Nisi world, will can beat the 762 people that England blocked heart of blessing of Masson county Oman last year easily to play the part of demon record.

Held activity is promoted in black Er this year, it is for money of two charity collect and initiate. Local company donates demon cap and demon ear, to register enter an activity, garden of Lai Sitai favour assists in all before the people of a grand occasion.

Regular bright calm, the participant must wear the hat of red green alternate with.

Record of auspicious Nisi world confirms current world record is Ka Masen county the 762 people last year, nevertheless, black Er promotes this activity sponsor an unit to point out in the website, after Ka Masen county achieved a record last year, a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of the Kingdom of Wei of boreal York county is compared (Wetherby) plays refresh record with 1110 people.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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British airline announces to will reclaim litter produces jet fuel... [阅读全文] 栏目:佛山桑拿按摩论坛飞机网


[round-the-world net reports] according to network of Russia satellite news on Feburary 23 message, turkey and Greek Communist Party publish associated statement to say, the requirement stops Syrian civil war, prevent north to make an appointment with the ground to fight the action.

Turkey and Greek Communist Party combine the say in statement in what release: The United States, north is made an appointment with, the imperialist interference that the country such as European Union and Turkey has to Syria, had caused death of tens of 10 thousand people and refugee tide, millions person is injured, and the barefaced interference that north makes an appointment with and preparation send ground armed forces to letting this kind of interference upgrade. Russia should the martial interpose that Syrian government requests to undertake

had reversed condition from the strategy, this are apparent with each passing day already, because this north is increasing the influence that he is in this area about, adopt include to be a name in order to control refugee tide to send a naval force to Aegean. Should prevent north to restrict this action, do not let Aegean turn north into the base that make an appointment with.

In addition, two countries Communist Party was condemned Greek with Turkey government position.

(original title: Turkey and north of requirement of Gre

ek Communist Party stop to interfere Syrian civil war about)

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Because of the station street daughter brings road to embrace Du Bailin too much one street or change one-way... [阅读全文] 栏目:上海千花网论坛


Login register each other of beautiful Russia of talk of tripartite of Paris of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to give gift beauty to send two potato Russia to give origin of cap of powdery cloth with soft nap: ? Qu Xian?2014-01-15 08:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] local time 13 days, russian minister of foreign affairs reachs U.N. in gram of Wu dear of Lafuluofu, United States - problem of A alliance Syria combines ambassador-at-large Bo Laxi rice holds tripartite to talk in Paris. Given Russia minister of foreign affairs hauls husband collect husband in Qing Ke of Wu of the United States before the talk begins two potato, as time give, russia delegacy gives spokesman of American the State Council the cap of cloth with soft nap of a pink.

The United States sends two potato Russia to return hat of cloth with soft nap giving pink

Russian minister of foreign affairs weighs beautiful gift or imply " carrot imposes a big stick policy "

The cap of pink cloth with soft nap that Russia gives

American Secretary of State (left) to Russian minister of foreign affairs (right) give two potato

Dispatch occupied the net austral Fujian on January 15 Russian intermediary on January 13 message, russian minister of foreign affairs pulls husband collect husband to say on the press conference, beautiful Secretary of State sends his to may be implied tomato patch in the gram " carrot imposes a big stick policy " meaning. Say according to Kerry, because Lafuluofu ever was in,this action is the phone chats in the potato that has discussed American Idaho state. To this, pull say of husba

nd collect husband: "English is carrot increases a club, carrot can trade potato. Carrot can trade potato..

Local time 13 days, russian minister of foreign affairs reachs U.N. in gram of Wu dear of Lafuluofu, United States - problem of A alliance Syria combines ambassador-at-large Bo Laxi rice holds tripartite to talk in Paris. Wu of the United States before the talk begins takes out two potato from inside carton in dear gram, and its given Russia minister of foreign affairs hauls husband collect husband, this one act drew a laughter of bilateral representing. As time give, russia delegacy gives spokesman of American the State Council the cap of cloth with soft nap of a pink.

The United States " foreign policy " express 13 days, the each other in diplomatic activity gives a gift is a traditional behavior, but do not suit to be given as the gift tomato patch. German the press call polish president Laihe Kaqinsiji 2006 " tomato patch " the diplomatic conflict that act caused two countries. But because be the traditional food of hamster area tomato patch, because this Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs praises this gift substantially.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Siberia frequency signs up for mysterious snowman credible evidence call an amount 30 / graph... [阅读全文] 栏目:027武汉夜生活网


A hospital was India recently a wealthy businessman operates, try to take out him to be swallowed " cap " , surprisingly discovery has 12 metal bars in his abdomen,

can says " golden mine " .

" Indian times " 18 days of reports, this businessman is 63 years old, live in Xin Deli. He heads for hospital of person of one family property 7 days, request doctor takes out the foreign matter in the abdomen for him. He and domestic voice say, he swallows next water cap under previous stretch. 9 days, after the operation begins about 2 hours, attendant cure protected personnel to eat one Jing. They discover, there is water cap in the small intestine of this businessman, and have a metal bar. The doctor takes out 12 metal bars from inside his abdomen, ever

y weigh 33 grams, gross weight is 396 grams.

Police of report of courtyard square immediately and custom. Authorities investigates discovery, this businessman will return India from Singapore on March 28. Before boarding the plane, metal bar of his get down, had mixed install check, illicit belt they enter a country.

After coming home, he tries to come to metal bar eduction in the toilet, but these precious metal " card " in alvine path. He tries a variety of methods, drink water in great quantities for instance, take cathartic, use without giving thought to however. The doctor says, he ever did not take food 10 days, try eduction metal bar, also not be successful. Bear hard sorely, he decides go to a doctor finally.

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IHS: Chinese GDP amounted to 28 trillion dollar to surmount the United States to reside the world 2014 the first... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州spa

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