Trea Turner rule changed: alters player-to-be-named trade restrictions

Baseball Shortstop prospect Trea Turner is off to a solid start at Double-A San Antonio, but you can bet fingers are crossed halfway across the country every time he takes the field.The weird thing is, said finger-crossing is occurring in Washington, not San Diego, even though Turner is a member of the Padres' farm system. For the moment, at least. MORE: American League MVP watch | Buying or selling hot starts?In theory, Turner was dealt to the Nationals last December as part of a three-team trade that also included the Rays. But under existing rules, no drafted player can be traded until one year after he signs. Turner was the Padres' first-round pick in last June's draft, so the final piece in that tr

ade officially has been unnamed — even though everyone knows who it is. finally has moved to excise that rule, as FanGraphs reports the league sent a memo to teams this week saying players can now be traded immediately after the World Series in the year they are drafted.That won't help Turner, who remains bound by the old rules and won't be free to join the Nationals organization until mid-June. But it will eliminate some headaches when similar situations arise in the future.


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