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上海贵族宝贝龙凤Ma Hang breaks couplet family member to be stationed in in the horse China appeal of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the sit-down before diplomatic mission is sober



Broken postpartum Detroit announces new immigrant plans, attracting China to invest a guest to come round is important one link. The investment gross that at present China is here is made an appointment with one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two,

Broker of a house property ever received the telephone call of Chinese client, come up to say: I want to buy 89 ring house, I do not see a room, you help me look at buy go.

In attracting endowment while, the problem such as the public security aggravation with long-term Detroit, phyletic contradiction and construction disorder is in again offset these try hard, overdraw possibly instead the future of this city.

If think understanding defeats postpartum Detroit, best place is the workshop that once had produced the first Ford. Along Cass highway all the way south row, in right-hand rotation of Ba Geli highway, the building that can see this square now, here is parking 3 cars only.

This only then the star of American modern industry that was built 1701, be withdrawn by racial conflict, population, industrial ageing, huge debt after tormenting half many century, collapse with a loud crash, the mark is worn of the world and traditional industry times leave.

But still the city that somebody is considering assiduously to save this decline, rest closely for example luck of root state governor overcomes Sinaide (RickSnyder) . At the beginning of 2014, he announced in Detroit city hall he is fresh the new emigrant plan with hot heat: Detroit extends the foreigner of tall record of formal schooling that to be willing to come car city settles 40 thousand immigrant visa.

If new immigrant plans to be approved federally, the United States puts specific city on immigrant visa first time. And in the administration program in Si Naide bey, attracting China to invest a guest to come round is important one link.

Si Aoci of Yi of American fictionist tall comes from Detroit, also depict Detroit. She says, whole Detroit is a scene theatrical work that fills vicissitudes of life. Just, in the 700 thousand Detroit that still struggles hard the person looks, this new theatrical work of bey still did not find below one act it seems that at present.

Mixiegen the Chinese guest of bey

Bey of the Si Na

ide on rostrum is active him advocate immigrant introduces policy, xu Jing of businessman of the Beijing below the stage begins to think among them accumulate contained business chance.

After a month, a late banquet of royal Chinese the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day is held in center of Detroit division rich, xu Jing is advocate organizer. Before half century, gold of heart of equestrian fourth grade is here namely, to 120 thousand black hair performance says this speech, be considered as " I have a dream " rudiment.

Now, the picture of decline is blocked to be outside the window, what Xu Jing sees is the face of one Zhang Zhanghua's person, join meeting honored guest to have Chinese official and trader, mark a price the entrance ticket of 400 dollars, be being grabbed early by American enterprise several days ago smooth.

Si Naide bey also sings the praises to the spot. Si Naide big daughter of 17 years old majors Chinese, xu Jing is on late banquet, invite her to introduce old father to come on the stage with Chinese. The first word of Si Naide is: Come from Chinese clients, I will make after service, you are in Detroit, over- is still calculate happy?

Before 2001, the state government office building that Si Naide is in ever was global company headquarters. Nevertheless, the bey of this mercantile one's previous experience believes, change Detroit destiny not be a car already.

I had studied American history, the history

tells me, one of accounts that make this country so great emigrate namely. Si Naide tells south on the weekend reporter.

Acting 1990 first, si Naide ever went to China developing the market. Be elected as Mixiegen after state governor, he is to his requirement, want every year to go to China at least, one of purposes draw a talented person namely.

The technical personnel of his hope China can resemble Detroit once trailblazer people same, in new era, give car city the 2nd times life. If what he wishs, after Detroit announced to go bankrupt 2013, the Chinese begins strong the city that intervenes this is about to die.

Hi-tech immigrant predominate, new generation Chinese is much with professional personage pose as. These professional personages can be lawyer, accountant, engineer or doctor in this new land, professional skill brought safe sense to them.

And China is rich people, inspect the insolvency of Detroit China besides existing system rare business chance. From MEDC (economy grows Mixiegen company) can see, china goes bankrupt to this the investment gross of car city restrains one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars, be in complete beauty the platoon in 50 cities the 9th.

2013, shanghai of estate investment firm takes the sea-voyage eastward international group, falling through any conditions that inspect on the spot, bought Detroit downtown news of freedom of Detroit of building of sex of two ground mark signs up for an edifice (DetroitFreePressBuilding) hold especially big mansion in the palm with big Wei Si (DavidStottBuilding) to total assets of 5 billion yuan of RMB take the sea-voyage eastward for, these two edifices the price of 13.6 million dollar very Chinese cabbage.

Can take the sea-voyage eastward group people the purchasing power of blowout type has let house-agent Ka Luolin old action cannot sustain. She ever received the client telephone call that comes from chinese mainland, come up to say: I want to buy 89 ring house, I do not see a room, you help me look at buy go. At last, do not forget to add on one: I am serious.

But Kaluolin rejected these mainland clients, because do not know them,buy a house to want what to do.

Rich Chinese in a steady stream breaks money in the car city of ocean the other shore ceaselessly, cannot go up in American map at all however the position of Detroit of correct line out.

Representative of city Latin descendants pulls Mixiegen assorted amounts to Telabu (RashidaTlaib) new neighbor, it is a such distant Chinese: Buy next houses already two years, this Chinese never has appeared.

The neighbour that these not touching go to brings more insecurity to native: What I need is when irrigating a flower can from the barrier there, explore crosses a chatting neighbour.


In report will occupy new network on September 3 outside intermediary report, office of Wu Kelan's president claims at be being published 3 days local time, beijing of Russia president general and Shen Ke of Wukelan's president pineapple agree to be in Wu Kelan the eastpart part is permanent cease-fire.

Office of Wu Kelan's pre

sident says, general Beijing and pineapple Shen Ke understand a telephone call, both sides is in a Ba Si area (Wu Kelan the eastpart part) permanent cease-fire comes to an agreement.

The report before this says intermediary outside, russia president spokesman expresses 2 days local time, general Beijing and pineapple Shen Ke conflict with respect to Wu Kelan home the measure that just reachs cease-fire each, and how to dissolve the problem such as crisis of region of black the eastpart part to undertake talking.

Peisikefu of Russian president spokesman says, how does dynast of Russian black two countries stop ministry of Wu Kelan southeast to bleed as soon as possible the problem such as conflict exchanged an opinion.

Peisikefu says, in speak of the likelihood that dissolves the crisis

when the way, the viewpoint of two presidents greatly be identical.

Relevant news:

According to dispatch of wall street daily, beijing of Russia president general and Shen Ke of Wukelan's president pineapple agree to be in cease-fire of black the eastpart part.

Government office of Wu Kelan's president says, pineapple Shen Ke understood a telephone call with general Beijing now, both sides overcomes Landongbudubasi in black the area realizes long-term cease-fire to come to an agreement.

Early before, the Demitelipeisikefu of a spokesman of Beijing of Russia president general says, general Beijing and Shen Ke of Wukelan's president pineapple discussed peace to settle way jointly with respect to condition of Wu Kelan the eastpart part, two people discover general Beijing and pineapple Shen Ke, bilateral greatly the point of view is unanimous.

Indonesian unlock travel policy to be executed to the 30 countries such as China avoid visa policy

 Login register convict of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be released from prison 90 years ahead of schedule is forensic copy clerk released from prison does time register wro

ng origin: ? Salary  ?2014-05-13 10:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Because a man of American is felonious obtain sentence 98 years of imprisonment, however because of accident of forensic copy clerk sat 8 years only prison be released, obtain the partner that sentences same penalty to be all the time however in jail with him serve a sentence. Man of United States of life of different of an a slip of a pen Rene Lima Marlin and a partner hold a gun twice rob smooth dish inn, be robbed, the multinomial accusation accusation such as staking, housebreaking. Two average per capita are imprisoned at much city was being pulled to be sentenced 98 years in division collect 2000.

Because American court registers wrong convict to be released from prison 90 years ahead of schedule

At that time, lima, Marlin is 20 years old, this one measurement of penalty means lifelong imprisonment actually. Because forensic file registers a mistake, will be released from prison time was written by accident 2098 for 2008, lima, Marlin 28 years old parole is released from prison. The life of two people differs from now on: Lima, Marlin and before become reconciled of cummer Gu Siming, help her bring up year young son Justus, two people are fond of brilliant of the complex that obtain love again later, absurd below one child, name Qiaosaiya. Last year July, lima, Marlin and Gu Siming enter marital hall hand in hand.

After be released from prison, lima, Marlin relies on to come to promote certificate of convert into money to fend, still learn to install the craft such as the window later. He enters church life actively, off hours obligation holds the position of coach of children football team. Meanwhile, his partner is all the time however in jail serve a sentence. This year in January, execute the law the branch discovers forensic file error, immediately arrests Lima afresh, Marlin. Involve felonious object investigation of commute a sentence showing, lima, equestrian Lin Zao discovers forensic file error, but put fluky psychology and do not say intentionally.

Lima, Marlin ever appealed at mentioning 2000, appeal in the cancel after a few months however, this is very unusual situation. Inquisitor thinks, this shows he realizes dossier makes mistake, appeal of for fear that can bring about forensic respect to consult afresh dossier and correct error. Because dossier data is similar, lima, Marlin's partner also can be shifted to an earlier date to release originally. Just, this person once mentioned appeal, brought about a court to discover dossier error in heavy careful process, correct term of imprisonment for 98 years. Division collect pulls much city A to pull the Ji Aoerman in inquisitor of area of Po Huo Jun to say, lima, Malinli should take full the rest 90 years term of imprisonment, "This involves multinomial and serious crime, commute a sentence is impertinent, because writ accident lets him,cannot have escaped law punishs " .

Robbing together in those days in the case, lima, Marlin and partner hold a gun the member that command much boutique takes back room, bend over of the member that force another boutique is on the ground, whirl the cash in the safe subsequently. This year in April, ruling of a judge must not release Lima, Marlin. Lima, Gu Siming calls Marlin's wife the husband already reform, the plan men

tions at this point appeal.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 上海贵族宝贝龙凤Service of p

rovide for th
e aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken