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Slender and delicate of new York smoother is circled as elfland freedom goddess " feek giddy " (graph)... [阅读全文] 栏目:0769桑拿论坛


In report will occupy new network on March 13 outside intermediary report, indian police says 13 days, a bride rejects India to marry with bridegroom, because be when the mathematical technica

l ability that she tests bridegroom, bridegroom cannot be calculated correctly 15 increase the result of 6.

The report says, the Er of general of ba

nk of an industry town of military importance that this one incident produces in Indian north. The bride wants to test the mathematical technical ability of bridegroom before marriage, ask him 15 add 6 be equal to go up more, bridegroom answer is equal to 17.

The bride left bridal scene at once.

The family of bridegroom tries to persuade a bride to return, but she refused. The bride expresses, the misdirect on the education that bridegroom gets in oneself they.

Bridal father says, what the family of bridegroom did not inform their bridegroom to teach degree is low, even if one grade student can answer this question.

Police says, they are in two undertook between the home mediatory, the gift of bilateral trade before wedding and headgear all had remanded.

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Login register China of FBI of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be stationed in san Francisco to always get house spot to obtain evidence suspect or for inferior:

of descendants man origin? This ┏ collate?2014-01-03 09:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Pacific Ocean time on January 1 21 when 25 minutes, benzine is gotten to spill before China is stationed in san Francisco to always get house door by one person burn, send front door of diplomatic and consular missions to be marred badly. At present FBI staff member has intervened, relevant media reports, arson suspect or for inferior descendants man, wear the jeans, wear glasses, particular details of a case still is in further investigation.

Late on January 1 local time, china is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to burn by arson of person ill will. The member that the graph is the explore of the FBI is in be obtained evidence by the investigation before the gate getting a house of burn down. China News Service sends Chen Gang to photograph

FBI is stationed in san Francisco to always get house spot to obtain evidence in China suspect or for inferior descendants man (graph)

This year on January 1 21 when 25 minutes, china is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to be burned by arson of person ill will, nobody get hurt in incident, but always get house entrance door to be marred badly. Always get house news spokesman to express to just already put forward bargaining to the United States. Diplomacy of the State Council of FBI FBI, United States protects the orgnaization such as personnel and san Francisco police station to already arrived at field survey to obtain evidence.

The gate is burned to be out of shape

According to the bulletin, time of American Pacific Ocean on January 1 21 when 25 minutes, one is stationed in next comer inside the minibus before san Francisco always gets house door in China from park, carrying two pails of benzine to be spilled to always get house front door and ignition burns, send front door of diplomatic and consular missions to be marred badly. Occupy media coverage additionally, arson suspect or for inferior descendants man, wear the jeans, wear glasses.

From the point of spot photograph, always get house front door to already was blocked by patron wagon, pull maize cordon. The investigation personnel that wearing the model of written characters such as FBI, DSS SFPD is in accident scene takes a picture, record. Two iron gate that always get house front door remain right side only, another gate is burned so that pitch-black is out of shape, discharge is put below the large tree before the door. Doorway one left one right two stone lion, right has become black.

Say according to always getting Wang Chuan of house news spokesman, that day 21 when 25 minutes, one person comes up and down from the minibus that stops before always getting house door, fr

ont door of fling at of two pails of benzine, combustion on fire, the gate is marred badly, get a house to already will photograph the data that resembles a head to give that evening the concerned investigation personnel such as FBI. He points out, this arson case is the malign paltry bad thing that is stationed in beautiful consular orgnaization in the light of China, mar the establishment that get a house badly, minatory house member with circumjacent dweller safety. Just express to be condemned strongly to this in, just already put forward bargaining to the United States, urge the United States square cogent fulfil obligation, square house is abandoned in protection and personnel is safe, rapid crack a criminal case, murderer try sb.

Ever met with 2008 arson

2 days of late nights 1 when 20 minutes or so, FBI spokesman Lipite (transliteration) express to media in the spot, somebody to always get house front door to throw benzine bucket to explode, had begun to undertake obtaining evidence investigating to incident, cannot provide any further information at present, the result still needs to await.

As we have learned, china is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to not be first time by arson. On March 20, 2008 early morning 4 when make, china is stationed in san Francisco to always get entrance door of house visa office by unidentified identity person arson. What the arson incident at that time produces ave of Yu Gairui of v/arc be on the throne is medium mouth of shaft door of the visa that get a house, always get a house the staff member does not have casualties. At that time in cold blood arson case has 4 people to participate in, ignite outside visa office entrance door after abstaining combustion to taste, escape. Igneous situation goes out by oneself in a few minutes continuously. Embassy staff is mentioned, accident several days ago, place a group " Tibet alone " the element always draws the display one's strength before house door in san Francisco, and to always get house cast block, cause the vitreous rupture of upper part of the front door that get a house. (Han Na of reporter of Beijing morning paper)

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China is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to be detected further by arson case in

China is stationed in san Francisco to always get a house to arrive at the spot to obtain evidence by arson beautiful FBI

San Francisco always receives proposal of house set on fire newest: Seize suspect motive to did not disclose

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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Railroad labour union and governmental war ankylose

Labour union of railroad of Korea whole nation launchs the strike 9 days, drive railroad in order to protest the government establishs tall iron company to be changed demesne. Labor field is maintained, establish tall iron company to will bring about a large number of papering cutter that rise in price with ticket. 22 days, korea government is devoted alarm force captures cadre of railroad labour union not if really, cause the violent protest of labou

r union and citizen group. 23 days, both sides of labour and capital still did not find breach, make railway strike grows in intensity. Korea president Piao Jinhui expresses, government won't make the compromise that is without a principle to going on strike, but she also is immersed in accordingly be in office the crisis.

The tough attitude of plain family name not can the revolt that home remedy strangles the people, the normalizes a trend to had let Korea railroad traffic of the strike got be affected badly. 23 days, korea train moving rate is only 76% , for the lowermost level since the strike. Grow in intensity to prevent strike situation, korea is in office party of party of Home Dang Xinguo head Huang You Lv offers to opposition, negotiate the joint resolution that makes acceptance do not carry out railroad civilian battalion to change by both sides of the government and the public, prevent strike limits to expand. Blindly ironhanded and stand fast the problem that apparent insoluble Korea faces the principle now, can make conflict sends irremediable more only, only perhaps government and labour union talk things over more rationally and plain family name of communication ability help overshoots the crisis before. (Beijing business signs up for Zhang Shan of reporter Han Zhe's exercitation reporter)


nd read: Korea president Piao Jinhui is forced nonofficeholding information courtyard is illegal the election is announced

Korea platelayer goes on strike 16 days police dispatchs plan to arrest labour union cadre

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The ship that report will carry Ankala to emigrate illegally on March 17 is in xinhua net 17 days Turkey western the Aegean maritime space

around is sunken, already caused 5 Syria refugee to die at present, additionally 3 people are missing.

Install news

agency 17 days to report according to Turkey path, before this boat plans formerly, go to Greek, the Aegean maritime space near town of Bo Delu Mu is saved to sink in Tuxibumula. Cubic meter of earth dispatched a light boat of 3 coasts guard takes the action that rescue, already discovered 5 victim bodies, help a 8 people, still searching for 3 when be missing illegal immigrant at present.

According to Turkey government statistic, come nearly 5 years, the misfortune when already many 500 illegal immigrant goes to Europe before trying to pass canalage classics Turkey dies. This year on Feburary 7, a ship that carries illegal immigrant is in earth western around Aegean maritime space is sunken, cause 7 people to die, 5 people are missing.

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According to " Na Hua morning paper " will report on

August 20, the computer of senior official of board of inquiry of equestrian boat MH370 inbreaks by the hacker and confirm information by pilfer. Be pointed to to convey by pilfer information to Chinese computer. Network security office is in Malaxiya transmit the ability after already was being finished to undertake block and closing to invade computer machine.

Expert group announced safety of equestrian nation network to inbreak uses trojan virus software, this software disguise breaks couplet plane Boeing into a Ma Hang the 777 news that be found, will pass to mailbox of equestrian boat official on March 9. After will breaking couplet for equestrian boat plane on March 9 the following day. The accessory of email is made the executive file of similar PDF documentation (suffixal for Exe. File) , can spark automatically after click trojan software. Singapore " channel daily " the report says security bureau of equestrian civil aviation bureau, state and Ma Hang all are in hacker assault target. Controller of office of equestrian network security Wahabu (Amirudin Abdul Wahab) says to receive these report branches to send a large number of mail to cause network server to jam outwards.

This chief says: These contain confidential information from inside the mail that sends in official computer, be like conference time and confidential file. Concern with the investigation of MH370 partly among them.

30 right-and-left computer are affected by virus, and the IP address that information hair goes to is pointed to to come from China.

Wahabu says: The code of virus is very careful, and the software that reduce toxin cannot be explored, this is special careful invade. . . . . . People criticises we do not provide crucial information at that time, but the content of all private investigation was announced.

Offer of bank of network safety expert compares Ceylon (the plan that Dhillon Kannabhiran) shows to mail fishing atttacks need to help somebody attain his aim, such inbreaking, the hacker with a series of excellent technologies has the possibility, they may pretend mail come from send a person reliably. He expresses at the same time, to prevent a hacker, confidential document needs certainly statified add close.

Analysis of Russian tower company says, since Ma Hang MH370 breaks couplet, appeared a series of plot are talked, claim Ma Hang breaks couplet is be organized to hijack by some political power or the crime that are training of some course height.

On March 8, malaysia airline carries 227 passengers and 12 unit staff couplet is broken after Cong Jilong slope flies to the airliner of Beijing to be made an appointment with at taking off one hour, the dispatch signal of any concerned plane breakdown or other issue was not sent before this. Plane and ground are located in bank of the East China Sea that spur a horse when last contact 220 kilometers place.

Premier Ma will express on March 24, the data that analytic satellite provides makes clear, MH370 name flight number drops into the indian ocean, speculation weighs unmanned survival.

India will reject China to enter territorial sea to install Da Manhai to search for the request of the plane that break couplet in March, think to should request to may make the excuse of martial pry.

The expert states the cost that seeks MH370 already may amount to several dollars, make the most exalted rescueing move

on the history.

(Original title: Chinese hacker is pointed to to inbreak MH370 of filch horse boat breaks adjustment to examine data)

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Now international news... [阅读全文] 栏目:广州夜生活娱乐DFG


Day beauty drafts Hokkaido to hold the joint military exercise first drilling returns network charge... [阅读全文] 栏目:佛山桑拿夜生活论坛


According to American media coverage, spokesman of the White House blocks the Buddhist nun 11 days to say, the United States has informed U.N. and Iran, the Iran that won't choose to Teheran

allows newly to be stationed in U.N. ambassador to extend visa.

The United States objects Iran choosing Abutanbi, because A Butan participated in Teheran than be being pointed to to say the action of embassy of occupational 1979 United States. According to saying he is the member t

hat student of a Moslem organizes, this organization once pledged detain diplomat of 52 United States in the crisis in Iranian be as long as 444 days for hostage.

Spokesman of the White House blocks the Buddhist nun 11 days to say, the position that the United States has compared concerned A Butan tells Iranian official clearly. Card Buddhist nun reiterated this week is some earlier the statement of moment, that chooses Abutanbi namely is " unworkable " .

More Belgian than once was in, European Union, Italy and Australia take up the post of A Butan Iranian ambassador. He insists to say, he attends " Moslem student follows line of Yi Ma order " mere be confined to translates the activity of this one organization and negotiate. Iran is stationed in U.N. delegacy 11 days to express, american decision makes a person regretful, disobeyed law of nations and dominion country to assign the right that is stationed in U.N. delegate. (Laoren)

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