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西安品茶After silent overcomes double abduct of Er hand lean on a stick to attend ministerial meeting to suggest the doctor to throw a head


 Login after registering Jin Zhengen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to disappear many days 40, appear first hold crutch to inspect (graph) origin: ? Salary  ?2014-10-14 08:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] newspaper publishs Jin Zhengen to hold crutch walks or sit down the photograph that rest, ankle and crus have not heal.

Xinhua net makes the same score soil report will report 14 days according to the company in face on October 14, the village of satellitic scientist residence that top leader Jin Zhengen inspected Korea to be built a few days ago and institute of the sources of energy of nature of national academy of sciences. The report did not allude a stereo examine date. This is media of 40 Yu Tianlai Korea have a story to Jin Zhengen inspects an activity newly first.

Report, jin Zhengen listens to explanation before sketch map of village of satellitic scientist residence, inspected the residence inside the village, middle and primary school, drugstore, clinic to wait. Jin Zhengen is tall to soldier and builder level as scheduled finishing thanks.

The living division that Korea builds toward one place before leader Jin Zhengen inspects, but did not show inspected date, the picture shows Jin Zhengen holds cane.

Jin Zhengen says, residential village construction is to provide the environment of advantage and absorption scientific research to the scientist. He expresses, the scientist is give lifetime the patriot of motherland construction career, emphasize be necessary to have give special treatment to the scientist.

People of vice-chairman of committee of Korea national defence, Korea army oath of Huang Bing of total politics director accompany inspect.

Since peony peak philharmonic society will be watched to make a concert newly in smooth soil on September 3, jin Zhengen was not making public a circumstance to appear all the time. Korea CCTV is late on September 26 in the newsreel that broadcasts activity of guidance of concerned Jin Zhengen say, jin Zhengen body is unwell.

In be being occupied additionally new network report will report according to Han Lian company on October 14, body of Korea labor party signs up for " labor news " be in 14 days the first published K

orea to the 3rd edition the satellitic scientist that top leader Jin Zhengen inspects new building lives the photograph of the area. This is Jin Zhengen after the concert that watchs peony peak philharmonic society from September 3 when lie between many days 40 to be in first open situation shows this face.

The report says, this newspaper published the photograph of 5 pieces of Jin Zhengen in front page, incl

ude to Jin Zhengen holds crutch to walk or sit down the photograph that rest. From the point of the photograph, jin Zhengen's ankle and crus have not heal.

Before this, because of gold Zheng Enjiu did not appear, absent even witenagemot of the 13rd top person will discuss Korea the 2nd times on September 25 souvenir is deceased and the conference, highest on October 7 the congress of the report central that leader Jin Zheng day takes office as secretary-general of Korea labor party 17 years, and Korea will work on October 10 activity of day of party found a party wait and cause a variety of suspiciousing.

The report before this says Han couplet company, jin Zhengen suffers an ankle disease and fat, as diabetic as tall blood concurrent gouty worry, personnel of foreign medical treatment visits Korea to treat Jin Zhengen's slight illness.

Pertinent information did not get Korea confirm, but caused outside attention. The media such as Han Mei begins to imagine body condition of Jin Zhengen in succession, but without can be identified true body.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

 Login register Australia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is millions upon millions plute and fistfight of foot of fist of good friend street say still a friend (graph) origin: ? Salary  ?2014-05-06 10:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] two people publish associated statement 5 days, do not say a single word " street past " , emphasize " still be a good friend " .

Magnate of estate of Australian rich variety Zhanmusi Pake and in former days partner man, long-term good friend wears Wei Jinjier to be in state enlighten photograph of foot of beach street fist to, cause public opinion attention. Two people publish associated statement 5 days, do not say a single word " street past " , emphasize " still be a good friend " .

Australia millions upon millions plute and fistfight of foot of fist of good friend street

The graph is two people fistfight

Handkerchief captures the rich and powerful person that is Australian the first of all, according to " Forbes " estimation of plute a list of names posted up owns home of body of 6.4 billion dollar. Handkerchief gram acceded from inside father hand 2005 after the industry is Caesarean, devote oneself to industrial dilate all the time. Jin Jier also is a successful businessman, pursue the trade such as medium, with handkerchief the gram hands in a lot of years.

" Sydney pioneer morning paper " report, two people are in 4 days state enlighten the handkerchief gram of the beach roughhouses outside the residence. A man that resides according to believing the Ke Lin that it is handkerchief still is in gregarious website

" real time " release two people to start work detail. He writes: "Day, somebody fights in street outside my home... wow, it is Zhanmusi Pake, still have a quarrelsome guy, move a hand to be about the same with handkerchief gram. Move a hand to be about the same with handkerchief gra

This man describes: "Handkerchief gram writes down heavy fist... two people trip is on crawl, the face of that fellow seemed to defeat. The face of that fellow seemed to defeat..

" Sydney pioneer morning paper " report, somebody takes the picture of fistfight of below 50 pieces of two people, include them jacket of tear at the other side, roll the ground to go up together, the man that overcomes bodyguard for handkerchief in ground scuffle and doubt intervenes interpose. Press " Sydney pioneer morning paper " view, since handkerchief after before restraining half an year, living apart with the 2nd wife, with Jinjier the concern becomes poor.

Nevertheless, handkerchief gram and golden auspicious Er publish combination 5 days to state, emphasize " friendship as before " . Statement says: "We are friends of 35 years, now still is a friend... these year come, we experienced life rise and fall, each other are respected. Divide this beyond, we no longer buy is judged. We no longer buy is judged..

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

The United States nots 3 pop cases cause a running fire of auspicious Ni Yazhou Ceng Juan of 4 dead suspects enters a cruel case

 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The ne

t austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fonta
l state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 Astonish incident of global mermaid death [group plan] mermaid of the Red Sea is like the mankind


 Ever was sued by consecrate Han Laobing again by impressment organized body of pacify country mind

Dispatch will occupy Chinese net on August 5 Korea " Korea daily " the website will report on August 4, golden sea female high school is unripe truth of the case that be killed was made public a few days ago, include 3 female high school students after 7 crime suspect forces victim to walk the street not only, kill its in all, more benzine burn down is used in after the event its are facial, irrigate with cement its body, ferocious savage act causes a society an in an uproar.

Celebrate Na Jinhai mid police station arrests A of high school student 4 days with be suspected of the homicide, blame that fling dead body some (15 years old) , B some (15 years old) and leave school schoolgirl C some. 3 males of more than 20 years old and some schoolgirl that leave school from the middle school (15 years old) be suspected of on April 10 0 when be in 30 minutes or so insi

de big Qiu Fu near some hotel in car group Yin Mou of beat up schoolgirl sends his to die.

According to media coverage, victim Yin Mou will run away from home on March 15 and with do harm to the schoolgirl at her people in a hotel that lives in boiler hill together. Schoolgirl people force Yin Mou to walk the street and act as with earning money living cost. The schoolgirl after Yin Mou returns the home people fear to be reported, take away Yin Mou again the following day, force its to walk the street, fill its puke, with boiling water scald its body, to its inflict a variety of hard the violence of open one's mouth.

Final victim Yin Mou is mixed because of dehydration suffer severe blow to

cause a heart paralytic and die. After Yin Mou dies, 7 crime suspect uses benzine burn down its face ministry, irrigate with cement Yu Shan buries his to go up after corpse.

7 people are at present medium 4 people by detain at jail of land for growing field crops, 3 people by jail of detain Yu Changyuan.

(Original title: 3 female high school students force Korea to other walks the street and kill its bloodily)


[round-the-world net reports] according to network of Russia satellite news on Feburary 23 message, turkey and Greek Communist Party publish associated statement to say, the requirement stops Syrian civil war, prevent north to make an appointment with the ground to fight the action.

Turkey and Greek Communist Party combine the say in statement in what release: The United States, north is made an appointment with, the imperialist interference that the country such as European Union and Turkey has to Syria, had caused death of tens of 10 thousand people and refugee tide, millions person is injured, and the barefaced interference that north makes an appointment with and preparation send ground armed forces to letting this kind of interference upgrade. Russia should the martial interpose that Syrian government requests to undertake

had reversed condition from the strategy, this are apparent with each passing day already, because this north is increasing the influence that he is in this area about, adopt include to be a name in order to control refugee tide to send a naval force to Aegean. Should prevent north to restrict this action, do not let Aegean turn north into the base that make an appointment with.

In addition, two countries Communist Party was condemned Greek with Turkey government position.

(original title: Turkey and north of requirement of Gre

ek Communist Party stop to interfere Syrian civil war about)

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