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    Smeary position and equestrian boat plane break Vietnam maritime space couplet place be identical

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " new York Times " chief editor dash forward ascend by dismiss personally Forbes the whole world: of origin of a list of names posted up of 100 powerful women?  all damask silk?2014-05-16 10:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] Ai Bu of auspicious Er · pulls Mu dark to ever ascended 3 years continuously body blessing cloth this the whole world a list of names posted up of 100 powerful women.

    Because hold the position of " new York Times " editor in chief and successive 3 years (2011, 2012, 2013) ascend body Forbes the Ai Bu of auspicious Er · of a list of names posted up of 100 powerful women pulls the whole world Mu dark has gotten the air.

    Local time 14 days afternoon, " new York Times " the publisher holds president of company of new York Times concurrently Se Sucibaige is opposite small A astonish unceasingly news editorial office announced this to change suddenly. Dien Bakuite will replace executive editor in chief of 57 years old Aibulamusen, constitute immediateness go into effect.

    Ai Bu of auspicious Er · pulls Mu dark

    14 days, sucibaige is left in " new York Times " editorial office announces Bakuite is right will become this to sign up for new chief editor.

    Aibulamusen was obtained 2011 when appointing, became " new York Times " come 162 years chief female carries out a chief editor. And Bakuite will become a leader " new York Times " chief beautiful Ji Feiyi carries out a chief editor.

    What Sucibaige expresses clearly to make this decision is him, is not Aibulamusen. But the exact cause that Sucibaige weighs adult matter to adjust to this fumbles, "The problem of administrative job existence of our editorial office " , bring about the rise from all directions of editorial office rumor that still digests this one news in effort. But personage of know the inside story expresses, the intense concern between Sucibaige and Aibulamusen is ceaseless already before this aggravate. Administrative style of Aibulamusen also is picked by wide generally refer to, politico of political news website was listed " new York Times " what many faceless and in-house personage is aimed at Aibulamusen is a chain of complain, say her " obstinate " , " proud " , " fidgety " and " cloddish to subordinate " .

    Successor wins commend and award

    Local time 14 days afternoon, " new York Times " publisher Sucibaige reported this one abrupt human affairs to appoint and dismiss a decision to senior editors in parties of assembly room. Soon after, he to gather in floor of news editorial office to mix all round hundreds employee on stair published an address. Sucibaige praises in opening remarks Bakuite is " the person selected that suits this post most at present " , because he has the news observation of acumen not only, it is a prominent reporter and editor, and suffer colleague love and esteem fully.

    Sucibaige rejects to explain this choppy reason in detail, just admit " everybody has this unsolved problem in the heart " . He says, change this have nothing to do press, have nothing to do the guiding principle of news editorial office, also have nothing to do with editorial office and the relation between management branch.

    "I decide the news editorial office that is us appoints a new leader, because I think,be, new leader layer can let the certain respect that editorial office government works get improvement, " he says, "Your everybody can understand, I do not think this thing what to say again. The administrative job of our editorial office is put in the problem. This is the core of the problem. This is the core of the problem..

    Become " new York Times " the employee that assumes the editor in chief's Bakuite newly to gather in news editorial office to hundreds subsequently speaks.

    Bakuite is reporter of bear the palm of award of plan of benefit of a general, ever was in " los angeles times " hold the position of chief editor, will become nowadays " new York Times " the first place is not Yi Meiji chief editor. He says, "Scan widely United States, only this news editorial office was accomplished really before comparing a for generations better, this is an editorial office that taking curiosity and world of great ambition trend everyday, the company lets me lead it, I feel special honor. I feel special honor..

    In fact, when " new York Times " before Bill Keller is in the editor in chief to resigned 2011 when, outside media ever reported Bakuite is another when this newspaper considers to replace Keller main candidate extensively. According to " He Fen pauses Post " report of Ka Delong of · of Er of Michael of senior media reporter, peng rich company ever tried to dig him recently.

    Chief editor dash forward meet with discharge is precedented

    The Aibulamusen that is 60 years old 1997 by " wall street daily " find new job " new York Times " . She ever held the position of investigation reporter and Washington to divide company president, was appointed to be this to sign up for an editor in chief in September 2011, since making this cable 162 years, the first place holds the position of the female of this post. T

    his suffers what the person fixes eyes upon to appoint also let Aibulamusen ascend namely in those days personally Forbes the whole world a list of names posted up of 100 powerful women.

    Aibulamusen says in statement, "I have deep love for me to be in " new York Times " experience. " she still says, "I have favour and the reporter with the greatest whole world to work together, made the press of so much develop a school of one's own. " she mentioned herself to appoint a lot of females senior editor, call arrange of this with one action one of oneself achievement. She did not publish a comment to sufferring depose be related.

    The outside thinks, sucibaige points out vaguely " the management of editorial office " it is the reason that Aibulamusen gets the air, mean him to think Aibulamusen's individual character is problem place apparently. 2011 " new York guest " in report of special interview of a character, this magazine autograph makes an appointment with an author Ken Aolaida says, aibulamusen " cursory " , " irratable " , " candid " , " your life Wei " , " cloddish " and " Leng Jun " .

    Aibulamusen is brief and queasy lieutenancy lets a person remember came 2001 hold the position of during 2003 " new York Times " the editor in chief's Huoweier Leiensi. In this pursuit reports the leader of editor in chief of resounding effect falls, " new York Times " expose to the sun gave the news with the biggest throughout history to concoct false scandal, should sign up for young reporter Jiesen Blair to publish false report f

    or many times; In addition, lei Ensi still supports Zhu Di to think of what · rice straps to work, and the report that the alleged Iraq existence that Miller publishs is not groovy weapon lets " new York Times " feel regret. Unusually indignant Sucibeige fired Leiensi in June 2003.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    In report will occupy new network on September 14 outside intermediary report, county of Lan Ci of British sago heart 24 years old of women Boer division unplugs at public hospital reaching 3 years ago wisdom tooth, but the tooth that uses as a result of dentist gets overheat, burn the left labrum of Boer division and skin. Boer division destroys a look accordingly not only, the scar on the lip more the job of the member that make she loses nursery school to nurse, the earnest wish that of

    one mind makes model also is accused undone.

    The tragic destroying a look of Boer division happened on September 1, 2011, she unplugs to Birmingham city hospital two wisdom tooth reach tooth of an eat by moth at that time. The lip that Boer family discovers without the person in operation process already by burn, boer division awakes after anaesthetic drug effect passes feel twinge, also produced what job to her explanation without the person, take anodyne to her only.

    From this, boer family also cannot eat too hot or too cold food again, and feel oneself resemble blaming animal. The member that she should nurse in nursery school originally, but because scar frightened the child, be forced to resign. Boer division accepts face-lifting operation to improve scar outward appearance, cannot restore former appearance from beginning to end however.

    British countryman health care s

    erves (NHS) admits to want to be second incident in full charge, discussing settled out of court. The courtyard just expresses, concerned doctor already apologized to Boer division, courtyard square already out of service is relevant all equipment of the brand, tooth getting also provides automatic cooling system, avoid similar incident to repeat.

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    Official of carry out a death sentence of exposure of picture of the be tortured be tortured before Saddam is dead says its are deadly refuse to obey soft

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    [Summary] 6 when make 19 minutes, korea is mixed in mountain of flagpole of river primary line direction of maritime space of northeast of one belt face launchs yuan of hill missile of two short distance, missile range exceeds 500 kilometers. Korea army says, korea fires short distance missile one after another is to be aimed at Han Mei likely extremely " crucial make a decision " associated a sham battle, try to create nervous atmosphere.

    Cannon-shot exceeds 500 kilometers, speculation is " fleet-footed " series

    Dispatch will occupy the net austral Fujian on March 4 report of Han couplet company, korea fires missile of two short distance to direction of maritime space of Korea peninsula northeast 3 days morning. The word of personage of message of government of Korea of quote of Han couplet company reports, 6 when make 19 minutes, korea is mixed in mountain of flagpole of river primary line direction of maritime space of northeast of one belt face launchs yuan of hill missile of two short distance, missile range exceeds 500 kilometers. Korea army and government figure this missile is accordingly " fleet-footed " series missile. Korea already was in 5 6 missile fired in the day.

    Official of Korea department of defense says before this, korea will take the flight matter that blasted off to be short distance missile according to the letter toward northeast direction from mountain of flagpole of Jiang Yuan path one after an

    other on Feburary 27, its cannon-shot exceeds 200 kilometers.

    Korea army says, korea fires short distance missile one after another is to be aimed at Han Mei likely extremely " crucial make a decision " associated a sham battle, try to create nervous atmosphere. Han Fang already strengthened square to face surveillance, carry high be on the alert, come from face with be being answered at any time any square potential war actions. (

    Xinhua News Agency)

    Recommend read:

    Korea says Korea shoots 4 short distance missile or because resent beautiful Han the joint military exercise

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senil

    e living

    The net austral Fujian rolls

    out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Iowa of United States of Shao Tong of Chinese Dalian female student studying abroad is missing body Tibet car is mothball box

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    The United States is stationed in China ambassadorial Luo Jiahui: China need not worry about dollar assets safety

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    According to Korea media coverage, the analysis considers as Li Yinghao is eradicated by Zhang Chengze, and Zhang Chengze i

    s eradicated by Cui Long Hai. Keep within limits of each other of sea facies of dragon of Li Yinghao, Zhang Chengze, Cui calls the authority that control fight long-standing, especially the view thinks Zhang Chengze is executed to be not Jin Zhengen's meaning, however because of Cui Long Hai " the military affairs is converse coup " bring about.

    The seminar that congress diplomacy unites party of chairman, new nation to install Hong Jun assemblyman to will be held in congress on December 20 (" Han is diagnosed toward the relation reach settle way " ) with each big media is interviewed in offerred afore-mentioned views. He states this is from " authentic hep to face personage " over there hear.

    He expresses " (on December 17, 2011) Jin Zheng day dies at that time, the person with Korea military the greatest power is Li Yinghao chief of the general staff, it is he awarded Jin Zhengen general military rank " , "Li Yinghao hand holds real power after 6 many months, last year June assault of Zhang Chengze one party Li Yinghao's home, the Li Yinghao after firing 20 much people dead is arrested, korea TV station reports later ' Li Yinghao year the world is tall already, will resign all posts ' " . Still express at the same time " Li Yinghao by clean up hind, the axes of influence changed the labor party one party that Zhang Chengze is in from the army, but Cui Long Hai is in execute Zhang Chengze produced dominant effect in be related, power axle center turned to the army again now. (Show delicacy of hold office at court) in the hand of Cui dragon sea that real power grasps in the army, so this (execute Zhang Chengze) incident is a military affairs converse coup " .

    He expresses " the meaning that although execute,Zhang Chengze is not Jin Zhengen, but because of Cui Long Hai, jin Zhengen must be done in that way " , "In Jin Zheng day dies two years on congress of mourn over a person's death, the expression from Jin Zhengen also can see he is very malcontent, very disturbed also, the expression that his

    expression is not regime base to had gotten consolidating " .

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    The report calls Bengal the bay or discover debris of the plane that break couplet is multilateral evaluate reliability

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    Yearly salary of American denaturation female businessman exceeds 200 million yuan of wives before still be the same as denaturation to live together

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    Abdication of Peng Dingkang of fiducial conference chairman ever held the post of BBC superintend and director of last harbor of Hong Kong (graph)

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    Congo (gold) capital happening series assaults national TV station for a time by occupational

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    Volcano of hill of Japanese drive high mountain erupts strength is abate already sent 33 people to be missing 42 people are injured

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    Whether is this

    page list page or home page? Did not find appropriate text conten

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    Korea Jing shows a building crooked crooked 7 buildings tilt nearly 30 degrees draw near collapse (graph)

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    54 city peoples of United States parade protest prohibits the female is bare the upper part of the body shows bosom (graph)

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    Equestrian boat controller: Unit staff changes course by him volition likely

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    Install benefit of valley of times female following to manage child say with group photo of extremely antiforeign element at that time not know the inside story

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    Chinese net dispatch will report on October 7 according to website of Qatar peninsula TV station on October 8, swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs agrees without the parliament, issued the resolution that admits Palestine dominion

    . Israel expresses intense dissatisfaction to this resolution, give order
    s call in Sweden is stationed in Israel ambassador, put forward to protest formally.

    Kailunnilan of spokesman of Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses, the resolution that admits Palestine country is to need not discuss the government order that can agree, it needs to be in what cabinet has not obtain inside definite date to agree only.

    Sidifanluofuwen is in Swedish premier last week 4 (on October 2) new government holds water announce in the speech, swedish government admits the national position of Palestine from beginning to end.

    Luo Fuwen's declare got the warm reception of Palestine respect. But the United States thinks this group moves premature, hold reservation opinion to this.

    Israel respect expresses a regret to this resolution, and Yu Benzhou one (on October 6) call in Sweden is stationed in Israel ambassador Kaermagenusinaisier, put forward to protest formally.

    Deputy total a secretary in charge of sth, Israel is stationed in general affairs of Europe of Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs the warning weighs Swedish ambassador Afeifuxielun, this action won't conduce to improvement absolutely cling to in order to concern, can make two countries relation more exasperate only.

    He expresses, the statement of Swedish premier will reduce Ba Yishuang to just reach the possibility of unanimous opinion. Because this statement brings a Palestinian civilian unrealistic expectation, make they think they are different the end that Israel negotiates to be able to reach one-sided.

    Sweden is stationed in Israel ambassador response to say, the Swedish acknowledgement to Palestine country and Israel and Palestinian civilian the negotiation between has nothing to do.

    Swedish ambassador thinks, israel government aims to exchange bilateral opinion to his call in. He expresses, sweden wishs to maintain good relationship with Israel. He emphasizes saying, sweden encourages Ba Yishuang to just restart peace talks, hope Israel is right Palestine each square expression is more gentle.

    (Original title: Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs admits Israel of Palestine country position puts forward to protest)

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    Whether i

    s this pa
    ge list page or home page? Did not find appropriate text content.

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    e of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promoti

    on provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 06:28 佛山南海有95的场所
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    Service of provide for the aged of attention s

    pring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provi

    de for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月18日 06:28 上海花千坊1314
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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subj

    ect report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat prov
    ide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    General Beijing gives orders area of Russian black border 17600 Russian soldiers recall base

    2022年01月18日 06:28 佛山300元沐足
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    The page was not found

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    Qin Gang of spokesman of dispatch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will indicate the net austral Fujian 3 days on March 4, the prime cause that creates current situation of problem of problem of Sino-Japanese Diaoyu Island, the East China Sea depends on day of square ceaseless one-sided carrying a disturbance, field of the Fang Li in just hoping day just can be responded to seriously

    in, face up to the history and reality, in be the same as, side relevant issue spreads out real dialogue and talk things over.

    That day on routine press conference, the reporter asks, hero of article of cropland of bank of Japanese foreign minister appeals department of defense of Sino-Japanese two countries establishs maritime communication mechanism, lest the East China Sea is nervous,condition warms up. Just have to this in why to respond to? To this, qin Gang make afore-mentioned responses.

    Additionally the reporter asks, japan prevents long small wild temple 5 allusion say, will establish an accurate Marine Corps, be in charge of seizing insular task and defence of southwest Zhu Dao. Is there just He Ping to talk to this in?


    Qin Gang says, as a result of historical reason, the negative trend that also goes up in a series of problems as a result of government of the Japan in reality, international society especially circumjacent country is in to Japan the martial safety domain, act height attention that concerns in periphery. "Our hope day square can cogent cash the wants peaceful progress commitment that oneself make, the peace and stability that is an area produces positive effect. " (Xinhua News Agency)

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    Whether is this page list page or home page? Did not

    find appropri
    ate text content.

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    The findings that orgnaization of Chile public opinion poll releases 29 days shows, candidate of election

    of next month president, before support leads female president Michelle Baqielaite to precede considerably, hopeful is elected again.

    Chile holds presidential election on November 17. Civilian attune orgnaization " public r

    esearch center " release a report to say, if presidential election is in this weekday, will hold on November 3 namely, the investigation object of 47% will poll Baqielaite, candidate of political party of 14% choices right wing Aiweilin Matai, candidate of 10% choices independence Folangge Palixi. Baqielaite came to took up the post of female president of Chile first place 2010 2006.

    Recommend read: Aobama " backyard on fire " claim wife Michelle objects a military affairs hitting Syria

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    Malaysia kidnaps female tourist of Chinese Shanghai book already get-off will go back to the motherland

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    Will report on August 11 according to the BBC, british country archives announced thousands of to witnessed a report to the UFO of department of defense 2007 1985 a few days ago. These reports are OK download freely from the official website of British country archives. Curator of British country archives wears Wei Clark (David Clarke) says: "Publishing these materials is time problem only " .

    The report says, in these reports, one the most interesting comes from an information officer, although,he says since World War II, they had received thousands of UFO to report, but they never spend any time and money to undertake study to any reports. If the public knows, they may believe far from. Memorandum weighs interior of another department of defense that is written from July 5, 1995, the DI55 orgnaization that media will investigate UFO trace technically is called " antagonism extraterrestrial's minatory earth defend person " , this one appellation and fact differ too far, whats were done because of this orgnaization. Of these files announce cause partial officer to be anxious, if information branch does not have relevant orgnaization the message leak of interest to the research of UF

    O, may cause doubt and awkwardness.

    Overcame · Pu Bai to the Buddhist nun that has worked in the department of defense between 1994 1991 (Nick Pope) says, these reports can be alluded only piece, socially too much to the existence of UFO controversy. Controversy exists likewise in the department of defense, a few people think to study UFO is wasteful time and money, a few people th

    ink this studies pair of national defence safety are very important. (Li Jinliang)

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_zqy

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