Baseball player takes softball girl's bat trick to the next level

It doesn't matter what you say. Bat tricks will never not be impressive.If y

ou haven't seen the softball trick video that went viral over the weekend, you must. But this? This is next-level stuff. I'm not even sure where to begin describing the flips, spins and kicks this guy can do. You just need to see it for yourself. MORE: Best batting stances in baseball history | Rob Manfred: Pete Rose decision is comingProps to that softball #BatTricker but @SportsCenter this stuff is #SCtop10 worthy— Bercules (@Bercules88) August 25, 2015You're impressed. I can see it in your eyes. No? Well, what about this one? This is one bat-tricking son of a gun. You haven't REALLY seen BAT TRICKS until you've seen @Bercules88 do his thing w/ the LUMBER!— Whistle Sports (@WhistleSports) August 24, 2015The American flag gear really sets it off.


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