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    Remote just offers to compensate for Chinese victim frequent make one's rounds flies to military plan of 70 thousand yuan of China

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    Gold and or already replaced in power of elder brother Jin Zhengen to hold the post of undersecretary of Korea labor party

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    Company of Japanese Tokyo power decides 18 days, permanent shut blessing island the first nuclear power plant is last two nuclear reactor.

    Japanese joint news agency reports, report decides to discard as useless east date and 6 5 nuclear reactor, but do not demolish, leave research to demolish other the way of 4 nuclear reactor.

    Japanese premier An Beijin 3 inspect toward blessing island before September, directive east fulgurite manage personnel discards as useless date and 6 5 reactor, requirement east electric next year will solve sewage leak problem before the bottom in March. Report decides 1 to discard as useless before east to 4 reactor.

    Blessing island people appeals east electric company dismantles two nuclear power plant of local completely, nevertheless company of power of this home appliance still does not have a decision to whether demolish another to bu
    ild the power station that has 4 nuclear reactor.

    Japanese northeast maritime space produced 9 class earthquake on March 11, 2011 and spark seismic sea wave, blessing island leak of radiation of the first nuclear power plant, 1 is damaged badly to 4 reactor, date and 6 5 reactor are in overhaul condition, successful refrigeration was not damaged.

    Recommend read: Sewage of radioactivity of blessing island nuclear power plant again leak

    Blessing island nuclear power plant stores up condition of leap of radioactivity sewage quantity is very critical

    Korea most probably peninsula dweller is afraid of because Japanese radiate impact is big,have a fish

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    Boss of aviation of British dimension precious rolls out freedom off make want how to long rest how long

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    Clamour of element of Japanese ultra-Right ala should slaughter in day Korea the person is mixed Chinese

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    Japanese time-out repatriate is illegal stayer avoids add meridian relation to light igneous dot

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    Korea " years date " passenger liner is sunken: 338 students are rescued 1 woman dies

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    Mexican big poison fierces and ambitious Huajin Gusiman is " professional drug trafficking is peddled " , " Forbes " evaluation, if cast aside ethics of heart of clear the way, odd with " the profe

    ssion is accomplished " theory, gusimanke calls " not disgrace its name " : Through sea land sky diversification is carried, gu Siman is current already value the cocaine of 19 billion dollar sent American; to be chased nearly 10 years by encircle and suppress of the United States, Mexico, be included list of highest order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large by bureau of American drugs control, money reward of order circularly the arrest of a criminal at large 5 million dollar.

    Listed Forbes 2009

    Plute a list of names posted up the 701st

    Gu Siman this year 56 years old, his " Xinaluoya " the group that peddle poison is active in Mexico tens of year, not only sortie drugs commerce, still be suspected of incident of many deadly experience poisonous force.

    Came 2001, gu Siman " Xinaluoya " from the poison of medium dimensions peddles a gang to develop to press the amount that peddle poison to plan in the whole world the group peddling poison of the first of all. Be in the United States " Forbes " magazine in the global plute a list of names posted up 2009, gu Siman ranks the 701st with home of body of 1 billion dollar, discharge in Mexican plute the 10th.

    He is returned by " Forbes " include " the whole world has consequence person most " a list of names posted up is odd, the position is before French president and Venezuela president.

    After Ben Ladan was shot dead 2011, he is in " Forbes " the whole world in a list of names posted up of 10 old evil person " rising " to the first place. According to statistic, direct or the person that dies on his hand secondhand has 38 thousand about.

    The have the aid of he is more than 10 years ago washs clothes car success escape from prison

    1993, because of " a person of same business competes " a month is less than after escaping to assassinate, gu Siman is arrested in Puerto Rico, the put in prison that be sentenced 20 years. After sentencing, gu Siman is gone to by move the melon with highest cautionary safety amounts to Mexico Lahala jail, await the United States that be gone to by extradite. Later 6 years, gu Siman lives comfortable life in the jail, enjoy independent room, can drink on whiskey, there still is service of off, Moll on the weekend allegedly.

    In January 2001, shortly will be gone to by extradite of the United States several days ago, gu Siman crosses 12 path remote control successfully walk out of in the door, jail from guard forbidding, tibet is washing clothes be off to distant parts in the car. After the event investigates discovery, drag in enters Gusiman in case of escape from prison make together have 87 people at least.

    After escape from prison, gu Siman is tracked to escape, change everyday almost mobile phone number, become face-lifting operation even. The report says, want somebody to be able to provide safe shelter ground to him only, he can pay 2 million dollar accommodation cost; has two defence beside him, lining is weapon expert, outer deserve to have advanced communication tool. After this, gu Siman becomes aggravated the gang peddling poison that the ground develops him " Xinaluoya " , more than 10 years it development becomes a group that peddle poison and guilty empire.

    "Xinaluoya " force from stannum of Mexican northwest ministry Na Luoya city fluctuates along endless Pacific Ocean coasting outspread, north reachs the United States, guatemala comes south. Classics change trains, the drugs of this group still infiltrates of Europe and Asia " poisonous city " .

    13 years after escape from prison, the beetle-crusher savage that Gu Siman resembles is North America is same, ceaseless somebody witnesses his occurrence, however from beginning to end nobody captures " vivid content " . The message of holiday of true true and false lets him become more legend. Last year, the report says he is murdered in Guatemala, but he shows after this again personally somewhere else.

    Somebody is returned to be his compose compose a poem to a given tune of ci inside the group that peddle poison, the name is " drugs corridor " , praise him " gallant " .

    He instigates " drugs war " already caused death of 38 thousand person

    Gu Siman was born in Mexican stannum on April 4, 1957 Ba Di of Na Luoya city pulls melon to hold suburb village in the palm, parental one's own of countryside 8 children, bread hardship. Gu Siman is on the road that peddles poison, likelihood and its father are concerned. Its male parent is place raises bovine specialist, but star-crossed, begin to cultivate opium stealthily.

    Gu Siman build is short, only 1.52 meters, because this is called out " a short person " , but he works spell able, be able to bear or endure nimbly suffering, cruel and evil, by Xinaluoya the city peddles poisonous head Aweilaisi to take a fancy to, appoint in order to weigh duty. Later, gu Siman was given the poisonous ambitious with the biggest at that time Mexico by the introduction Jia

    laduo, be in charge of adding the content fluid that pulls much drugs empire to fasten by accreditation. After Jialaduo is arrested, gu Siman sat to add the first an ancient folding chair that pulls much drugs empire, overall controls Xinaluoya's drugs to trade.

    On September 11, 2004, mexico erupts " drugs war " . That day, a poisonous ambitious accompanies Mexico its wife, taking two children to go into the street shop. They are being returned ambush on manorial road, all get killed. This group of killer serves for Gusiman.

    Gu Siman this one gun, broke the group that peddle poison between hundred years will form " each other nonaggression " " the money that earns each each " agreement. From now on, mexico peddles poison blood is smooth between the group rise from all directions. Since December 2006, this " war " had brought about even more 38 thousand person dies. This number exceeded play the murder record that publish. Say from this meaning, gu Siman has this actual strength to become really " global chief criminal " .

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    Login register Yang Le of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral F

    ujian will Le Lehuai pregnant appear first degrees to bask with Wang Han in June figure not: of origin of go out of form? Illuminate Ping collate?2014-10-06 13:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Early before admit already publicly to be about to become dad, wang Han and wife Yang Le are happy nevertheless however

    all the time very low-key, never appear publicly together. Recently, wang Han publishs the photograph that with wife poplar depend on each other of Le Lexiang lean close to basks together first degrees through network platform, although be the back of Jing grand dekko only,still be like slightly however erst, not because be pregnant and shape go out of form.

    Wang Han and Yang Le are happy

    Be worth National Day to grow a holiday, wang Han will bask in an one back that Zhang Qingfu loves wife fine waist to bask through network platform on October 5, speak say: Others basks in cate to bask in beautiful scenery, we are forced depend on each other of photograph lean close to basked. Yang Le is happy first degrees after be being exploded to have pregnant appear in public line of sight to draw a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch quickly also to surround view. Be jeered to name small pickled Chinese cabbage by the netizen before the baby in the abdomen is early, this two have husband and wife a photograph is basked in first after pregnant, do this also draw many people to examine minutely the child's infant name was decided? Be small pickled Chinese cabbage really?

    This year in July, yang Le is happy be exploded had been pregnant more than 3 months, bark contain faces good friend Han Gong to speak in the program after that acquiesce is about to become dad. According to time computative, yang Le is at present happy had been pregnant left and right sides of nearly 6 months, although this piece of photograph is the dekko of the back only, but its figure has no evidence of grow stout go out of form completely however, this also makes many netizens straight weigh envy, in addition also many people appeal Wang Han can let wife exposure flank illuminate.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Login register Jin Zhengen of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to lead a group to pay homage to sun Gong Lixue to advocate peace does gold respect: of origin of Ji Weilou face? Qu Xian?2014-02-17 10:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Data chart

    Golden Zheng Enjin promotes tens of Wei Chaojun high-ranking military officer

    Korea celebrates birthday of Jin Zheng day 72 years wife of; Jin Zhengen, aunt all did not appear

    Korea is celebrated 16 days " bright star section " , namely birthday of day of Jin Zheng of deceased and top leader 72 years, show top leader Jin Zhengen to lead people army senior commander pays homage to the palace of samite hill sun that puts remains of Jin Zheng day.

    Jin Zhengen promoted to a high office 15 days tens of Wei Chaojun general. Han intermediary notices, wife plum snow of Jin Zhengen

    advocate, aunt gold Jing Jijun did not appear. Jin Jingji's husband, former Korea " 2 characters " Zhang Chengze will overturn because of be engaged in last year in December national plot action and execute.

    After Jin Zheng day dies by 2011, korea is his birthday day surely " bright star section " .

    Korea promotes people army high-ranking military officer in eve of festival of great politics sex normally, this year " bright star section " not exceptional also. The company in face reports 16 days, 15 days of make known to lower levels command Jin Zhengen, rising people army directs tens of names the member's military rank.

    Jin Le of commander of strategic rocket army holds military rank of admiral be awardinged concurrently, the others counts 10 people to be awarded lieutenant general and major general military rank respectively. According to the view of law intermediary, short distance of Korea of control of strategic rocket army and project of intermediate range missile. Korea people army general military rank divides level, it is general, admiral, lieutenant general and major general respectively.

    The United States writings brush about Si Hopkins website of institute of beautiful Han of institute of advanced research of university international problem " north latitude 38 degrees " say 13 days, korea accelerates the nuclear test in brook of abundant of county of city of auspicious of path of north of northeastern ministry salty lens the mining of field works, but the sign that was not about to have nuclear test.

    The photograph that films with commercial satellite is a basis, this wisdom library says, korea begins possibly last year in May to be in Feng Xi nuclear test field digs a new gallery, reckon the cubic metr

    o of earth and stone that digs since the beginning of the year this year turned over one times. Film newly in these photographs on Feburary 3. 3 times subterranean nuclear test all is in Korea the nuclear test in Feng Xi undertake. (Xinhua News Agency)

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Wengehua adds Canada coastal waters region produces 6.7 class earthquake to have no casualties to report temporarily

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    Occupy Japanese media 12 days to report, ocean of Tokyo university, Japan considers to develop an orgnaization to wait with Euramerican international group together, the 2 satellites Saturnian satellite in Saturn 2 go up the environment that discovers existence hot water. According to saying, this is the mankind discovers the can exist for life environment besides consist in earth in solar system first. This achievement already was published in British science magazine " natural " on.

    Satellite of Saturn 2 (E

    nceladus) , the diameter makes an appointment with 500 kilometers, run around Saturn. Its center is rock, distance sun is distant, consequently very cold. The surface is enclothed by large place glacial a layer. Study the group discovers, in be equivalent to satellite of Saturn the subterranean existence near the antarctic of 2 is marine. Study the group discovers, seawater often gush to aerospace, the life such as carbon is contained to form place in ejective seawater must element.

    According to American aerospace bureau (NASA) the Saturn detector that wait Ka Xini date (the observation of Cassini) , in ejective seawater, discovered what form by 2 oxidation silicon to exceed fine grained content. According to Japanese experiment, this is the grain content that be reacted with rock happening by hot water of 90 degrees of above in underground and forms. This one environment is similar to telluri

    an the deep-sea spout that heat up fluid. Have not make clear at present heat source comes from where.

    The element such as liquid state water, carbon, hot energy is considered as life to exist indispensable 3 gist element. Guan Genkang's person emphasizes the Tokyo college associate professor in studying a group, this is (it is beyond the earth) discover the celestial body that has 3 gist element first.

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    According to Thailand " Bangkok Post " 27 days of reports, burmese government army with this country gram Lun Zuwu outfit happens fight. Fight bilaterally

    the place is apart from peaceful remote border land to make an appointment with 5 kilometers, thailand leads to Burmese border 27 days to be shut temporarily, thailand government has asked compatriots does not head for area of chaos caused by war as far as possible.

    " Bangkok Post " the message of custom of cite Thailand place says, burmese authorities asks to shut border land checkpoint, join the big bridge of peaceful remote friendship of two ground also stops to pass through since 27 days.

    According to the report, burmese government army with the gram week of Lun Zuwu mount comes out fight, each other has casualties, detailed war situation is unidentified. After Burmese new government appeared on the stage in March 2011, expressed the strong desire that drives a nation to reconcile for many times, and cent move armeds forces with a few minority spread out peace talks, with the gram Lun Zuwu outfit signed cease-fire agreement 2012, the hope ends both sides 60 old conflict, did not t

    hink of flames of war rises again.

    Burmese and mutual 130 many nations, 65% what remote a group of things with common features occupies total population about.

    Responsibility edits: Wu Defei

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    Login register south Africa of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is one park painful to elephant are next killer rescued flower does the woman bring heat to discuss origin: ? ?2014-01-02 11:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Data chart

    To avoid to include an England woman inside a few tourists get the attack of elephant, week of park of state of case of south Africa Ke Lu is man-to-man head elephant is painful next killer, shoot dead its. This action got object strongly of people of broad south Africa, the people thinks in succession: Elephant is in oneself feudal on activity, get of the mankind inbreak, get to death too bad luck.

    On December 30, 2013, in south Africa the biggest wild animal garden -- park of state of Ke Lu case, the husband of south Africa book that a fair elephant atttacked an England woman and her to live in England. The spokesman that occupies a park says: "This elephant is taking a walk at that time, this drives to the couple through, film from the back its kinescope. Film after lasting for some time, elephant stopped suddenly, run quickly to the car that has parked over directly. Run quickly to the car that has parked over directly..

    Park spokesman still expresses: "Elephant atttacked a car, in the bush that throws the car roadside from the road. " after a transient autocycle caballero discovers a circumstance, signed up for alarm, park school person is shot killed elephant, dispatch helicopter helps this pair of husband and wives. Classics hospital is diagnosed, the woman ham in the car is hind be become to be weighed by ivory thorn, and the man that is the same as a car also got some of flesh wound.

    After be informed this matter, south Africa people expresses: "Too was fed up with! Innocent elephant should not suffer dead. Did not forget, here is wild animal garden, it is its land, we are the person that inbreak, it is the elephant that the tourist dogs first what is more,the rather that. It is the elephant that the tourist dogs first what is more,the rather th


    Park spokesman says, the reason of elephant fire up is unidentified. Nevertheless, he says apologetically, shoot killing elephant also is necessary lift, because this elephant before this ever had had similar attack action. "This elephant must be gotten rid of, because it entered violent phase, before this it ever combat of as fair as additionally one elephant, show very strong aggressive sex. " he says.

    Nevertheless, to this explanation of the park, great majority people is not approbated. They think elephant is innocent, should be put to death at random far from. "Do not have completely necessary kill this elephant, " a people that the name is Luobi Baotesi publishs a comment to say to this, "This is a foolish act, park respect must give out the ironclad proof that they must kill it. Park respect must give out the ironclad proof that they must kill it..

    This person that is near future happening resembles one of conflict. Last week, the staff member of a zoo inside Vietnam river is killed by the elephant that weighs two tons directly. This staff member is preparing to attract elephant basket at that time in, after the result is supported to rise with ivory by elephant however, lose fall dead to a cistern.

    In person elephant conflict, what elephant m

    ore moment acts is the victim's part. Second half of the year had Zimbabwe 2013 300 bull elephant is used the tooth is taken after prussiate poison, two months also have Tanzania recently nearly 100 elephant by poach. Basis " be in severe danger convention of international trade of species of wild vivid plant " secretariat and " international nature protects alliance " the report of a research that issues before a month, possibly 2012 22 thousand elephant are caught illegally by kill, according to this speed the Africa in 10 years will lose the elephant of 1/5 to plant likely henceforth group. (Song Fangcan of reporter of Chinese news network)

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Brazilian interlink killer confesses kill 39 people the injured party to be young woman more

    2022年01月17日 22:31 广州悦来香pm之家是真的吗
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    Peaceful interview person newspaper higher education announces an university to rank California grain industry to continue to hold a title before Beijing University Tsinghua is entered 50

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    Beautiful day begins to survey investor of bit money exchange jointly the appeal is transparent

    2022年01月17日 22:31 上海龙凤阁
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    Install times clear benefit head exposes to the sun how times suffer from on insomnious disease every night enters Mian with brandy

    2022年01月17日 22:31 广州夜玩网
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    Korea uses rate go ahead of the rest improvement to urge Korea to give toward Han relation answer

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    Indian department of defense is auctioned " Weikelante " date because aircraft carrier is safeguarded feebly

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    Service of provide for the aged

    of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the fo

    rm such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Mohammedan country armeds force to launch large-scale attack in earthy appraise border land extremely

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    Login register gunman of white man of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to assault constabulary headquarters to commit the crime: of origin of element of politics of motive doubt drag in? Qu Xian?2014-11-30 10:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    The United States gets Kesasi pop of 28 days of before dawn happening reachs downtown of city metropolis Austin arson case. Mexico of face of a middleaged man is stationed in Austin the building such as police station of consulate, Austin, federal court shoots continuously shoot and to consulate arson, place favour did not cause personal casualty.

    White man man pulls li of Maikuiliyamusi

    Police blocked doubt is fierce shoot dead the spot

    Previous conviction of white man gunman

    Police says Austin, gu

    nman pulls li of Maikuiliyamusi for man of 49 years old of white men, have guilty criminal record. 28 days of before dawn 2 when the left and right sides, maikuiliyamusi is successional the building such as headquarters of face Mexico consulate, police station shoots shoot bullet of 100 much hair, enrage coal tub with the propane that carries to the arson that get a house. As a result of accident ground vicinity Austin public place of entertainment collects the ground the 6th street, inn of not little at that time night and bar just put up the shutters, emerging to street after empty after the show of thousands of person.

    By police chief A spy A fills in Wei Duo's view, incident lasted about 10 minutes. Final, a ranger that patrol approachs Maikuiliyamusi and firing to its, latter is died by discovery subsequently. Temporary not clear Maikuiliyamusi is shoot dead or be shot to commit suicide by police. Outside dividing Maikuiliya

    musi, incident did not cause other personal casualty, but encounter a building to all have different level damage, among them damage of headquarters of Austin police station is the most serious.

    Oppose land settlement policy?

    Current, the abode that police has been located in Austin to Maikuiliyamusi is carried out ransack, the FBI also intervened the case is investigated. Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement that day, condemnation assaults incident and be deeply concerned badly to expression of a got-up affair.

    Asaiweiduo says, police suspects Maikuiliyamusi commit the crime motive is possible element of drag in politics, pass advantageous position of exercise president administration to adjust land settlement policy to concern couplet with near future of abstruse Ba Ma probably. Once this travel government order is signed, nearly 5 million illegal immigrant avoids of short duration drive out.

    If you look,concern immigrant now new politics national discussion. Asaiweiduo says, meet of course (in decide commit the crime when motive) considering this.

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    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to imprint is anti-corruption celebrity arrested bring protest of 1000 people assembly to ever organized: of fast anti-corruption origin? ?2011-08-17 16:3 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border7 Http://www.mnw.cn/

    16 days, xin Deli, the Hazaer that be arrested presents his compliment to the proponent in patron wagon.

    Constituent fast protest imprints anti-corruption celebrity is arrested

    Ever will hold fast anti-corruption activity in April, before this fast action begins, be arrested, cause protest of assembly of thousands of person

    On August 16, india is famous have an insatiable desire for corrupt society activist instead because Annahazaer engineers public fast activity, protest the government is corrupt and be arrested. Because the proponent is numerous, after Hazaer is arrested, indian whole nation erupts ten place protest an activity, thousands of person is arrested by the police.

    The fast in the jail after be arrested

    Before be social activist of 73 years old to install Nahazaer to prepared originally that day, undertake toward a park fast protests, come on stage with this demand government more strict have an insatiable desire for corrupt law instead, but before going out, he is arrested by police.

    Before the police station that be gone to by patron wagon carry, haing Za Erchao is worn outdoor media beck presents his compliment, allege fast protests will not plan sequential. Subsequently, he rejects pay recognizance, be taken to go to take into custody of a jail 7 days. It is reported, over, 3 legislator and front of employer of a few industries face corruption to accuse. After be being arrested, hazaer decides to begin go on a hunger strike in jail.

    Municipal official auspicious ascends India Bailemu points out, in fast remonstrant action organization just rejects to restrict fast to the day is counted and attend number hind, police prohibited his remonstrant activity.

    The police arrests thousands of remonstrant

    After Hazaer is arrested, indian each district thousands of demonstrate person be on street assembly to protest, they hold high " have an insatiable desire for corrupt revolution instead " , "Arrest me " wait for catchphrase, return somebody to imitate Hazaer to wearing white hat, shout " I am Hazaer " .

    It is reported, the person that police arrested 1200 demonstrate at least in Xin Deli, there are more than 3000 people to be arrested in Bombay, but a lot of people are released before long.


    u emphasizes, arresting Hazaer is to maintain national order only. "We do not prohibit the democratic protest of any peace " , but the requirement that Hazaer rejects police, cause stable hidden trouble. "We allow to protest, but this must undertake below reasonable condition. " Jidengbailemu says.

    This year April, hazaer builds Jiandamanda in mark of Xin Deli ground spread out before observatory " fast to death " protest acts, requirement India government is

    examined afresh have an insatiable desire for corrupt act instead " the citizen is censorial act " , give the people enough superintendence, cause the attention of Indian premier Xin Ge, force a government finally to draft legislation, undertake turning over having an insatiable desire for corrupt monitoring. He plans to be in in the past a Zhou Er make public fast again.

    Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_cjf: Central observatory weather forecast: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have arrive greatly total fleet of Fujian of rainstorm 2017-09-18 armed police: Arrive again parting when, strong and handsome fitness surpasses the barback 2017-09-18 Fuzhou that cannot forget all one's life publicly to ring down the curtain satisfactorily many 200 athlete takes part in the match Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-09-18 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Suffer from " Sleeping Beauty " quite ill female undergraduate sleeps 2 months do not wake

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    Japan is new decode diplomatic archives makings exposing to the sun: Japan prepares Xiu Xian to drive defend oneself

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