Home Run Derby 2016: Giancarlo Stanton defeats Todd Frazier; round-by-round results

Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton clubbed a record 61 home runs Monday to unseat defending champion Todd Frazier in the 2016 Home Run Derby in San Diego.Stanton hit 20 homers in the final round, which came after an opening round in which he hit 24, becoming the first player to reach 20 home runs in two rounds of a Derby. MORE: Nine of the worst All-Star Game performances everThe players were seeded one through eight based on home run totals through Wednesday.  Here are the participants and bracket for Monday's T-Mobile Home Run Derby. pic.twitter.com/N3TWIKUy4M— Communications (@_PR) July 7, 2016MORE: All-Star rosters  | Meet these professional home run chasersLike last season, batters had four minutes each round to hit has many long balls as possible. In the first round and semifinals, each batter was entitled to one 45-second "time out." In the finals, each batter was entitled to two 45-second "time-outs." Thirty seconds of bonus time was awarded for two home runs that each equaled or exceeded 440 feet.MORE: 13 best career All-Star performances | 13 worst career All-Star offensive performancesHere's the play-by-play of how things unfolded from SN's live blog:WarmupThings are underway. A pre-event montage highlights the greatness of the Derby. Baseball: Proudly the only major sport without a clock. Except during the Home Run Derby, when there's totally a clock. Not surprisingly, hometown boy Wil Myers of the Padres gets a loud ovation during the introductions.Former Padres great and Hall of Famer Dave Winfield throws out the first pitch. From the mound, no less. Looked like a strike.The rules for tonight are simple: Crush dingers or go home.— (((Jesse Spector))) (@jessespector) July 12, 2016Round OneNo. 1 seed Mark Trumbo (Orioles)   vs. No. 8 seed Corey Seager (Dodgers)Seager goes first, hitting off his dad. He's having trouble getting the ball elevated in the early going. Seager doesn't seem to remember he has a time out. He finishes the regulation time with 12 dingers. He gets bonus time for having two homers go farther than 440 feet. He knocks three more in bonus time.Total: 15; Longest: 454 feetNow Trumbo. He's hitting some real Trumbombs so far (I'm sorry), but he's been on top of the ball a lot. It's going to be hard to match Seager's total. He opts to take a time out. Wow. He just hit one on top of the Metal Supply Co. That's a poke. Well, he tied Seager. Well, he passed Seager. Hit eight straight.Total: 16;  Longest: 479 feetResult: Trumbo advances*****No. 4 seed Robinson Cano (Mariners) vs. No. 5 seed Giancarlo Stanton (Marlins)Now comes Stanton. There's a 40 percent chance he hits one to the Pacific. Dang. He just hit one on the top of the batter's eye in center. He's earned bonus time already. He smartly calls a time out with 12 homers. He resumes recharged. He's come just short of hitting the scoreboard in left field a few times. We don't have an official speed clock, but I'm pretty sure the exit velocity on these balls is 6,000 mph. He's done with regulation time. Bonus time coming. Shockingly, he hits a few more. An epic performance.Total: 24 (second-most ever in a round);  Longest:  497 feetNow Cano. He's off to a slow start. He calls time out with just three homers so far. We'll go out on a limb and say he's not going to beat Stanton. He's not going to even break 10. He finishes with seven. Total: 7;  Longest: 452 feetResult: Stanton advances*****No. 3 seed Adam Duvall (Reds) vs. No. 6 seed Wil Myers (Padres)Here comes Myers, the hometown boy, who hits off his younger brother. A little slow to start. He's getting under a lot of balls. He's going to have to play catchup fast to stay in this thing. He calls a time out. He resumes with a little more success, but finishes regulation time with just 10 homers. There will be no bonus time. He hit some long-looking ones, but they were right down the line and not as long as they looked.Total:  10;  Longest: 431 feetNow Duvall. He's also starting out slow-ish, but has gotten some distance on a few. He quickens his pace a little. He passes Myers with his 11th homer. He'll move on.Total:  11;  Longest:  429 feetResult: Duvall advances*****No. 2 seed Todd Frazier (White Sox) vs. No. 7 seed Carlos Gonzalez (Rockies)Gonzalez vs. Frazier is the matchup with the highest number of Z's in this year's home run derby.— (((Jesse Spector))) (@jessespector) July 12, 2016Here comes Cargo. Slow going for him too. Just two homers through the first minute. He's earned bonus time, though. And now he calls time out with 2:01 left. He resumes and picks up the pace some. Now they're coming. He could end up being a contender in this thing. He earns 30 more seconds of bonus time. He's having trouble, though, and finishes with a dozen.Total: 12; Longest: 450Now it's Frazier, last year's champ. Seems to be having a hard time getting it elevated and keeping it straight, but still has six dingers with 2:13 left. He calls time out. He resume from his rest, but still doesn't look anything like he did last year. He's earned some bonus time. He passes CarGo. Total: 13;  Longest: 448Result: Frazier advancesMORE: Best photos from the 2016 Home Run DerbyRound TwoNo. 1 seed Trumbo vs. No. 5 seed StantonStanton up first, looking to follow up on his 25 dinger performance in the first round. Looks like he decided to ditch the cap, let's see if it pays off for him here. So far, putting on another show, with six homers in just over a minute. Looks like he's showing some signs of fatigue, as he uses his time out right about the halfway mark. He's got nine homers at  1:45. He has yet to hit the scoreboard. If the baseballs were time travelling DeLoreans, Stanton wouldn't have been back to 1955 with Doc Brown twice as quick. He finishes with 17 in regulation and bonus time. He's tied Bobby Abreu with the most home runs in Home Run Derby history (format notwithstanding).Total:  17   Longest: 497 feetIn comes Mark Trumbo, walking up to music from Top Gun. It's slightly telling, because he's looking to send some baseballs to the Danger Zone. He hit a ball off the scoreboard, oh goodness. Off to a little bit of a slow start for Trumbo, but he's at five home runs in just over a minute and a half. He now hit a ball that landed on the roof of the Western Metal Supply building in left. He's called his time out with 2:05 remaining in the round, and has an extra 30 seconds. He has 11 home runs with 25 seconds reamining, it's going to be close. Trumbo finished with 12 in regulation, and needs five home runs in the 30 bonus seconds, which would be the greatest athletic feat since Uncle Rico threw a football over the mountains in Idaho. Total:  14  Longest:  420 feetResult:  Stanton advancesIn all fairness to everybody else they aren't losing to a mortal man— Christian Yelich (@ChristianYelich) July 12, 2016*****No. 2 seed Frazier vs. No. 3 seed DuvallDuvall up first, and he has three home runs in his first minute. Crowd seems to be suffering a little bit of dinger exhaustion. Duvall has 11 home runs, is hooking a lot of them foul, and has taken his timeout with 1:08 remaining. Following his rest, he hits one just over the wall in left. He's finishing strong, with seven over his last minute, finishing with 15 in regulation. He was flirting with one more on his final swing, but came up just short.Total:  15  Longest:  430 feetIn comes Todd Frazier, with four home runs in his first minute. He's setting his Frazierian pace, with eight home runs halfway through his round. Now he's starting to heat up, with four straight home runs, and he calls his time out. He's the master of the time out, up there with Bill Belichick and Gregg Popovich. It's absolutely masterful to behold. Following his timeout, with a minute remaining, he's up to 14 home runs. And he's now tied Adam Duvall, and now he's walked off with his 16th home run with just over 30 seconds left. Total:  16  Longest:  428 feetResult:  Frazier advances*****Final RoundNo. 5 seed Stanton vs. No. 2 seed FrazierIf there was ever a proper use of a large, printed emoji, it would be this.Jaw-dropping power 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱. @tmobile #HRDerby pic.twitter.com/TdMWApQn9y— GIFS (@GIFs) July 12, 2016Up first is Giancarlo Stanton, and he looks ready to knock the snot out of some baseballs, and he has in the early going, with three in his first 30 seconds. A little bit of a lull now, with three more in his next minute, and he very expertly calls his time out. In comes Marlins teammate Jose Fernandez with a bottle of Gatorade, surely the Mickey Goldmill to Stanton's Rocky. Or Duke to Apollo, if that's what you prefer. Stanton comes out of the break and mashes six more in the next minute. Stanton is at 14 with a minute remaining, with his 14th hitting the Western Metal Supply Co.

building in left. He calls his second and final time out with 46 seconds remaining. Coming out of his time out, Stanton hit four straight home runs, bringing his regulation total to 19, with the bonus round incoming. It never rains in San Diego, but Stanton pierced some clouds in the final round, with 20 home runs.Total:  20  Longest:  432 feetCan Todd Frazier do it? Can he put forth a Herculean effort to beat the home run hitting mammoth that is Giancarlo Stanton? Well, he has two in the first minute, so he has a long way to go to catch up. With 2:51 remaining, he calls his first time out, and he needs at least 17 to match Stanton's total. He comes out of the time out and looks reinvigorated, hitting six in the next minute. Now up to 10, he calls his second and final time out with 1:24 remaining. With one minute remaining, Frazier is at 11 and has a long hill to climb to defend his title. With 30 seconds left, it looks like Stanton has this in the bag.Total: 13  Longest:  422 feetIt is over. it is done. Todd Frazier has been dethroned, and Giancarlo Stanton now sits atop the irone throne of dingers, all hail the House of Stanton.Final: No. 5 Stanton (20) d. No. 2 Frazier (13)


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