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上海419shlfLogin register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian " presidential hunter " the: of dog young origin that Waliela reveals secret of Ao Langde carry on a clandestine love affair? Qu Xian?2014-01-27 10:4Edition of e

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"Presidential hunter " reveal secret of Ao Langde carry on a clandestine love affair " dog young "

Independent cameraman Saibasidian Waliela

The net austral Fujian on January 27 dispatch on January 10, france " closer " magazine publication delivers 7 pages report, match up to to be in the photograph that very close, will all the time since the top is worn " normal gentleman " the Aolangde of the title and France are famous · of bright red Li adds the star of Ye " subterranean affection " fair at numerous. Pat Aolangde to wearing helmet, take autocycle to meet a lover closely of setting is France " Paparazzi bound " Ba Sidi of top ace a place of strategic importance installs · to cover with tiles the row is pulled.

Pat secretly 20 years ago

Mitelang is bastard female

"Paparazzi " come from Italian, point to the celebrity of follow at sb' heels, reporter that takes their picture secretly or cameraman only.

20 years ago, waliela acted as " presidential hunter " , one battle becomes famous. French president Mitelang and the photograph of bastard female Madelin hold the post of when Waliela was patted just about, open Mitelang from this " the 2nd family " secret.

This also changed life contrail of Waliela, make its become the delegate person of team of young of dog of Parisian new generation. That year, waliela is mere 22 years old. Later, he dogged to pat France secretly the picture of a lot of celebrity, involve love, part company, be pregnant, affection of parturient, underground...

Become the Waliela of independent cameraman, enter to 2008 from 2004 swing the United States. United States of at that time is " bad girl " the times that come forth in large numbers, young of a dog can earn the reward of 20 thousand dollars easily every months.

After he returns Paris again, the times changed. Network times, the one Zhang Toupai picture that 300 euro can sell previously can sell 30 euro only now. When because of the name people indulges him, meeting proper motion publishs this kind of photograph on the network, make what dog young lost existence necessary. Then, waliela decides to do a few exiguous and exclusive content.

Dog Aolangde a year

Two pieces of photographs earn 40 thousand

Take the picture that to French president Aolangde late night illicit meets a lover to steal, he dogged full a year of time.

About one year ago, waliela pays close attention to the office that adds Ye closely, her illicit curtilage. At the beginning, he is empty-handed.

"Until (last year) by November, I am when a cafe, the as it happens that add Ye also is in that. Result, those who make me astonied is, car of a Reynolds came, what sit on the car is presidential bodyguard. What sit on the car is presidential bodyguard..

The carry on a clandestine love affair that Waliela says to he understood a president " method " : Before come every time and going, first a bodyguard checks surroundings quickly, autocycle is carrying Aolangde and come next. When going, ao Langde sits on autocycle backlash, go taking a car again to subterranean parking lot.

After exposure of incident of Ao Langde carry on a clandestine love affair, france " closer " the sales volume of the magazine broke up one time, achieved 600 thousand. Website of a news says, waliela is recumbent two pieces of photographs earned 40 thousand euro. (new capital signs up for)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multic



 Visa policy tightens up British spouse to already had 17, spouse of 800 foreign nationality by refus door outside

 Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile l


The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide

for the aged is taken

Berlin of China News Service on August 15 report (reporter Huang Shuang is red) city of German Shi He base civilian league chairman, issue a governor candidate Feng Bo to orange red cut Er, because fall in love with 16 years old minor and criticize by political parties and other organizations, at 14 be in day and night base Er is forced to announce resignati


Although already broke the relation with minor cummer, the Feng Bo that is 40 years old oranges red cut Er interior of overpowering still political parties and other organizations undertakes to its " morality tries " . When announcing resignation, feng Bo oranges red cut Er to say, "This thing is true, I fell in love with a young woman 2010, with her a few months are together " . He admits this paragraph of love " not common " , the relation that does not cross him to emphasize them gets him all round th

e person's self-identity.

Feng Bo oranges red cut Er to choking with sobs to admit on the press conference, although this concerns not to break the law, but the worry that there is morally in a lot of popular feeling. He thinks he does not have a mistake on privacy, this thing is a defect on official career only, will enter into an election contest on behalf of this political parties and other organizations henceforth to him bey is adverse.

It is reported, feng Bo oranges red cut Er to be on Facebook with before cummer is acquainted, that girl that comes from city of boreal Lai mattress is interested in politics, original two people are electric mail come-and-go only. Through encountering for many times two people will produce feeling last year in March. Orange red when Feng Bo cut Er to be nominated to be base after candidate of civilian alliance governor, enter into an election contest to be not affected, he broke the relation between two people.

Feng Bo oranges red cut Er to ever was considered as base the political nova that civilian alliance has an outlook very much, 30 the member that hold the position of European parliament to discuss namely odd, shi He is taken office as to state environment and Ministry of Agriculture grow and be evaluated very high after.

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 Ma Hang loses couplet plane deputy drive to ever invited female passenger to enter cockpit to play be troubled by


In report will occupy new network to report toward intermediary on March 9, the United States is stationed in Korea the ambassador is in 5 days local time Korea head Er makes a surprise attack. Korea motherland peace unites committee (Zu Ping all) clerical bureau publishs bulletin 7 days to say with respect to this matter, the United States is holding very dangerous joint military exercise in Korea, turn the warlike crisis of Korea peninsula into the climax, this assault incident represented the sound of the condemnation of Korea people and protest.

Bulletin points out at the same time, what Korea government investigates the suspect Jin Jizong that commits this assault event and Korea to may exist however is associated, try to will assault incident and Korea connection to arrive one case, the coverage of media of ill-natured Korea to this incident.

Bulletin says, the end that such doing is to change the line of vision of public opinion, borrow machine eliminate unifie

d and patriotic force, for internationally add fuel to the fire of the activity that oppose government. Korea still drives the United States to include Korea afresh for excuse with this incident fear national list.

Local time 5 days morning, man Jin Jizong is in Korea to unite athletic organization nation to reconcile by Korea a breakfast that collaboration floats national consultation is sponsorred holds Dao Xi to attack the United States to be stationed in Han ambassador Li Bai on the meeting special, send its facial get hurt with left hand wrist. Li Bai is sent toward the hospital to treat especially, jin

Jizong is seized in the spot.

Korea police holds the office concurrently to undertake ransacking to Jin Jizong's residence 6 days morning, arrest attempt in order to be suspected of homicide lawfully to its.



Grabbing is Kazakstan Si Tan in person is old consuetudinary. However, because grab the person that kiss to get rarely legal sanction, this phenomenon happens often still nowadays. According to England " daily Post " will report on October 14, recently, kazakstan Si Tan has a girl to force again marriage, cry on wedding call ask for help however nobody is paid attention to.

It is reported, accident that day, this girl is taken forcibly hold wedding in bridegroom home. When walking along red carpet, she cries ceaselessly call ask for help. But one many visitors people pretend to did not hear, still ground of as if nothing happened scatters confetti toward her body. The girl is spent when walking into man door become final resistance with all one's strength, but still be jerked finally take the door by a flock of guests.

As we have learned, in Kazakstan Si Tan grab close consuetudinary in, the man is met commonly bind the bridal lock that come to be in house, agree to marry till its, just give off its. Finally, both sides of male and female can reconcile normally. After reconciling, the man can pay the woman a large sum of cash.

The person

that local women's right is safeguarded installs Feisazuyewa (Anfisa Zuyeva) holds crosscurrent to this one tradition. She expresses, in tying the girl man home, force its and the man that did not seek a range to marry, it is pretty of blame Chang Ye and improper behavior.

As we have learned, in a lot of countries, grab marriage belong to sexual crime. And in contemporary Kazakst

an Si Tan, grab still happen from time to tome however in person. The report says, kazakstan Si Tan has the grown woman of 60% and the minor girl of 74% to ever was forced to marry with new man about.

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, s

how fontal state filling career of neat provide for the
aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken


Solid take picture of interior of Korea heavy boat: Seawater is cloudy visibility is low

According to CCTV report, message of Korea YTN broadcasting station says, han Fang expresses 20 days, a Han Haijun's soldier is wounded in the process that rescue,

die at his post unfortunately, bring about the death toll that this heavy boat accident causes to had risen to 50 people from 49 people.

Han Fang says, of remains of before this a few victims salvaging a place is passenger ship 4. At present already get through joins 5 times the rescueing passageway of passenger ship, come to help will continue to spread out.

But, because leakage is oily the case is severe, the difficulty that rescue increases.

About accident reason, han Fang says or department person is and be caused by of mechanical and double reason.

Han F

ang still points out, maritime space billow is searched for related 1.5 meters tall, weather can improve somewhat afternoon, water velocity of flow is spent or change delay. The rescuer is mixed midday enter the water two afternoon search for.



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